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Two quick questions: Is there anything I can do about the awkward knee bulge on APC NSs? Where do I buy Wings+Horns hoodies online?
I got my flannel-lined grey hoodie on Friday--completely loving it. Body and waist fits perfect, but the arms are pretty tight: will they stretch out a bit Michael? As it is right now it's slightly uncomfortable to move my arms too much. Oh, and I can't wait for the flannel shirts you're planning. Keep us updated
Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 j. crew has some nice flannel shirts for under 100 that are relatively slim fitting. sale going on now too, i believe. Any idea how warm they are? They say lightweight so I'm a bit skeptical. I'm kind of leaning towards LL Bean, but am afraid they will be super boxy
Where can i find a warm, fitted/slim flannel shirt for under 100 dollars? I've heard cheap monday recommended, but I don't know where I can find it online. Does ll bean/filson/carhartt have anything that won't be boxy/roomy? Same question goes for Henleys. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini If you're only trying to get rid of the starch and some indigo then by all means throw them in a tub of water for a bit. They'll still start off as stiff but will turn softer faster than a no-soak. No washing machines. Thank you much. Been wearing em for almost 5 months on and off, so hopefully I get some fading. Not too concerned though--not expecting much from jeans I paid 20 bucks for
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini You shouldn't be soaking them. Period. They will not shrink. i figured as much--i kind of wanted to get rid of the stiffness a little bit and lose some of that indigo. will soaking do that? or is the washing machine a better bet?
about to soak my first pair of raw denim and looking for a little guidance: should i just throw em in the tub, fill it up with hot water, throw a little detergent and let it soak in there for a bit? i wouldn't mind them shrinking a bit (academi relaxed fit). also, should i just let em dry in the sun after? thanks, mainly looking to see how long i should leave them soaking and if there's anything i'm missing here.
Which BRs in Manhattan still have the Saharas on sale? Have checked the one at Grand Central and on 34th and neither carry it anymore...
Quote: Originally Posted by Musselma You could just order your purcells online (zappos maybe?) and get them in the mail the next day Thought of doing that, but I've never tried them on, so I want to see what they're like before I order from Zappos. JCrew suggestion seems good, even if I don't want the distressed kind. How's Zappos btw? Any problems with them?
Anyone know where I can pick up a pair of Jack Purcell canvas sneakers in Manhattan? I've found a ton of places that sell Converse, but not having much luck finding the JPs. Any help with specific locations would be appreciated.
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