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ESPN is reporting that Mike Woodson is out with the Knicks.
17787.9+3.5= 17,791.4
What's the point of his story? He's going nowhere on the show the past 2 seasons and this season it looks like he might still just be wandering around again.Also, where is he headed off to after he touched the tree and said he knows where he needs to go?
I thought it was the pie also. It looked like Joffrey was the only one eating the pie while everyone was sharing out of the same pitcher of wine.Also, weren't there some dead birds in the pie when he sliced it open? I couldn't really tell but I thought there were dead birds.
Bradley was limping in-between rounds so he might have been really injured. This fight, his injury seemed more legit than his first fight no sock injury.
April 13.
Is this the guy who couldn't read when Arrya was the cup girl for Tywin?
I have no idea who this is other than he looks like he's wearing Lannister armor.
So do I...
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