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I knew what you meant as soon as I saw this. My favorite Biggie song!
Odell Beckham and his net antics are creating a distraction but a kicker repeatedly abusing his wife they want to stand by. McAdoo, Mara, and Goodell are all fucking jokes and the NFL wonders why their ratings suck this year.
Anybody catch that BYU fake punt from their own endzone on 4 and 19 against Boise State? Wtf were they thinking.
Anyone here going to the US GP this weekend? The weather should be great unlike last year.
Only decent TNF game is usually the season opener. A lot of the others are brutal to watch. As a huge football fan, I've drastically cut back on how much I watch this year. This season has sucked so far.
No surprise that Goodell botched it again on the Josh Brown thing when there's plenty of evidence that they were more than just generally aware Josh was abusing his wife. The NFL investigators have to be the biggest fucking joke around along with Goodell.
Priced the same as other shoes from the Prestige line other than there's a markup of like $100-$200 that's supposed to be charged but almost always gets waived. I've ordered like 10+ pairs of shoes from Neiman Marcus or an actual JL store from by request and never paid the markup.
Not the Canvedish since that has 6 eyelets and this only has 5. I think the Westminster can only be made by request now.
Porsche 911R seems to be appreciating right now.
If I were JJ, I'd keep Romo benched to prevent further injury and to prevent any injury guarantee from kicking in. Then, I'd drop Romo after this year and just swallow the $20M dead cap charge. If he's still on the team for 2017, you're looking at one player taking up like $25M in cap space that''ll most likely be your backup QB.
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