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Never cared that much for Steeley Dan, their music or their lyrics. Lot's of people post "what they heard" or what they think they know and you filter things thru your own knowledge and experience. Much of what you refer to helps me to know what questions to ask from people who know before accepting things as fact.
Consider that you are making first impressions and representing your company. Wear the tie out of respect for the event and the guests. The more upscale the location, the more upscale your look. Are you at the Four Seasons or the Ramada? You don't want to be labeled/remembered as "that guy with the black shirt". If there is a sense of formality to the event, listen to your wife and dress as well as she is dressing. If you want to tone it down, wear a light blue shirt and a...
You can't really tell until you try it on. The angle of the gorge is sloping more than what you see from Naples but it will look different on you than it does on the hanger. Same goes for the button position.
Ask her to mark the hem and baste it up at the shorter length, then try it on. Would take her 5 minutes.
Shortening will be fine in how the length will look in relation to the buttoning point because the button is so high. It might be a problem shortening the length as how it relates to the lower pockets. They are positioned a bit low. The pockets look better when they are in line with the lower button or the button is lower than the pocket pipes.
It is for a slip. There was a discussion with pictures of this on LL a few years back. Wouldn't know the topic to search. It is considered a formal accent, not sure what purpose it serves. Some English shops carry these.
No, it's about the shape and size of the sleeve and how it fits into the armhole.
Don't wait to find one. If you find a topcoat you like, have a tailor put a velvet collar on the coat. You can apply the collar over the existing or have the present top collar cloth removed and the velvet applied. You will also have a spare collar if you ever need it.
You probably photoshopped or foofed this PB. Everyone knows Ercole's suits are broad in the hips. Nice try.
Try sizing up first, I doubt there is enough outlet to alter this properly
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