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It's an acquired taste.I want to see your fitting on Saturday
Happy using a Bonavita immersion dripper with Melitta paper filters. It's pour over for dummies.
If the jacket is RTW it is doubtful you will find any outlet. If by chance there is enough cloth to make a difference you will also need to let out the sleeve lining to have any benefit. If the jacket was MTM or custom made by your tailor, you could have new sleeves made if the cloth is still available. On the jackets we make we leave 1/2 to 3/4" outlet on the outside of the under sleeve and on the lining.
why would you say that? I don't get it
One pair, possibly two
There are different options for this adjustment. One is to correct what is causing the flare which could be complex and involved because it is changing the DNA of the pattern. Other option os to simply reduce the flare by taking in the seam that runs thru the patch pocket on the hip. You have to open part of the pocket and reattach it. Not as easy as taking in the side seam but it isn't that big of a job if you are used to basic construction of a jacket.
Remember reading the founder of Shinola was one of the original founders of Fossil watches
The percentages of ordering cloth successfully later for a vest are not in your favor and for many reasons. The shading from another piece can be off significantly enough it may appear it isn't the same cloth. The shading of color rarely, almost never, will match from different pieces. There can be slight variation from the beginning of a bolt to the end of the same piece. You risk the cloth being completely sold out. Have had this happen within a week of ordering...
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