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Bingo, that is the intent
Maybe, but pictures like this don't reveal much, Arms bent and part of the jacket covered
The back falls in your hips causing the wrinkles due to your erect posture. Will probably be a problem with any jacket. The jacket isn't too tight.
Your fitting issues are normal as everyone has these issues to varying degrees. This is what custom tailoring as about, fitting and compensating for posture irregularities.
What is off about this jacket isn't really off, it's normal for this type of jacket. This is constructed like a shirt jacket with conventional styling details like the collar and lapel. It's not intended to be worn as a conventional type of jacket for business type purposes, it's meant for casual use. The collar is a machine type construction more common in ladies clothing. The size is right for you.
Moving the pocket is not possible. Generally the pocket is placed where the lapel will just cover a small part of the upper corner of the breast welt. If it is set higher, the pocket isn't exposed enough.
Before doing anything try this. Have the tailor pin the jacket at the center back seam at the point the center back seam meets the under collar by 1/4" or 3/8" double, along the seam. It will be pinned as if he was taking in the seam, making the neck smaller. After he pins the jacket there, move your arms forward and see if the jacket feels better. My guess is you need this adjustment more than letting out the back.
The back looks wide at the point he will let it out. Not sure why you want to do this.
Armani introduced a new silhouette that resonated with men at the time and stimulated the wearing of suits again. The 60's "cigarette" silhouette evolved in the 70's in a robust way with concave/pagoda shoulders but still fitted very, very close to the body, Trousers were plain front but flared or bell bottom. Mix in the arrival of polyester and leisure suits in the 70's and then the proliferation of wearing jeans or t shirts with jackets. Men were focusing on being fit...
It's that time of month
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