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Well, the watch only lasting 8-10 hours is almost certainly an issue with the mainspring and the hairspring would not affect how long the watch is wound up for. In terms of its going rate (-8 seconds), it could definitely be an issue with the hairspring, however, it could also be an issue with the mainspring acting on the hairspring combined with bad adjustments (i.e. the watch wasn't adjusted properly).The best thing is to get the mainspring fixed, and then worry about...
Something is def not right. Most likely there is an issue with the mainspring that is not allowing it to tension all the way. Also 8 secs a day is not good... you can get the watch to a greater level of precision -/+ 2 or 3 secs a day.
Ah ah ah... I am not recommending Audi... not after my experience. Audi's make look good, and have nice interiors, but what good is that if the fucking car always has problems?Also, BMW's full warranty is simply awesome... they cover everything but tires and gas.
Good to hear that you are surviving (and learning). I wish you the best of luck on your expansion.
I bolded the operative word.
Not only that, but Saks in particular is a shitty company. If you want to be a buyer, best bet is to go supplier side, to one of the brands that sells to the dept stores / boutiques.
Plus you shouldn't risk illegally downloading software at the office.
I see. Excel would require a few extra steps, but you can design a few ad hoc functions / formulas that could save you time.
You used Excel, I take it?
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