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Quote: Originally Posted by greens11 I just bought this piece last week and I love it. Quality wise, it wasn't quite as heavy as I thought it would be, but nevertheless still feels "quality". It is just a standard fleece lined with their thermal fabric. It is definitely heavier than their other fleece products but I am still wearing my peacoat over it. I wear a small in everything that I buy from J.Crew and this jacket/cardigan is not an...
Few questions: Does anyone have a code for free shipping from J Crew? How do their henleys run in size? I'm almost always a small and looking into this: or Will it fit slim enough if I get a small or should I size down? And last question, I love this fleece funnel neck: Anyone have any...
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow I spent months banging my head looking for a henley. Most henleys tended towards two extremes: "¢ A button placket too small and narrow, making the shirt look too "underweary". This is certainly the case of AA. "¢ A button placket too wide, impractically long, poncey and International Male-ish (many of the higher-end brands including Generra.) I ended up getting this Topman henley on sale for !4 shipped. It...
PM on 80/20 shawl in blue/white.
Quote: Originally Posted by hamish5178 Well even if they shrunk equally in both directions, they would probably stretch out in width but not in length. That's what's happened with the thermals I have (though they're not AA). They shrink a LOT--the website even says to size up one, which I've found to be true personally.
Quote: Originally Posted by I<3Bacon What jacket is that? Really digging it and looking for something along those lines.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota :shrug: Since you're looking at Zappos, just order the small and the medium, pick it up in a couple of days, try them on, return one or both. You're only out the time to print a return label and go to your nearest UPS or USPS. I've lost count of the number of times I've done this with Zappos. Good suggestion, but I found the same coat on ......... for 25 bucks less. I actually found this... Looking at that Spiewak, though I'm a little worried it'll be TOO slim fitting. I wear a small in most things (the MJK hoodie I just got is a small and fits fine)--should I still get a small in this or go up to a medium like the review says? General thoughts on the jacket? Seems like a good value/price ratio Anyone have this? How's the sizing run? It's right in my price range, but I'm scared it'll be too boxy. If you know of anything similar, I'd love some suggestions
Quote: Originally Posted by lost in va sick sock tan. nice text tattoo--what does it say?
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