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I'm back in Chicago for break and I'm wearing a long-sleeve thermal, flannel shirt, and North Face jacket and I'm perfectly warm. Gloves and beanie are key.
Pm'd about Whodini in small.
Ahh--good call FiveFiveFive. My appologies.
Teger, when will Mauro check his paypal and ship out the items if I sent the money today? Just wondering for shipping address purposes...thanks.
Banana Republic has slim fit v-necks that have a very subtle V-neck. I think they might be what you're looking for.
Yeah, I have the blue/white stripey one and I love the cut, but I'd love to pick up a fleece one...especially in black....whadaya say??
Measurement on the thigh and knee please?
I assume these aren't terribly warm, are they? They look great, but I can't justify buying it when it's so damn cold here
Quote: Originally Posted by obiter dictum Fleece is warm enough for early fall and spring, or warmer climate winters though, it depends on where you live. Yeah, I definitely don't expect it to hold up to a Chicago or Upstate New York winter--figured more for early spring. Any comments on the cut and fit of it? Here's the link: I don't know how I feel about the pocket placement...
Any experience with the fleece navy peacoat Rugby is selling? I already have a wool one, figured this'd be a nice change. I've never heard of a fleece peacoat though, but it does look nice in the picture.
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