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Sorry, in which regards?
I'd love to get this pic in a larger size.
Out drinking?
Well, we all can't post about the Malvinas every other week.
They have only one full mechanical movement, the 9S. Everything else (movement-wise) they make either has a quartz component to it or is outright fully quartz.I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you can't really compare the GS to a Swiss watch. GS does things their own way, with their own designs, and movements, none of which even try to go after the Swiss watch market.For GS to compete against the likes of Rolex or Omega, they need to totally change everything...
+ a billion. Slim lapels, would rather not have, but ok, passable. Single rear vent is un-fucking-forgivable. I only have two items with a single rear vent: a blue american-style Polo sports coat and an american style blue pinstripe suit (a-la brooks brothers). What Craig is wearing however yearns for a double vent.
Sounds about right. Almost always when it comes to a standard movement (i.e. no fusee chain or other 'extras'), if it doesn't last for more than a few hours, its an issue with the mainspring. Unfortunately, the two most fragile parts in a mechanical watch are the hair and mainspring and both tend also to be the hardest to adjust and repair.
Thats a much better investment than: Kiton suit, Charvet shirt and a Casio watch.
I think apart from the Seiko name and Japanese stigma (not that I agree with it), I think another issue with GS's is that they aren't fully mechanical watches.
Well, the watch only lasting 8-10 hours is almost certainly an issue with the mainspring and the hairspring would not affect how long the watch is wound up for. In terms of its going rate (-8 seconds), it could definitely be an issue with the hairspring, however, it could also be an issue with the mainspring acting on the hairspring combined with bad adjustments (i.e. the watch wasn't adjusted properly).The best thing is to get the mainspring fixed, and then worry about...
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