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Ok, thats just nonsense.
Not only that, ever seen when they bike on the road, against traffic? WTF is that shit? Fucking bastards. I guess on a positive note, the idiots don't tend to use helmets, so the law of probability will catch up with them sooner or later.
Fuck me 20,000?, I have no life.Did you not read pB's post?
The idea of LED's is great, but the execution still needs some fine-tuning. That's why I'll stick to CFL's until LED's are perfected.
It needed them for a 5-headed 'hydra' style lamp; hence they are small. So, I bought 'America's Choice': 13W (= 60W), soft white model. I also have from the same brand, two 23W (=100W) bulbs for my overhead kitchen light, and they take a bit longer to turn on, but nothing like when CFL's first came out.
Florida is the same way.
CFL's, and before everyone starts bitching, they are soft white and damn near the same color as incandescent bulbs. Also, they have almost instant start up.
So, I went to buy lightbulbs and realized after the transaction went through that they overcharged me, so I mentioned that the price was incorrect and the manager refunded my money and gave me the lightbulbs for free
Is correct.
Or you could download Adblock for you browser and get rid of them that way.
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