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Loro Piana
Mariano is a shopkeeper which requires he wear many hatsProficient at Italics as well
Thank you very much!
Mariano is a "shopkeeper" which requires he wear many "hats" British Dictionary definitions for shopkeeper Expand shopkeeper /ˈʃɒpˌkiːpə/ noun 1. a person who owns or manages a shop or small store
The most direct you are to the person who will open the jacket and make the adjustments, shape and trim the jacket the better. just my opinion Have a client living in London who has repeatedly asked me " Why do I like the cloths you (me) pick better than the clothes I pick?" I ask as many questions I can think of to know how the client relates to the cloth. When you work with the cloth you understand it's character and then it's just matching the cloth to the...
Tailors work differently with each client. Clients are all different. Have at least 6 clients who don't want to select the cloth, it's entirely up to me. I show up for the fittings and they are seeing the cloth for the first time. That's the type of tailor they need so that's what I do. I thought it a bit odd but as I've gotten to know these guys I understand who they are and how they want to look and it is pretty easy to dress them.
Foo, you might benefit from trying to comprehend some of what Marco is relating. I relate much more to his view than what you are saying. If Mariano, a friend or someone on the street corner spots an issue of fit, that is only recognition of the problem. What is crucial is diagnosis of the cause and the corresponding remedy which can be simple or complex and not immediately obvious, followed by a successful execution of the prescribed remedy. You seem to view tailors as...
This is a well fitted, well made jacket. Notice the height at the back of the collar. How straight the run of the collar is from the back of the neck downward thru the lapels and how there is no breaking or ripples in the shoulder while his arms are crossed. This is an example of a Milanese shoulder, would guess this is Caraceni Milan. Relatively unknown or unappreciated here. Milanese shoulders and styling is my favorite of the Italian silhouettes. This is like...
It was the first thing that stood out to me when I viewed the picture
that's a good thing, probably means no one else will either.
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