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There were 2 packages, tracking umbers were linked. Addresses on both were wrong the first time around. Tried to deliver to the wrong address, luckily no one was home. Adresses were changed, but that took a few days for some reason...?!?the first package was delivered, but the second one fell out of existence. No one could find it. After a lot of back and forth between the UPS store that shipped it and UPS Corp, they finally found it and last Thu the packages was out for...
UPS finally delivered my package... (total transit time: 19 days, from Florida :sigh:)
Joos like: Jamie Dimon, Brian Moynihan, Vikram Pandit, etc...
With the amount of drugs he was doing, that doesn't surprise me.
Like I said before: he is the 'Furio' character.
How about terrorism?
+ a trillion.
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