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Levis 512 have an ~10.75inch rise with a very small leg opening of less than 13 inches.  They're too tapered for me - but you might like them.  There's also the Unbranded UB601 and Naked & Famous Easy Guy if you need more room in the thighs.
Allen Edmonds "Higgins Mill" Boots 10D US in Natural CXL Leather   These were worn maybe a half-dozen times, and stored with shoe trees between uses. They're a bit snug for me, so I'm switching over to size 10.5D. Making these available to a new owner! Original boxes and cloth bags are included.  These are first-quality boots (not "seconds"), purchased from the local Allen Edmonds store.   Rubber sole lace-up boot Plain toe Chromexcel leather which will patina with...
The higher-end jeans often come in only one inseam length.  You're expected to take the jeans to a tailor to have them hemmed to your desired inseam length.  Around here that costs about $10.  Some of the better stores (like Nordstroms) provide free hemming service for jeans/pants that you purchase from them.
The 502 is the replacement for the 522.  I haven't tried them yet - but they look a bit looser than the 522s.
These were the obvious choice for St Patrick's Day... (excuse the knee bags on the jeans... they need to be hemmed!)...  
 I haven't noticed much difference between a pair of 8111 Amber Harness IRs (nitrile cork sole) and a pair of the 8083 Hawthorne Muleskinner IRs (mini lug sole).  If either pair is wider in the toebox it might be the older 8111s, but that could be due to more wear (or to my imagination!).
 Ditto.  Although I wear mine even with sneakers - on the rare occasions that I actually wear sneakers.  Most of my footwear is sized to be worn with thick(ish) Darn Tough or Smartwool hiking/boot socks.  The snow, mud, and such is mostly gone, so it's about time to get some more wear from my Iron Ranger 8083s (the new Muleskinner model with the mini lug soles).  I bought them right before winter so haven't yet worn them much - wanted to keep them clean!
^^^ Ditto.  I do not view Iron Rangers, Indys, or other similar boots as "seasonal" items.
Size 10D US   These were a retailer exclusive from Need Supply. Waxed calf leather and wedge sole. Includes two sets of laces -- one waxed, and one non-waxed. These have lightish wear over a few months. There is a bit of light denim crocking (blueish marks) on the uppers - see photos.   I'll also consider trade for 9.5D boots in Barrie or Trubalance, or similar from other brands.
 I like the brown midsole too - adds just the right amount of non-black color to avoid the "murdered out" all-black look.
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