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Armani introduced a new silhouette that resonated with men at the time and stimulated the wearing of suits again. The 60's "cigarette" silhouette evolved in the 70's in a robust way with concave/pagoda shoulders but still fitted very, very close to the body, Trousers were plain front but flared or bell bottom. Mix in the arrival of polyester and leisure suits in the 70's and then the proliferation of wearing jeans or t shirts with jackets. Men were focusing on being fit...
It's that time of month
Same for the Retina Pro over the Air for you? I was leaning towards the Retina Pro but now I'm not sure. Another thread soon?
Stellar reviews on macrumors for mini.
The length is fine and would look off if you shortened this jacket. The pocket and button point won't jive with a shorter length. The jacket looks a size too big in the chest, back could be reduced and you have a low left shoulder, causing the stress on the button.
You can have as much or as little fixed as you want but you have to remove the sleeves and shortening the back is easy to do at that point. Just reducing the back and blades won't correct the diagonal lines on the back or lift the back off your hips. Would make both worse to not raise the back. Correct balance will give you a better fit and look to the jacket. Fixing the sleeves is much more complicated and time consuming than the shoulder work. It's like when they used...
The no collar gap jacket looks much better and not just the collar. The fronts hang better and don't cross over like the other. Would have to see other pictures to diagnose how to fix but you need the neck hole/ yoke narrowed and the collar shortened.
Don't see any reason to taper the body. The shoulder looks wide from the back and would look huge if you tapered the body. Tapering the sleeves is not necessary.
If you want it fit like it was made for you, it's a lot of work. Remove the sleeves,open the shoulders and shorten the back from the top of the shoulder to change the balance to have a shorter back, longer front. The fronts are hiking up now due to erect posture. Reduce the blades on the back and shape the waist. Reshape the sleeves and attach.
Typed launcher in the search window on the apple app store and they came up. Read a review of Alfred because it had 366 reviews and still had 5 stars but don't know if it does what you want it to do. That's why I said I don't know how you would find one to replicate or one that works in the same way as what you used on android.
New Posts  All Forums: