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That's all well and good when he's on a shitty team but for a top team, results matter more. Why do you think people put up with Lewis's or Alonso's moody behavior?
I agree but that person isn't Button anymore.
I don't get the Jenson Button love like he's some all time great driver and people clamoring for him to come back to drive for Mercedes. The guy mailed it in for like the last 6 races this year and hasn't really done much lately. Granted his car sucked the past 2 years but so did Alonso's and he was still competitive with the midfield.
Moncler opened a store in Houston. If the jackets are really as warm as people say they are, then Houston might not be a good location to open a store.
So the MiB identity confirmed, Wyatt confirmed, multiple timeline theory confirmed, and Ford not letting the board push him out without a fight (sort of). Great first season.
To me, season 2 is about the same as season 1. There hasn't been a noticeable drop off unlike some of the other CW shows between S1 and S2.
So the 11 white jurors found him innocent and the 1 black juror found him guilty?
If it is Pascal, then he really lucked out. I remember a few weeks ago, Pascal was pretty pissed when FI took Ocon over him and his choices were either Sauber or Manor. Now there's a decent chance he gets the big dog seat after having done the tire testing for Mercedes.
Wow. So who is Mercedes going to put in his seat?
Delores getting stabbed with William watching was Delores back in the day. Delores wearing the same clothes with no blood is present day Delores.
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