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Cool video, but a little too sterile of a world for me. LabelKing would commit suicide before living in that world.
If you look at the website, thats what they are going for: in-between a tablet and a phone... but its intended as a phone. #Fail.
It was good for what it was... just don't go in expecting The Third Man or The Godfather level of quality and you'll be ok. Very few 'silly' action films are spectacular (Star Trek or the Dark Knight are two examples of what I regard as spectacular).
There is nothing wrong with a VW GTI, even if it preowned. Also, the father is pretty practical, his other everyday car is a Chrysler minivan (it can carry his 3 sons and their stuff). Plus, its not like the sons don't get spoiled in other ways...
I don't think that car would have fit in well in front of a multimillion dollar house.
Sounds like Boca. There was a brunette at my school with a Quattroporte and what looked like more silicon than all my electronics combined.A semi-distant cousin of mine who is really well off (and whose everyday car is a Bentley) bought his eldest son a pre-owned VW GTI for his first car. Why? So he wouldn't be spoiled into thinking that everything in life comes free from above. My cousin is a self-made man, so he wants to teach his kids the value of money.
By 'stick it' you mean by making a shitty commercial that doesn't show its product's unique features and shows their jealousy because no one waits in line for Samsung products?
I went to see the movie in the theaters with my gf at the time and during the scene where the Nazis dump the old man in the wheelchair from the building while the family is eating dinner, she ran out into the hallway and was unwilling to watch the rest of movie.
I would love if my Breitling Colt Ocean had something akin to the Glidelock... I always end up having to add links in the summer and remove them in winter.
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