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Like the thread title says, I'm looking for one of the slim fit hoodies in size medium--black preferrable, but not totally opposed to another dark color. PM me if you have it or know where I could order one.
What size chest are you (for reference?) I'm about a 37" chest, so I'm worried it's a tad bit too slim.
I'd be interested if black and a size small.
How tall are you? And inseam lenght?
Flannel Fridays are great.
Inside and out Banana Tee AA Hoodie UO BDG Slim Chinos Beat-up Converse Weapons North Face Shell Jacket I bought the North Face jacket before I had a real understanding of any sort of semblance of "fit", so I hate how roomy it is--alas, it's super cold here (low teens).
Quote: Originally Posted by dexterhaven I'd been stalking that fleece funnelneck since the constant struggle brought it to my attention in his original post. I'm very happy with it. I opted for the small and am happy with the fit. For reference, I am 6'1" and 170 lbs. Geez...i'm 5'10" 135...maybe I'll go with the extra small
they're only 20 bucks and they have a bunch of different patterns--definitely recommended.
First post on this gentle and once I go outside... AA Henley J-Crew Vneck Sweater APC NS JP low-tops black Target Mossimo Flannel Hamilton Khaki Watch any way to spruce this up with items that aren't TOO expensive?
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