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The jewel count has nothing to do with the smoothness of the second hand, bph is the primary reason for a smoother hand.
Is it me or are either the tires too small or the car is too big?
So my normal local watch strap store has been sucky with breitling replacement straps lately. Any recs for decent priced breitling straps in NYC? They don't have to be OEM.
Must be a small dog... what kind?
That could have happened with a shitter car too... all I know is that friends / acquaintances whose families have means (sometimes seriously wealthy) and did not spoil them are far more grounded than those who were spoiled rotten.
Rambo is correct, plus there is always usenet.
You made a racist post, which more than one member didn't understand and I'm the retard? Go stick a rusty sound up your penis...
The Oompa-Loompa 's look better, plus they are entertaining and have a far better singing voice.
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