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I guess the stores don't like mailing the flyers to their local (although the closest store for Boston is in NYC) customers.
I'm waiting for my Archer to come in from Paris. I purchased back in July when I was on vacation. Should be some time in October. Anyone doing anything for the By Request event going on? I got a flyer in the mail about it from the Miami store and the NYC store but nothing from the Houston store.
No idea if that's a good investment decision but I can tell you that Weatherford is a shit company to work for. I knew a few people that worked there at one point in time and they pay really well but work you like dogs, no one is willing to sign off on anything and take responsibility, and is mess internally.
Investing in bourbon 3-4 years ago would've given me a great return. Instead I did the stupid thing and bought a house or invested in the stock market.
WFC CEO Stumpf giving up $41M in unvested stock in a bid to keep his job. Tolstedt is giving up $19M in unvested stock and agreed not to cash any of her vested options while under review.
Damn JJ. Why'd you rush your rehab?
Only for Muslims.
No problem with calling Belichick the GOAT but renaming the trophy is pushing it too far.
The Balvenie Caribbean Cask and the Sherry Cask are both pretty good.
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