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ugh! terrific piece. Were it only an inch or so shorter it would be mine. tall guys should be all over this.
I use mytailor after buying high end off the rack and other local custom tailors. My view on mytailor is that if you know exactly what you want, and work with joe, you can get great clothes for a relatively low price. Do not start with a big order. Start small, perfect the fits and be extremely specific on style details. These guys can do a good job but have, in my opinion, a less than optimal style sense. Go that route and it'll work out.
french cuffs are fine. i wouldn't do silk knots. understated silver is fine, gold or something else that is flashy or kitschy is not. but in the end little of the above will matter.
Great transaction with Calisanfran, including quick communication, prompt shipping and a well packed item.
I like carl. Have bought shirts from him locally and remotely (he sent me swatch books). i like him. he seems busy when I'm there; thus I'm not all that surprised he got peeved when you brought up discounts right off the bat (the website makes his policy clear). anyway, sorry to hear you had a bad experience!
I received my scarf today. very nice, substantial. I'm not a silk scarf guy normally but I have a fall wedding I'll wear this today. very happy with the transaction.
Don Cherry would love those!
would buy but have been spending all my cash on wine.
i would love to see this on the people's court or judge judy. please contact their producers.
a lot of americans would trade positions with you in a heartbeat.....
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