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What I consider basket weave is too soft for trousers and is only suggested for jacketing. Certain hopsacks can be used for suitings but basket weave is usually too soft and too loose of a weave. Would confirm this before ordering.
Would use buttons with a matte finish rather than these shiny buttons
Nothing is ruined and this can be corrected. The heel tape is heavier than the cloth and since it was sewn on incorrectly it makes the bottom wavy. They were correct to not apply the tape too tight but it shouldn't be this loose. Try your other tailor for a better result. To be effective the edge of the tape should extend a bit beyond the hem of the trouser to protect the cloth and take the wear.
The only time a sleeve is not cut bigger than the armhole is on a shirt because there is no fullness sewn into a shirt sleeve. It is sewn even with the armhole. Jacket sleeves are cut on average 2 3/4" larger than the armhole and the fullness is basted in and distributed around the armhole. More in some areas and less in others. Larger armholes and heavier cloth can accept more fullness. Light weight cloths need less.It's just the way it is done and not unique to any...
You mean intentional divoting to enhance movement?
The top rounded part of the sleeve is the sleeve cap. The cap is too high in relation to the armhole. It's like fitting a circle that has a diameter of 10.5" into a circle that is 10" in diameter. The extra 1/2" creates the divot. The sleeve has to be opened and trimmed down to correct this. Can also be caused by a sleeve that is too narrow for the width of the armhole and it creates a pull from the the tension.
Me tooI don't look at any of these views with arms flailing because there is nothing to be seen or discerned by it.
You have to take the time to go and try them on to know which has the style you want and fit you well. Also go to Suit Supply, they just opened on Oak St and you should take a trip to Morris & Sons on Polk.
Measurements don't reveal symmetry and depth. You may have a small chest and broad back or the opposite, broad chest and flat back or you may have front/back depth and narrow back and chest. Shapes vary like this, 0 or this, O, etc..
The position of the wrinkling looks to follow the bottom of the inside pockets but I think it is caused more by tension on the fronts from buttoning, light color of cloth that will show anything that isn't perfectly smooth underneath and highlighted by direct lighting on the cloth. A picture without flash with the jacket unbuttoned may make it go away.
New Posts  All Forums: