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I have the exact same problem. And I really mean the same including the toe splay issue along with left shoe needing to be bigger than the right. I just buy 1/2 size larger trying to fit the left side. And I always use a 3/4 length orthotics (the slim kind that does not take up so much room). And in this case I'd stick with on shore merchandise given that people like us need to try different widths and sizes at least twice if not three times. I don't generally like...
Thank you for the suggestion. I have been to the website before. However the lead time is too long. They are saying March 2015 delivery. Back to the choice of color, it seems navy IS acceptable. Anyone else have any thoughts?
I have a dilemma. I am trying to pick up a nice leather briefcase using Horween Chromexcel leather. Conservatively speaking I should go with a black one but the wild side of me thinks I should get the blue one. Here is the photo. http://coronadoleather.com/i-17360211-cxl-40-mens-folio.html Either way they are good leather. Can you please give me your thoughts on how acceptable Blue or Navy Blue briefcase might be in an actual executive conference room at a hedge fund...
Gentlemen, What are your summer must have's (clothing and shoes)??? I do a general clean out of my closet once every 3 years or so and must have forgotten what is essential vs. nice to haves. So far, I am planning keeping the following: (PLEASE ADD OR SUBTRACT FROM THIS LIST): starting from the top of the head: Tan panama hat Linen/cotton khaki jacket (modern cut) Various long sleeve shirts in various colors - not specifically for summer Various polo shirts in all...
I returned my 511s and 513s. I would have posted a pic otherwise. Besides, pics don't always explain either as they can be deceiving. I'm closest to this famous swimmer in terms of body type. Note his long torso and tiny legs but otherwise athletic body. http://www.celebheights.com/s/Michael-Phelps-47759.html What would you have him wear. Again I'd appreciate your comment.
I'm what you call a stocky guy. Yet, I'm tall and quite fit. On top of that I have no back side. The gluteus maximus is there but it's small and muscular with virtually no fat. As a reference I tried the Levi's 511s only to find that it won't even get past my calves. The 513's somewhat better but it almost got past the mid thighs and got stuck at the upper thighs. There was a permanent air gap of about 1 inch under the crotch due to pants not going up all the way. ...
WSJ.com has a nice article about him today. Personally I don't get the boots with suits thing.......... http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324591204579037172309407990.html?mod=WSJ_hpp_LEFTTopStories
do tell. what do you like about it so much?
Mine didn't turn out so nice. It was a chest only canvas lined piece that fit well around the shoulders and the chest. However the arm holes were to large and low on the jacket that made moving my arms next to impossible. The sleeves were too long (perhaps to err on the conservative side). But then the pants were too tight and with no room leftover anywhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Have you tried Valmour website to get some great products? Saphir products are the best .. I went to the website and tried to order the polish in the color that I wanted..... the total came out to 27.42 euros. I think that's too much for shoe polish. Any other place I can go???? I think the Fuchsia or Hermes Red works.
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