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As you say this, Grantland posts an article today about this very topic of how bad this is to watch.http://grantland.com/the-triangle/houstonaccio-moreyball-rockets-efficiency-fun/
Trader's intuition!
ESPN is saying that Bob Stoops is also being seriously considered.
Smh... Some NFL fans they are.
Espn is reporting that Will Muschamp won't return next season as the HC. He's being allowed to finish out the year before stepping down.
The first couple of years I focused too much on the FS sector and lost like $5k+ my first 2-3 years. After that I started focusing more on blue chip stocks that paid dividends and have done reasonably well due to good timing (dumping a bunch of money into the market from 2008-2011) and reinvesting dividends.
31. First started investing at 22.
I work with another big 4 accounting firm and they're all basically structured the same. It will be impossible for PwC Global to ever go public due to the structure of its operations. If you're just speaking about the US firm only again that will be impossible. The firm will most likely lose their license to practice before the SEC and PCAOB to perform audits since the firm's duty is to protect the investing public (this can be debated if their actually doing that but...
This will never happen. A practice may be spun off but don't ever expect the whole firm to go public.
22,150.5+7= 22,157.5
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