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This happened when having a juicy burger from Off Site Kitchen yesterday. This is what I used Apply baby powder on the stain Had to apply powder 3 times. First application, let it sit for about 4 hours and brushed the powder away. Turned the trouser leg inside out and applied powder on the stain since the grease had penetrated the cloth. Let it sit for about 4 hours. Brushed powder off and applied on the face side of the cloth again. Let it sit over night. This is...
shop for an athletic cut that has a 7 or 8 inch drop from chest to waist. It will still be big around the waist but not as big.
You need a bigger chest between the lapel and armhole area, not under the arms and narrow shoulder. Keep trying different makers.
Most times you can find at least an inch of length on the sleeve, sometimes more. Easiest fix for a low shoulder is to add a pad to the shoulder. Recutting for a low shoulder means removing the sleeve and is much more work. It has nothing to do with the sleeve head and the only way to clean up the wrinkles is to adjust for your shoulder. Change the trouser and keep the suit unless you are unhappy with it. You will have the low shoulder issue on any suit you buy.
I connect an ipod to radios with a cord to the Auxiliary port. Same as with the ipod in the car. Would it work the same from the headphone port on the phone assuming you connect the phone for music? Or is there another purpose to connect with a clock radio? Last night I received a text but the date stamp on the text was 9PM on Sept 30th, two days ago. Was the text in cyberspace and the delay is an AT&T carrier issue or has it been hung up in the phone and it's an...
It is made with thread to keep the peak in place as you say. Not much will happen if you do nothing but your tailor can redo this. This thread tends to come loose from movement of the lapel and collar.
Rethink your approach. Styling features will enhance a well cut suit but won't compensate for a poorly cut suit. The proportion of shoulder to chest to waist to hips, how the jacket and trouser are shaped to your physique and a properly cut trouser will do more to compliment your build than simply asking for rope shoulders or a tapered bottom. Going MTM is another issue as block patterns and production methods don't provide the flexibility you may benefit from by using...
Don't worry about the collar gap. This is a size too big for you, try another size, maybe a short if this is a regular.
Wrinkles on the left side are from your low left shoulder. Sleeves can be made longer if you have enough outlet. Trousers seem snug, especially the thigh area.Is this suit comfortable?
^ duly noted, will use your updated version when the iphone is updated.
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