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Any idea who's going to take over as the head coach of Florida once Muschamp is fired at the end of the year?
"Based upon results of our continuing investigation of Tuesday’s incident..." What else was there to investigate? It should be "Based upon results of our continuing public pressure..."
Can someone tell me wtf happened during the Roger Goodell press conference? Who was the guy who started screaming something about an elevator?
It was more of a scrimmage.
Jetblue and Clorox CEO both stepping down also.
Johnathan Dwyer is being deactivated this week for being arrested for aggravated assault.
He gonna be "strong". The #askjameis twitter was one of the highlights of the preseason.
Let's not get too carried away. He was playing against the Jaguars yesterday who are probably the least talented team in the league.
JJ Watt with the td reception. I guess he really needs to earn his big money contract.
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