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SW balances things out a little better but the fact that Iron Man has a guy with an infinity stone pretty much trumps whatever SW can do.
Captain America's team really sucks compared to Iron Man's.
From what I read, Mercedes doesn't really want to provide engines to RB. Mercedes has no problem providing to lesser teams but doesn't want to provide engines to teams that could realistically threaten them to win the constructors championship.
I didn't really need to see the Rock's ass in this episode. Twice.
Lotus really lucked out with Grosjean getting a podium finish due to Vettel's blown tire. And wtf is up with McLaren. The new Honda engine for this race was supposed to make them competitive and they still suck.
I thought B&G was the best one. Gyro was the worst.
RG3 hasn't helped himself either by being tone deaf and too arrogant to see his own short-comings but the Redskins are a trainwreck (not as bad as the Jets) who are making the situation 10x worse. What's funny is that all my Baylor friends knew that the instant the Redskins drafted RG3 he was going to eventually end up sucking.
I mainly invest for long-term dividend/income growth and not for huge capital gains so I'm usually indifferent to huge drops for my current portfolio. I try to use these opportunities to add to my current positions. It's hard for me to add new positions since I work at a big 4 accounting firm and get restricted from a lot of stuff.
He's a story of what happens when the whole organization isn't behind the QB supporting him. Ownership, GM, and head coach all need to support the QB. RG3 only had the ownership supporting him.
RG3 really needs a change of scenery and go to a new team.
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