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I agree. McLaren P1 should hold him over until he gets his M3 back.
http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-cop-mistook-doughnut-glaze-for-meth-20160727-story.html?ftag=MSF0951a18 If there's one thing I would think the cops would get right, it would be doughnut glaze.
I don't mind the costume that much except for the boots. They look horrible. Maybe it's the actor's pose, but the person playing Superman looks terrible in that picture.
At least there's unrestricted to access to all radio messages at all times and we can hear who really gets the most coaching.
Radio ban has been completely lifted with the exception of the formation lap and race start. Looks like everything is free game now after that.
Same here. I really hope Horner follows through and votes no. The aero screen is much better looking.
Saw it last night. The first 15-20 min were sort of "wtf" and Batman went completely off character. I liked the fact that Mark and Kevin were brought in to do the voices of the Joker and Batman and the movie was a lot more grittier than the cartoon.
Is that a lawful order?
Anybody seen Batman: the Killing Joke yet?
3 free oil changes on my AMG would save me like $1000+. I'm about to get my first oil change in about 1 month so I'm expecting that to be about $200-$250.
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