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Good enough to get a max deal.
It's generally recommended to not own MLP's in nontaxable accounts since you're losing the benefits of owning an MLP in a nontaxable account.I have a bunch of K-1's and now I just throw like $200 towards a CPA to do my tax return now and I'm a CPA myself. If I were to try to do my own tax return, it'd probably take me like 4-5 hours while my preparer can do it in under an hour.
http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/12556985/new-england-patriots-formation-pats-formation-now-ruled-illegal-substitution Just as I predicted earlier. Belichick was smart enough to exploit this loophole before the rule got changed.
That's my main investing strategy. My decent sized position in Kraft is really paying off today.
This episode was way better than tonight's episode. Sort of a letdown.
22,832.7+3.5= 22,836.2
I'm not a big bourbon drinker but I enjoyed the PVW when I tried it earlier this year. It was one of the better bourbons I've had. Not too many bars actually carry it in Houston so it's fairly hard to get. I only know of 2 right now in the whole city that have it.
I don't think I could even tell you what time it was on that monstrosity. Way too much going on.
And you still got Kaepernick who according to my fb feed from a few days ago can throw down some mean dunks.
22,829.2+3.5= 22,832.7
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