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Shah, IDK what the point of your post was. I compared two comparable phones that go head to head. And when I wrote max memory, that includes the max you can expand the BB to is 32 GB, or half of what iPhone is capable of. Calling the iPhone a 'toy' without actually making a counter-statement based on tech specs is disingenuous.
For the most part, no.Email:While yes, BB is the only OS that has native push capability that does not require a third party app for all email servers, iOS, Android, etc.. all have partial native support for push email using their own email software-app or there are 3rd party apps that easily install push... considering that you can get push email on every major mobile OS platform, it's a tie.Best security:In terms of email security, BB's Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)...
In regards to...?
Apple buys companies that they can use, I'm not sure BB has anything Apple needs that they can't do on their own. BB has been trying to play catch up to Apple and not the other way around.
If that much. They really haven't been innovating, so IDK how valid and up-to-date their IP is to be worth buying.
IDK if that's going to save them, considering it looks like they don't have an actual strategy.
Yup. The moment Apple did this and Android followed suit, it was all over for BB:
Don't even get me started on the playbook! You need to tether it to your phone to access email? WTF?!? My Compaq (you read right: I said Compaq) PC Companion which ran Windows CE needed a PC card to go online... and look at emails. And that was perfectly acceptable in the dial-up world of 1997. But in 2012, in the age of wifi, 4G and the cloud the need to physically connect one device to another to look at emails is un-fucking-acceptable.PC Companion:
You've taken a page from the Harvey / Piob playbook and started drinking early?
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