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Doesn't JLP also offer bespoke in NYC?
I thought last night's episode was one of the better episodes of the season.
Last year's NFC championship game when Navorro Bowman came out of a pile with a fumble but the refs ruled it Seattle ball. Bowman also destroyed his knee on that play.Given the fact that one led to a Super Bowl and the other is just a regular season loss, if I were a Seahawks fan I'd gladly take that trade.
I never noticed it out until you pointed that out. I can't not look at it now and think wtf.
Or not use Cousins as a QB.
When is Muschamp going to get fired? Florida has completely fallen apart.
2nd game actually worth watching on TNF.
Prove it.
MLP's are doing good today. I just wish I bought more at the market open.
I know. I've been purchasing a few shares here and there the past few weeks trying to build up my position.
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