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Shopping for yourself is for small timers... I'm sure he has everything hand delivered by one of his many butlers; who I mention in passing also put his pants on both legs at the same time.
I might be wrong, but I don't think Corning made Gorilla glass available until late 07 or early 08', too late for the iPhone 2G.
Not only that, but Saks in particular is a shitty company. If you want to be a buyer, best bet is to go supplier side, to one of the brands that sells to the dept stores / boutiques.
Plus you shouldn't risk illegally downloading software at the office.
I see. Excel would require a few extra steps, but you can design a few ad hoc functions / formulas that could save you time.
You used Excel, I take it?
Beat me too it.
6 weeks?!? Is he inspecting each and every sheep?
Do you know the diff between 2000 dollars and 2005 dollars?
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