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He also fell victim to the Kardashian curse.
Amazingly he's still alive.
Coke goes through your system fairly quick so if he did coke on a Fri/Sat he should be clean in2-3 days.
Russell Wilson disagrees with y'all. God only speaks to him which allowed him to not get a concussion against the Packers in the playoffs.
It was Johnny Drunkball. How stupid can he be taking a video with a bottle of alcohol in your hand? If he wasn't holding a bottle he would at least have a shot of lying and saying he wasn't drinking.
Impressive collection of Van Winkles.
As long as you don't get CC brakes and full leather, you're looking at upper $70's MSRP for an M4 with all the additional packages.
It's suppose to be 7% off US MSRP but it depends on what you can negotiate. I've read on the M3/M4 forums that people were able to get Euro invoice pricing or +$500 Euro invoice pricing on ED which is quite a bit. It's something like 7% off US MSRP and then another 7% off that to get to Euro invoice pricing. A fairly loaded F8X M3/M4 is now in the low to mid $60's if you can get Euro invoice pricing. Also,you no longer pay the $1000 delivery fee and the manufacturer ships...
Anquan Boldin got a ring too with the Ravens.
European delivery. BMW has the best ED program of the 3 major German manufacturers.
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