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IDK what coldarchon is talking about, when I speak of fusion, in this thread I mean a fusion reactor used for electricity, as an alternative for nuclear (fission), coal, etc...
And create a domino effect causing the price of everything to increase dramatically.
URL please... cus as far as I have read we don't have fusion, due to the containment problem. Also, how is fusion radioactive?
Florida is the same way.
90% is a bit dramatic, but yes the world needs to stop breeding at the rapid rate it has been.Also, inasmuch as I am a big fan of nuclear power, I want research to continue for other renewable energy solutions and we shouldn't rely on only one technology. Electricity has become an inseparable part of life (in most of the western and parts of the eastern world).
IIRC, there was (is?) a plan to store all the spent fuel rods in mile deep hole in Montana or one of the other western states in an area with no population, solid rock, no underground water aquifers and wide infrequency of earthquakes. But of course, the people of the state I cannot currently recall rejected the plan...
In terms of wattage to dollars, nuclear fucking blows every other technology out of the water; there simply is no comparison. As well, between new redundant fail safe systems in new plants and nuclear reprocessing which allows for used fuel rods to be reused, nuclear is getting better and and safer.
CFL's, and before everyone starts bitching, they are soft white and damn near the same color as incandescent bulbs. Also, they have almost instant start up.
So, I went to buy lightbulbs and realized after the transaction went through that they overcharged me, so I mentioned that the price was incorrect and the manager refunded my money and gave me the lightbulbs for free
Is correct.
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