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Indeed. What I was trying to infer is that some really have no value. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
Over valued? Absolutely. But some (read: very few) have value.
The ironic hypocrisy is awesome.
Depends on the social network. FB is pretty fucking solid because of the massive potential customer base... consider that every major company in the world with B2C sales has a FB presence. LinkedIn is a whole different story... but still has value.At the same time, I'm not stating that these two companies should necessarily have the market cap that analyst would give them (when the LinkedIn IPO occurred, most of the people making the valuation had never actually used...
It's raining outside and the top of one of windows is drip, drip, drip leaking.
Next time I see, shall I play:?
Cut it, cut it, cut it!
Rain, damn it.
No, they are backstabbing as well as being blunt and rude. Regarding fake: it depends what industry they work for.
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