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Originally you mentioned they were made with the wrong style front pockets and not what you had ordered
It's standard to have the lower button on the same horizontal line as the pocket or below this line. You need the front button moved to get rid of the pull.
Chest is too small and the blade area in back is too big. Too much cloth in the back, not enough in front. Button is too high. Would 1/2 to 3/4" to the jacket length. Trousers can be cut to compensate for bow legs. Trouser also needs to be shortened at the top of the back rise to lift the trouser
I thought it was about the waist on shoes too Ed
No, you just want to shape the edge of the fronts differently and fit the jacket for a bit of overlap on the lower button, regardless of the trouser
Jeffery's changes are what I was trying to explain but easier to understand the visual of his pattern changes than my explanation.
The pictures are too dark on my screen to see much close up detail, get a larger size and see if it is better. You don't need a long. May have to adjust for erect posture. Post pictures when you get the next size up.The trouser is very tight , definitely need a bigger size and a fuller leg so you don't look bow legged.
[quote name="rs232" url="/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-and-alteration-suggestions/1710#post_5732747"[/quote] [[SPOILER]] The difference the 1cm change in neckpoint makes is amazing. Suddenly, the collar hugs tightly, but almost all the other seams need to find a different natural position, and the scye needs a lot of work after that. It's taken me ages to understand most of the implications of changing the neck point, and it's been very instructive. (And time...
Didn't even occur to me to try it. No interest, just surprised to see him taking orders on the street. Maybe his mom was on the truck making meatballs. I remember that from the show.Only truck I've eaten at in NYC wasRon, you are right about Bistronomics. I pretty much only go back for an omelette and the fries. Service can be annoying sometimes.
Ric Ocasek sitting on a stoop on 78th st today and Rocco DiSpirito working a food truck on Lex and 53rd. Is Rocco a celeb? Not sure.
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