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Have only seen mohair split/crack once. More common to have flannel wear thru and tear. Happened on two of my own trousers this year.
Might be mixed up where we went. Are there two locations?
Not to me, width looks OK. It's the shaping of the edge and collar that could use a tweak
Have eaten at Chinois on Main in Beverly Hills as well
They look like the thing you strain sauces thru, can't think of the name. Fresco looks like a window screen.
Basket weave/ hopsacks for jacketings are open weaves that are soft and smooth. Too soft and smooth to make trousers from but they are open weaves. Making up several of the 10.5 ounce hopsacks from GRM at present and a few of the 8.5 ounce hopsack from Scabal. The GRM cloth is very soft, almost cashmere soft but it holds up.
Half canvassed means the other half is fused.When the jacket is unbuttoned and hanging freely, how much space is there between the edges of the jacket? How much shirt can you see between the two fronts at the buttoning point?The backs are long on both jackets. The jackets aren't made for your erect posture.
I agree with the maker to wash the shirt before judging the fit. The shirt will settle in a bit.Changes I would suggest are to make the chest bigger under the arms on the front parts only. 3/4" on each side. That will release the front and help with the diagonal pulling. You can see how the shirt lies flat against the chest from the side view right now. You need more room there. Reduce the waist on the front partWould reduce the back chest 1/2" at the bottom of the...
Do you know if this is a fused garment. It looks like the chest isn't shaped to curve over your chest and the area between the breakline of the lapel and the armhole is too narrow causing the lapels to bow out ward like ( ) instead of having a straighter line of the lapel like this \ /.
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