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Blake Bortles gf is pretty hot also. By hot I mean she has a great rack. She has a nude selfie floating around the internet which makes her even better.
I know! Like I said, the Texans will double the win total from last year.
Texans first team looked good and didn't play like complete garbage.
They'll double their win total which isn't saying much. At least Watt is locked in for a few more years (at least 1 more year on rookie contract and franchise tag up to 2 times) and Clowney looked good. The QB position is godawful though so there's no way they'll get to .500.
Looks like Gal Gadot added some muscle to look more warrior like. I thought she was going to be too skinny but she looks believable as WW in that picture.
Is this the same daughter that went into porn?
I bought the Omega Seamaster 300M about 3 years ago form the Omega boutique for like $4100 after tax. I remember checking out the Speedmasters also and saw they were cheaper than the Seamaster on average. After 3 years of price raises this sounds about right.
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