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28308+107 = 28415
27079 + 179 = 27258
Are you from Mexico or Canada by any chance? If so, you should also look into the TN visa.
The reason an IRA/Roth IRA is typically more useful than a 401k (after the match of course...never forego an employer match--it's free money!) is because of expense ratios. I've seen some truly gruesome 401ks where the expense ratios are above 1%. If you open an account with say Vanguard or Fidelity, you can get a perfectly fine index fund or target retirement fund for no more than 0.2% in expenses. You also have MANY more funds available to you in an IRA, whereas in a...
What tax bracket are you in? That'll determine whether you should contribute to a Roth or a Traditional IRA. Typical advice is to contribute up to the 401k company match (4% in this case), then fully fund a Roth/Traditional IRA, then contribute to the 401k if you still have money left over. Don't put your money in stocks without filling an IRA first--tax-advantaged space is valuable.
In two of my classes during undergrad, our professors videotaped us during our first and last presentation of the semester. If you've never seen yourself present, I would recommend doing this. You'll notice things about your body language, tone, and just general manner that will be extremely helpful as you look to improve.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I'm a little puzzled why portugal isn't a more popular destination. I'm not sure either, but it could be b/c it's somewhat new to the Euro (2001 I think) and it was under a dictatorship until the mid-70s, so it's still a relatively "new" country compared to the usual European destinations.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I was quite young when i visited Portugal, but it was really beautiful. One of the things I remember most is a lookout or hill with a fantastic view of Lisbon. We were up there at sunset and it provided an incredible sight. I can remember a canon on it, so it must have been part of some kind of defensive structure. I can't be any more specific about it than that. There was a dish called beef steak served in a clay dish...
Around Lisbon there are two places: Belem--Mosteiro dos Jeronimos and the Torre de Belem. Sintra--MUST go to Palacio da Pena, and you can get a package deal and get into the Quinta da Regaleira as well which is well worth it. I would definitely recommend going up to Porto, the 2nd biggest city, and enjoying that for a day or two--the Franciscan church is great there, you can enjoy port wine across the river, and just enjoy the beautiful views. From there you can...
H&M. Full-retail for button-downs is 25 bucks...on sale, you can find them for stupid cheap. J Crew quality is better though.
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