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People going all crazy outside on the street. I'm warmly inside watching Top Gear.
You're all shook up.
Well, I was speaking of SoFLA in general. But Tiramisu is one of the better restaurants on Lincoln Rd, both in food and service. And lets be honest, its cheaper, and better than every restaurant on Collins in South Beach (eww).
That's why mentioned it was good and not great, and the fact that atmosphere was a major attraction. Most areas in SoFLA are indoors and insulated, at least this has a bit of life in it.
On Lincoln Rd?
http://www.tiramesu.com/ good food and great atmosphere (I suggest eating outside if its a nice day or night).
Bad idea. Its not worth risking getting electronics wet. As per my internet research, best bet is remove the keys, throw them into a bowl with warm water and dishwashing liquid, let them sit in there for a while. Whilst the keys are being cleaned, you use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the larger chunks of filth and then use paper towels, q-tips and rubbing alcohol and / or dishwashing liquid + water to clean the keyboard. Sure, it takes longer than just putting it in the...
Seeing as your mind ran off directly in that direction... not as much as your keyboard. Also, why are you fapping into your / over your keyboard?
Patience and:Also, compressed air really does nothing to truly clean out the inside of a keyboard.
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