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Penalties don't carry over which is why AMG Petronas fitted him with essentially 3 engines. Not 100% sure on the rules but if there's an upgrade, he can't take it though without another penalty and I don't think you can mix the parts. Supposedly pool of his current parts will become useless if he takes the upgrade.
Pretty good prediction. He finished 3rd. Aside from Nico running away with it after turn 1 lap 1, the rest of the race was interesting. Wonderboy Max didn't really come through on what's essentially his home GP.
Lot's of guys have done this in college. It's called whiskey dick and usually takes forever to finish.
Of those 7 how many have offset and deferred bonus? How many top 10 picks had offset and deferred bonus payments last year?
911 GT2 could use some company!
It's not the $ or the years that's causing him to hold out. It's the language in the contract of deferring bonus payments and having offset language. He's fine with doing one or the other but not both. Chargers are trying to have their cake and eat it too by keeping both and as a top rookie draft pick he's putting his foot down. If he caves then effectively all other rookies taken 3rd overall or later going forward will have the same contract language forced on...
Only if you're black. Black guy with a gun=thug. White guy with a gun= armed citizen legally practicing 2nd amendment right.
Supposedly the RX-9 is going to have about 400hp and weigh only 2800 lbs. That's going to be insane if true.
Yep. I blame the black homeowner for being dumb enough to call the cops and putting a white cop in that position. The black guy should've known better.
Chargers using the scorched earth policy is beyond idiotic. If Bosa ends up being a dominant player, the odds of him resigning with the Chargers are pretty slim now. Also, future FA's are looking at this and will probably think twice before signing with the Chargers. The Chargers will end up like the Raiders of the past few years and have to basically overpay everyone to get them to sign. If all they have to offer is more money, the Chargers will get stuck with a very bad...
New Posts  All Forums: