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The thread was doing just fine for the first four pages.
And how do you explain your posts on this thread?
But it wasn't originally $99... nor was the Playbook (who'se price is now $199 under the 'clearance' banner). Look at the situation dispassionately, and not from a personal point-of-view and why they failed will make sense.
The inverse would be that Apple doesn't have potential but marketing and planning is run by geniuses? Is that what you are trying to state?And yes the BB playbook was just as badly done as the HP webOS tablets.BTW, the best phone in the world in terms of battery doesn't have a removable battery (no, it's not the iPhone).
Back on topic: I was in Staples about an hour ago and they had a BB playbook next to a Samsung Android tablet and the BB was painful to use. Typing was not quick, and the phrase 'hello, how are you' came out like 'hellohware you'. Also, I was unable to leave the text program on the BB... I couldn't get back to the home screen. On the droid however, everything was far more intuitive and was able to move from app to app with ease. The BB had nicer hardware though,...
Shah, stop shitting in this thread. This isn't CE!
Because they really didn't make sense, in general terms and as per your argument that the BB is better than the iPhone, which is really just a toy.
Not sure what this means...? I never stated that the iPhone is perfect, far from it.Who gives a shit what you personally like? Or what I personally like? What matters is comparison of specs, period, and not your (or anyone else's subjective personal needs).You can keep calling the iPhone a toy (and I assume that if I bring up the Droid Razr, you'll call it a toy too), but you are just using empty words.he fact that I have to answer the following tells me that you don't...
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