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If it fucks over England then yes.
This is probably true with everybody but the issue is what to do with legacy kids that don't really make it on merit and get in through connections. The legacy kids skew almost all white.
Northern Ireland and Scotland (again) might as well hold a referendum to leave GB and join up the Euro. From what I read it was mainly England that wanted to leave minus London.
One of my coworkers is from Northern Ireland and she absolutely lost her shit tonight.
Depends if you're a minority or not (excluding Asians).
That's what she said!!!
Speaking of Alonso not giving a shit...Radio communication For Vettel "I'm losing tyre temperature like crazy, because... I dunno, Alonso is taking a bus tour around Baku."
Or run behind one of those burning crosses.
Kimi and Lewis were beyond frustrated when their engineers couldn't tell them anything.
What I still don't get is what the Masters were thinking trying to get Dany to kill her dragons. Did they really think a girl with 3 giant ass dragons would be afraid of a some ships hurling rocks at the city?
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