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His tailor was a friend of mine and I would visit him 2 or 3 times a year around that time period. On one visit while hanging around his shop he shows me a cashmere suit he is making and said it is the replacement suit for President Reagan. Said President Reagan wanted the same suit remade. That's all I know. Riviera isn't the best cloth in the world but it's much better than other cloths in that weight range. I think it is easy to tailor, holds a press well and travels...
Think he means,"where are the mashed potatoes and green beans?"
Riviera is decent cloth and would guess I've made 50 jackets in this cloth since it was introduced. There are variations of weaves and textures through the book and I prefer some over others but overall I would use any cloth in the book. Cloth has good body for the 8.5 ounce weight and the colors and patterns were good. It's not a luxe type of cloth, pretty basic but I wouldn't say it is thin and I haven't had problems with it shifting. Of all the jackets we made, never...
Would you want to purchase new trousers that had been washed and returned? Buying a 34 won't help because it is the wrong cut/style of trouser for you. The jacket doesn't fit well and too short as well. Maybe start over.
Tie space is the answer to your first question, no it cannot be changed is the answer to your second question and this is not related to why your collar lies flat
The trim leg is not flattering and makes your seat look huge. Wrong style for a suit trouser IMO.
No, lower and about 1" lower than you would button a single breasted jacket. This is a generalization, would be more specific to the individual
30.5" is a proper jacket length for your height. If you want a shorter jacket for style try 30 or 29.5 but not any shorter than that.
Yes , it will be ok
No, I mean the distance measured horizontally across the front, not vertically. 5 1/2" is what I usually do across horizontally and 5" apart vertically . The 4 1/2' spacing was adjusted for your size. With that button spacing you need to lower the middle button about an inch maybe more, could judge better after seeing the new length.
New Posts  All Forums: