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Did you show this picture to your tailor or just describe things to him? Your suit looks much nicer than spoo's to my eye. The lapel roll on spoo's suit is what is wrong with his suit. The collar is too short, it's not fitting properly. You are asking the tailor to do something that isn't correct to do. Asking him to make an intentional mistake. The buttoning point is too high on your suit but that is a modern affectation. The angle of the peak is arbitrary and personal...
I find more things off about what you want the suit to be than the way the suit looks now. Change the lapel from 4" to 3 3/4" is doable. To roll the lapel past the top button is a major mistake and no real tailor would do that. You could have asked for a low one button style. Rolling the lapel down will put the jacket and vest at an odd relationship. The vest is high and looks traditional and will look incongruent when the jacket lapels roll lower and expose more of...
Don't know why it wouldn't look the same. Removing the fake buttonholes will leave a mark in the cloth that won't come out but you wouldn't have to remove them if you only shorten the sleeve by 1/8", especially if you only shorten the front and not fool with the vent. Shortening a corduroy jacket sleeve 1/8 seems odd. The sleeve will shift from wearing it. Wear it a few times and see if it is necessary.
You won't know how it will work or look until you try it. Stop by a tailor shop and tell him what you would like to do. Try the jacket on and just slip a pad under each shoulder and see what you think and if you want to pursue this. If the jacket is completely unlined he will have to make a covered pad. If it has lining the tailor will put the pad under the lining. This will be more work than the first option and probably cost more.
we are about equal once again
yeeth, the wrinkles and pulling on the right side of the jacket are from your low right shoulder. Jacket is pulling a little from the vents still being tacked closed. The shoulders are a little wide. These pictures show the jacket more clearly but pictures from a distance and full length shots, no jeans and proper shirt to assess the length.
Just noticed this. Settings>General>About> Advertising, an option to limit ad tracking
Not necessary to inquire with clients who have iPhones, it's the first thing they want me to know without me asking. Looking forward to the Which Way Do You Dress App A Y, we joined the forum the same month and year and have about equal post count. What's up with that?
He was one of my favorite tailors in the O'Mast video. My Italian friend filled in some of his comments that didn't make the translation. Kindred spirit.
Best thing about the phone is we can expect new features and functional upgrade every year.
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