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no worries, you are noticing the grain line of the cloth and it's normal
2.5 meters would yield a topcoat for you.
I have a raglan topcoat in a deep, dark bottle green and black barleycorn.
Don't see enough cloth in a Barleycorn pattern, it is under appreciated. Makes a great jacket.
I've made that one up. Good!
I think they are plastic. Most all I've seen in that style of button and used on the interior of the trouser are plastic. Could be something different that is available in Italy, no way to know from the picture.
Good cloth. Some of them are on the soft side but it tailors and wears well
I've done the same thing, hate the extra wide sleeves. They get in the way. Hard to move around when they are so wide. If there is some sort of cuff on the sleeve it could get complicated and a bit expensive.
The lower patch pockets look oversized too
Robe or dressing gown?You can reduce at the side seams. How much depends on the depth of the armholes. Some may have onseam pockets and that would complicate things.
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