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Fuck, beat me to it!
Ok, thats just nonsense.
Not only that, ever seen when they bike on the road, against traffic? WTF is that shit? Fucking bastards. I guess on a positive note, the idiots don't tend to use helmets, so the law of probability will catch up with them sooner or later.
That's why I said "hopefully one day"... as in: you never know and keep on dreaming .
The real trick is to go beyond fusion to zero-point energy. Hopefully, one day it will be possible.
Fuck me 20,000?, I have no life.Did you not read pB's post?
The idea of LED's is great, but the execution still needs some fine-tuning. That's why I'll stick to CFL's until LED's are perfected.
It needed them for a 5-headed 'hydra' style lamp; hence they are small. So, I bought 'America's Choice': 13W (= 60W), soft white model. I also have from the same brand, two 23W (=100W) bulbs for my overhead kitchen light, and they take a bit longer to turn on, but nothing like when CFL's first came out.
Thanks Geordi. I'll go tell Data.
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