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It's too bad Adams (John, not JQ), didn't have a good presidency... he did more for the US than at least half of the men who have held the title of POTUS.
Surely, there are less hateful tities out there to see.
What are the probabilities that a drone can be hacked and taken over by an unscrupulous party?
If and when we get fusion, then we can replace fission.
Or you could download Adblock for you browser and get rid of them that way.
Other than: dam's, military projects (and only then its submarines, aircraft carriers or attack ships; technically a 'new' b-2 would cost $1.01 Billion), spacecraft, and the international space station, cross-country pipelines, and nuclear power-plants, what else costs a billion dollars?
Maybe Bernie Ecclestone is going senile?
Thats about right.
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