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If you like it... I'm not really digging that and in a few years it will probably look dated and ridiculous.
http://www.thescore.com/ncaaf/news/707662 Seems right coming from the NCAA.
That's some eagle eyes you got there to pick out that watch.
Trying Louis Royer Cognac XO right now. Not too impressed.
Did they raise the price on the PPV? I don't remember it being $120 for an HD PPV.
Usually cash bonuses get a much higher rate withholding compared to normal wages due to the IRS considering cash bonuses supplemental income. I want to say expect at least 25% withholding. As for why 10% was already taken out, I can't answer that.
True story. One of my friends owned a bunch of shares in a penny stock and the company was trying to do some big thing, I don't know what. He got a call from a member of the BoD of that company asking for his approval because he owned so many shares. The BoD was frantically trying to reach him while he was at work. We all think it was a big joke but no one we know has admitted to the joke so we haven't been able to disprove his story.
22,818.2+3= 22,821.2
Lebron isn't completely washed up.
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