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Yes, that helps but you can also piece the vent from cloth taken from the hem of the trouser or somewhere else on the trouser or jacket.
I have the opposite association of bolder English shirtings like you saw with Turnbull and Asser and more quiet American shirtings.
The jacket is fitting too close on the hip due to the waistline being to low in back. The side view shows a sharp indent on the back part about at the top of the hips. Raise the point of the waistline on the side seams by letting the jacket out maybe 1/4" double from the top of the vents to the nothing at new waistline position. Shorten the trouser.
The pink and Gingham shirts at the bottom of the article
They didn't do well adjusting for your low right shoulder and that is causing the wrinkles on the right side of the body. Moving the button will help some. Wish the buttoning point was lower and those are the thinnest shawls I have ever seen.
Few years ago I had a problem with the shoulder "breaking" on a client. A couple small bumps on the shoulder line. Remade the shoulder twice adjusting the usual things but it didn't improve. At that point you step back and look at the whole jacket. The client had a larger left shoulder blade than the right and the jacket seemed tight over the blade. Let out the underarm at the blade on the left side and the shoulder bumps went away. Cause and effect vary and the different...
The distinction was related to me from a new client who had been going to Huntsman. They had made both waistcoats and vests for him and the length of the fronts and points was the biggest difference. Don't know about the other jargon you mentioned
Some background info. Most of the pictures in the article show cuffs matching the body http://www.morningdressguide.com/morning-dress-shirt/ Have always been told the origins of this were done with white collars not cuffs but today it's personal preference.
It is more appropriate to only do a white collar and match cuffs to the shirt body.
The top of the vest looks off as much as the bottom. The shoulder is too narrow. Would make the shoulder width a good inch or more wider. Would look less like a men's tank top.On the next one place the bottom button of the vest on the waist band seam and extend the points from that point.By definition a waistcoat is cut longer like this, vests are shorter.
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