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Nevermind, emoticon not working
Maybe you could order a second trouser styled more to your liking with a wider bottom opening. You would have a suit with two trousers of two different styles for different uses.
In addition to what atailor said. The collar and shoulders are off. Collar should sit higher and hug your neck. The fronts don't hang well. Jacket looks too short to my eye. Overall the cut doesn't flatter you. Is this a suit that you supply the measurements for or do you order the style by a description and the proportions are set by the pattern they use?
Problem may be with the dry cleaner you use
You bailed just before the fanboi secret handshake reveal.This thread separates the Fanbois from the boysPlease start a Samsung/Lumia thread.If you wait that long to kop a phone, wait a little longer for the 5S. It's gotta be better than this disappointment of a phone!
Would pick a texture that works with the texture and finish of trousers you have. Not every cloth type looks right together. I like heavier, wintery weight flannel for trousers or suits but think it doesn't work for a jacket. Just my association with the cloth. Navy flannel can be the worst offender as a lint magnet. More and more cloth houses have hopsack in their books and in various textures. Some more refined than others. Have switched to this over worsteds. Use a lot...
Aluminum Black and brass
Would you prefer an alligator or polo logo?
Get this in Blackened Ash from casemate lower cost, wood back, aluminum sides that follow the shape of the phone. They make this in zebrawood too
Yeah, go figure. If you go over there, ask them what gives with the poor service comments. This is beautiful work The only case I can't get is made from kryptonite, for obvious reasons.
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