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Ah ok, because I was certain that the 4 / 4S were designed to use Gorilla Glass. Makes sense that they had to do last minute fixes with the iPhone 2G... it was after all the first of its kind and Apple (and the rest of the industry) was still learning on how to make a great 'all-in-one' smartphone.
This. I stopped flying to Bs. As. with them because every year it got worse and worse. If you have to fly to Bs. As. form JFK or MIA, I recommend LAN.
Wait, what? Article URL please.
No, but you can make Japanese porn out of it.
Why would I be offended? I was only stating the tech start-up process... I am not the originator of the process, nor do I, as clearly pointed out, agree with it.
How far apart is a moderate Republican to a centrist Democrat?
Sorry for my late response. I completely agree, and stated it previously in this thread that even though some of these companies have value, they are overvalued, many unbelievably over valued.Normally for tech it works like this (as I understand it, please someone correct me if my info is wrong):1) Come up with idea2) Start Co3) Get start-up funds4) Hire people5) Ball gets rolling, but normally stat-up funds aren't enough (myriad of reasons, normally bad planning and / or...
http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2012/01/31/why-the-facebook-ipo-is-overhyped?google_editors_picks=trueWith video:
Why? (sincerely curious)
Fuck you, cunt.
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