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Other than: dam's, military projects (and only then its submarines, aircraft carriers or attack ships; technically a 'new' b-2 would cost $1.01 Billion), spacecraft, and the international space station, cross-country pipelines, and nuclear power-plants, what else costs a billion dollars?
Maybe Bernie Ecclestone is going senile?
Thats about right.
Fair enough.For being a techno geek myself, I will admit that there is something to be said about unplugging from the barrage of technology.
Um, what?
Humorous, but I'm wondering why your bank doesn't offer a smartphone service where you just take a picture of the check and deposit it. It would save considerable time it takes you to go to the bank and deal with such shenanigans. Time, which could be used to more fully savor your lunch.
A friend of mine who works at HP worked all through his undergrad and he would always leave the class to go on a conference call.I used to have to be in on conference calls at work, but I was never really bothered by them, since I could always do something else on the computer while people droned on and on.
He's closer to doo-wop than he is to wop's.
Now that's three members that don't understand deadly7's retarded racist post. Take it from me, when enough people don't understand WTF it is you are trying to say, and more than one of those members use the exact same response, its best to quit while you're behind.
New Posts  All Forums: