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Because they want to sell their product above anything else.
I'm hardly a regular user, but I prefer the previous version. The new design is new, but I'm not sure it's actually an improvement.
Agree with this.
Reebok has released their Kool-Aid shows. Not only are they colored in eye-catching colors but they are also scented which is a great icebreaker! Any else gonna get a pair? Which color is your fave?
Okay so I never encountered this type of watch until a few days ago when a guy in one of my classes was wearing one, he got loads of compliments on it and everyone seemed to think it was the shit, and he seems to think they're going to be the next big thing. So WDYT? Hot or not?
High tops are great, I have several pairs.
Pita crisps.
That's gorgeous ...
They look great!
I dated a girl whose number was in the 3 digits and she was just as pleasant as the rest, as long as they're faithful to you and infection free I don't think it makes much of a difference!
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