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For simple, non-graphic tees I'd check out Banana Republic if there's one around you. They're relatively cheap (come out to about 15 a shirt if you buy more than one) and I really like the fit. My other tip would be to not buy too much at once--make this style overhaul a process, because if you try to get all new clothes in a week/month in half a year you're gonna be sick of about half of what you bought.
Xeno, I think they might be a bit long for your liking. I'm 5'9" and the end of the shirt hits about an inch past my belt. I'll measure later.
Any experience with the denim shirts they have on the website right now? True to size...slim fitting??
New or used?
AndrewRyanWallace, what brand is that t-shirt? I like the thin stitching on the neck.
Bought myself some Nudie SJDGC jeans, Rugby flannel western, and an APC hooded sweatshirt--All at 50% off, which means my patience of scouting the Internet all December paid off
Shoulders and chest measurements please??
Lucky you weren't in Chicago...wind chills in the negative 30s
Quote: Originally Posted by GahDuma I know I'm going to get shit for this but I really like how Abercrombie polos fit. I can get them at a discount and the material is nice and thick. I got some AA polos and although they fit fine they're kind of thin. What other brands of polo shirts are there that are of reasonable quality and a good price point? All I know is Lacoste or Polo RL polos. i'd check out the jcrew tailored fit ones--they fit...
Back in Chicago for winter break and looking to get a nice pair of boots for this winter--looking to spend up to 200 bucks. Anyone know of any good shops in the Bucktown/Wicker Park (Milwaukee Ave.) area?
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