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If any 38s shows up please pm. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, John
Very nice! What size do wear? Thanks!
Nice! Anymore photos? I think I will be purchasing one very soon.
Any customer photos of Benjamin Sartorial Lucente suits? They look awesome. I would love to see more peoples photos. Thank You.
Detailed photos please. Especially the sleeve cuffs. Thank You.
I wear black ferragamos with jeans and a blazer. Looks good! But make sure the jeans are dark and trim. Check these out!
Hello, What do you guys think about a suit with White MOP buttons? Thank You, John ps. I just bought a new navy suit and was thinking about button MOP buttons on it.
awesome grensons! do you have any photos in better light and shoes on? Thanks!
Do you have any fit pictures of the Polo sportcoat? Thanks!
Does anyone know where i can try these on in San Francisco?
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