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Tie space is the answer to your first question, no it cannot be changed is the answer to your second question and this is not related to why your collar lies flat
The trim leg is not flattering and makes your seat look huge. Wrong style for a suit trouser IMO.
No, lower and about 1" lower than you would button a single breasted jacket. This is a generalization, would be more specific to the individual
30.5" is a proper jacket length for your height. If you want a shorter jacket for style try 30 or 29.5 but not any shorter than that.
Yes , it will be ok
No, I mean the distance measured horizontally across the front, not vertically. 5 1/2" is what I usually do across horizontally and 5" apart vertically . The 4 1/2' spacing was adjusted for your size. With that button spacing you need to lower the middle button about an inch maybe more, could judge better after seeing the new length.
What you can do is have the collar raised in the back but a proper fix includes adjusting the shoulder. Not an option on RTW. Does this happen regardless of the style of shirt collar you wear?Showing 1" isn't bad, 1/2 to 1" is probably normal. Issue may be a posture or slope of your shoulder issue.
17 cm is more than I expected. You want the buttons to be 4 1/2 inches apart horizontally for your size. Adjust the overlap for that. It looks like the tailor pulled the fronts over instead of letting fall together naturally. More important is that the front edge is straight.
Concur with all the sentiment about wide lapels. To me, it's the chest that is out of proportion here, it's a tad skimpy. Chest is too trim from above the waist to the shoulder. This picture has a wider hip than chest that may or may not be so IRL. The skimpy chest and shoulder is not balanced with the lapel width or vice versa. Sent a PM on how I would adjust this if he chooses to make a change.
A lot depends on your expectations. Being new to tailored clothes you may not have a developed sense of appropriate fit compared to someone like Manton with years of experience getting clothes made. He will look for expect things differently than you would.My point is to help you avoid wasting your time and money due to inexperience with the MTM process.If you use a company that uses a cad system for cutting, you get a suit made from their computer programing more than...
New Posts  All Forums: