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This looks like wool & silk with maybe just maybe a bit of linen. Scabal had this in their line a few seasons ago.
Don't wear jeans, it's really not appropriate,even if you have a jacket. Your employer didn't offer any direction but was specific about not wearing jeans. That should tell you something. Avoid making a mistake.
Have been in the tailoring business over 40 years and can only remember making 2 black cashmere topcoats over that time span. Not very popular with my clientele.
Don't wear black, you will look unimaginative and will give off a chain restaurant/service industry image. If you wear only shirt and trouser get a good fit. A good fit will enhance your image as much as what you wear. Try not to have a uniform look. Jacket might be good but is a bigger investment for your situation. Have you discussed your question with the owner?
Dress a step up from the restaurants clientele. Consider the decor of the restaurant and gauge the formality/casualness of the setting. Dressing up is better than too casual and be mindful you are the face to the restaurant and the first impression that guests will have when they enter. Represent.
This style does not work across the board for all your needs. It looks more casual than dressy. You need to focus on how it is worn most and pick a style and color. 1) Dressed up with suit and tie: lose the patch pockets and use charcoal or navy. Navy is dressier. Camel doesn't look right at night over a suit to me. It's been done but I don't like it. Camel will never be as dressy as charcoal or navy with a suit. Make up the coat as is and wear it with 2 & 3. You could...
Hard to see much detail but the jacket looks a size too big all over, especially chest and shoulder.Trouser doesn't hang well, makes you look bow legged. Trouser length is too short and the trousers pull up on the outseam but I can't see what is causing it.Try other brands next time.
Here's a more specific "how to" answer. Measurements used for the leg are knee and bottom opening circumference. Measure your seat, lets say it measures 44". Make the knee circumference half of the seat measure or 22", 11" for the half measure. This will give a classic proportion of the leg to your hip and the knee measure helps to control how full the thigh area will be. Adjust the bottom opening to the size of your shoe and then have a good line to the knee. Decide how...
Can you identify the type of green peppers here? Korean woman who works for me brings them for lunch and I love them but she doesn't know the english name for them.
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