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This jacket is beyond fixing. It doesn't sit on your shoulders properly. Balance is off. Chest is too narrow. The jacket is disproportionate shoulder to chest to waist to hip. Not enough overlap on the front edge. The narrow chest and overlap issue make the lapels bow out and stand away from your chest. You have a low right shoulder and a prominent left shoulder and blade. Jacket is a bit short. Sleeves don't hang properly.Trouser is too narrow in the thigh area the leg...
If you would provide a back shot it would provide more to go on. This looks like an example of trying to take in the jacket too much and maybe not doing it correctly.
Differences in fit are normal and to be expected. Most MTM is cut from blocks so there is no set pattern for you. Consistency has little to do with the pattern as much as controlling the variations in how the cloth changes during tailoring and pressing. Sometimes the more hand work the more variation.
Lift the back part and lower the back rise from the top of the back panels, straighten the out seam.
and the lapels are way too narrow compared to the chest and shoulder.
Oh, that suit from that "spongy" cloth!
Looks fine, why do you ask?
These pictures don't reveal much to diagnose from. Shoulder looks a bit wide. The jacket is shifted to your left side or the trouser is shifted to your right side. You have a low right shoulder but are also low on the right side at the neck. Would guess if you unbutton the jacket the right side will hang longer than the left side. The overlap at the front button seems skimpy. The back may be a bit short and front long concerning the jacket balance.All this is contributing...
Have only had one RTW suit in my lifetime and it was purchased when i was 13 or 14. Have not owned any RTW trousers except jeans since that age. Would occasionally buy a casual shirt but I wouldn't wear them due to the fit being uncomfortable. Never thought about this before.
No, they would open the lining at the hem and look inside to see what outlets are there. Then he would let the jacket seams out or resew the lining and return the jacket to you.
New Posts  All Forums: