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Well considering Bottas was .5 to .6 behind Lewis in FP1 and 2, closing the gap to .3 was a big improvement. The Red Bull doesn't look good with Max nearly losing it in FP2 and Ric spinning out in Q3. The onboard with Stroll in one of the FP sessions or Q, I don't remember which one it was, showed he really struggled controlling the car. His hands were all over the place fighting the car compared to Lewis's onboard on his pole setting lap where he was smooth all the way...
Bottas the Bold qualified better than I thought he would finishing only .3 seconds off of Lewis's time. Good thing Vettel managed to split the Mercedes and there may actually be a competitive race.
I got KKR back when it was like $16/unit. I'd stick to KKR or BX as those 2 are the most dominant firms with the best brand. Make sure you own them in a non-tax deferred account though since a lot of them are set up as REIT's or LP's.
The way it's looking right now, Lewis is going to wrap up title #4 by the Japanese GP or US GP. At least Bottas looks slow enough to delay Mercedes the WCC until like the Mexican GP.
1100 lbs worth of comics has to be like 3500+ regular size comics (non trade paperbacks). His wife is going to love having that many comics.
Results from FP 1 and as expected Lewis was nearly .6 seconds faster than Bottas the Bold.
500 kilos of comic books!? That's pretty awesome but it's like he's buying cocaine or something when you say it like that.
The general disappointment from Baselworld this year is probably from last year's release of the Rolex Daytona C and nothing this year that's matching the hype. I remember 2014 had Rolex Pepsi and 2013 had the Nautilus 5990 and Rolex Batman to generate hype. There's gonna be dud every once in awhile. If you ask me, I think Omega is the winner for this year's Baselworld so far.
I also had a time lag since my old job required me to roll over or take a taxable cash out by (quit in January) 2/28 and my new job won't let me start a 401k until 90 days after my start date (started in early March). So I couldn't roll over into a new 401k plan when I made the election to roll the cash balances into my IRA.
So much for the much predicted (and hyped) SS Coke GMT.
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