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WTF was that!!?? Harden should've just jacked up a shot.
Not your grammar. The Pats fans being called out by uproxx.
I would also throw grammar in there.
Correction! 265lb black guy and Korver is 215ish. I've gone up against bigger weight disparities in football way back in the day. I'm an internet tough guy afterall.I'll concede the ball fake but to me it looked more like Lebron was gathering himself. It still looks funny as shit though with Korver running away from the ball and then throwing his hands up afterwards.
That's the play! There was no ball fake and Korver was looking at Lebron the whole way. I couldn't believe the whole defense parted down the middle to let Lebron on the game winning dunk.
That Lebron dunk at the end to seal the game was something else. I like how Korver took one step in and then ran out of the way to let Lebron come barreling through the lane. Afterwards he threw up his hands like wtf when no one else tried to stop him.
less mottled
Prefer the first one.
I felt like that about some of the museum calf leathers. I don't worry too much about the misty calfs.
James Harden is putting on a great hero ball show in the 4th.
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