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Quote: Originally Posted by overdog Well, at least they get celebrity clients. Sorry, couldn't help myself. I'll take that as a compliment.
Damn, you cats are brutal as hell. Anyway, agreed, need to get the suit retailored (wore it twice since I bought it), the shirt was indeed 100% too short in the sleeves and was not selected properly. I'm a novice when it comes to fit and didn't have proper guidance, so thanks for all the helpful adjectives to motivate me to get my crap together. I'm actually contemplating getting a Navy suit from these guys. They really aren't that bad unless you're rich and/or a total...
$495 MTM suit . . thoughts?? The fit is nice, although I usually wear my pants sort of low, and these are designed for just below the navel (see the legs bunching up on the bottom) . . it's a fixable issue though, really. I'm happy with the end product, and will be returning for a navy blue once I get the funds.
Quote: Originally Posted by ben220 Cool, I hope you post pictures! I will, for sure.
I took the plunge. I went up there with my boy who knows suits, and he said the place looked okay. I got fitted, and we'll see what happens in two weeks. Wish me luck.
So I'm guessing there aren't any better options in the city at a comparable price?
Quote: Originally Posted by zarathustra I walk past it frequently but i have not real input to give. I was never impressed by the store when it was Cambridge Members. What didn't impress you? Did you step inside? Quote: Originally Posted by zarathustra While the suits start at 500, i bet they quickly escalate with any English or Itailian fabric choice. I would rather stick with the other well-known MTM guys in the city. ...
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