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Jacket is too big and the length is a touch too long. Trouser is snug in the seat and thigh. Getting rid of the wrinkles in back is done by lowering the back waistband to lift the back of the trouser
You might find a better fit in the same size from a different maker that uses a fuller cut. you will probably end up finding a sleeve full enough for your bicep and need the body reduced.
not enough to go on from this picture to help you out. Looks like you have a high right hip. The fit here isn't that great but it's a poor picture.
You could use this shoulder or point to point measure but the measure changes with different styles of shoulders. It would take a lot of work by a very good tailor to get this cut down properly. better to find something closer to the fit you want.
Did it now, thanks for the reminder. All good now
No and kinda. When the contract was up they were phasing out the DSL service in this area and upgrading everyone to u-verse. I think that was it, maybe some other reason, I can't remember. They set up the account and put me on paperless billing without my knowing. Two months went by without paying a bill and they turned the service off. When I called AT&T the rep investigated and said it was their fault and compensated me by cutting my rate in half for a full year.
At the request of AT&T I had to change from their DSL service to U-Verse and get a new router with a new password. My laptop goes to the old address occasionally and I get that message. Have to open network preferences and choose the correct network to join. Have you checked that it is accessing the correct network?
Have heard it called a Boston Cooler when made with Vernors ginger ale and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, like a root beer float.
Do you know Paula Lambert in Dallas? www.mozzco.comIf so, do you like her products?
Have to specify, this is using the clay chalk NOT the wax chalk. Have used the shavings of clay chalk on burns on cloth. If you scorch the cloth with an iron. Clay chalk and Hydrogen Peroxide.Pretty much the same as described.There is an english company, Goddard's that makes a powder. Have heard it works well. They make other specialty cleaning products.http://www.goddards.com
New Posts  All Forums: