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http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/nypd-dismissive-of-massive-brawl-against-fdny/ar-BBtqxP8?li=BBnb7Kz Good thing the cops didn't have their guns on them. The FDNY would've ended up dead for resisting arrest.
I thought the spearhead was made of dragon glass. The elf didn't kill the WW because she stabbed him in the armor but Meera got him because the WW got hit in the neck/head region with no protection.
AMG leases are fucking terrible. I think most people that get new AMG's just buy their AMG's outright and take the depreciation hit over leasing.
Who cares about Star Trek when we can talk about SJW's and women taking over in Star Wars?
+1She was smoking hot but we really didn't need to get a closeup of the dude's junk.
Bran Stark- what a screw up. But yea, "You have to leave!" but then "you must take my place"? Taking his place isn't exactly leaving.
This season has been better than last season. There are a lot less "wtf are they doing" or "this makes no fucking sense" moments so far.
I'm no Porsche expert but what kind of Porsche is the blue one?
Holy shit that crash was insane.
http://www.foxsports.com/motor/story/man-owns-f1-car-bar-has-service-crew-042016 It would be pretty cool to drive an F1 car on the road.
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