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In regards to the naysayers of using 'standard' movements, two prime examples of watches that use standard / base movements: Valjoux 7750: Lemania 1354:
Just when I think I'm out, the news media pulls me back in:
Dry hands... damn you central heating.
Clubman sounds good, or for something smaller the Cooper. If you have the extra scratch, the BMW 1-series is
I think what BB should do (and they won't) is to get out of the handset hardware business altogether and just provide super secure email and document services for enterprise solutions. Ex: an email app for Android, iOS, MS Mobile, etc... that goes through their secure servers just like BB Mail.Also they could have an app that does what dropbox does, but using BB's secure / encryption servers. And since it's enterprise, they can charge $$$ for their...
My friend used to live on Brickell Key: ocean view on one side, intracoastal on the other... and was paying less per month in rent than in NYC!
For cables buy here, save money:
I think they got rid of it rather quickly, since I no longer get it either.
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