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measurements on those shorts?
How do the patrick ervell summer jeans fit? Are they slim? And would a 36 measure 36 at the waist or do they run small/big? Also interested in the sizing of OC and Velour shirts, relative to say j.crew/h&m/acne etc Dave
LEVIS jacket, AA shirt, n(N) pants, Y's shoes stylin on most currently...
hey mate, have you got fit pics from anywhere of the w+h jacket?
can you chuck up some fit pics?
why does everything from 45rpm look so sexy but always in such small sizes
barims I'm not sure if it was just the junya jacket I tried on (though it was from the same season) but I found the jackets sleeves to be massively wide compared to the rest of the jacket, where as they seem quite slim on yours. Did you get them tailored?
asobu they were the ones in B+S... maybe a bit too big but have to keep them, they are wonderful. perfect shape and leather is ridiculous
that 45rpm jacket is awesome... too bad too small
Y's overdyed black leather sneakers > your purchases
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