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Poast convo.
Very nice. Great layout too, everything seems to be very legible.
What is it with people in Europe always dying en masse during winter and summer?
That's awesome.
Not at all, it's just that I'm used to it since I've had it for about 8 years.Eww:Clean:Good as new:
From your TZ link:Is that 100% mechanical? No. I don't care what you call it, it is what is and what it isn't is a fully mechanical movement.I'm not taking away from GS... they make really cool and very well made watches; however they aren't comparable due to Swiss watches (as a whole concept).To give you an example, the closest Swiss chrono I can think of to the GS chrono is the Breitling Chronoracer Rattrapante, which is no longer made. It utilized a F. Piguet (Breitling...
Throughly cleaned out my keyboard last night. Normally, I used to just use compressed air to try to clean it out. However, I decided to do a full cleaning and removed every key, cleaned the keys in soapy water, cleaned every crevice on the keyboard itself, hand dried the keys and put the whole thing back together. Not only does it look brand new but it types better than before, and where the largest amount of dirt had piled up, I can feel the keys moving smoother and...
It's always a tragedy when islands capsize.
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