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Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 Nah, I've tried that on in person and it fits too baggy in the body. I don't think that's the look the OP is going for.
Picked up some white Levi's 511s. Will post pics later.
So on the Rugby RL site they have the peacoat listed as 199.99 (on sale). However, when you go to put in on the cart it charges you 229.99 (not including tax or shipping, which are still 0). I called customer service to complain about the advertising of one price while charging another price and was pretty much told, "Sorry, our website lists some prices wrong. The price in the shopping cart is the correct one." I kept trying to explain to them that was messed up and...
I live in Wicker Park (about 5-10 minutes from Lincoln Park)--trust me, you'll fit right in. Without coming off as a complete prick, Lincoln Park is extremely yuppy and big ad agency, frat-tastic clothes, summers in Maine...yeah, you'll fit in And don't worry too much about clothes, you won't stand out (if that's what you're afraid of). Come winter time ppl are just concerned with not freezing.
For traditional braces (or even Invisalign), do they take any teeth out (the back ones)? Also, obviously it depends on a case to case basis, but what's the range of price for traditional braces if you're 19/20?
Club Monaco ones are down to 19 bucks. Fit is really good too (for me at least).
No red available?
yfyf, what brand is that peacoat? I really like it.
Think the Tanner Belt would fit a 29" waist?
Looking for a navy or black slim-fitting (inapt-like) peacoat that's not too long and is either small or for a 36. PM me--I'm looking for something less than 200 dollars.
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