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That is what you have to deal with to determine what you want to do. Will it bother you if the distance is 2" on one sleeve and the other sleeve is a different measurement?
Have seen it currently on "fashion" brands   You have to decide. Lengthen sleeves without adding a buttonhole and after wearing it a few times you can decide if you need to add a fifth button.   I think it would be harder to resale if you had five buttons on the sleeves that aren't equal distance form the hem. That's a pretty big sign of what you tried to accomplish
Issue is that a good percentage of cloth sold to the public is available for a reason. Sometimes it is because of flaws in the cloth and the cloth has been returned. The last two cloths clients brought to me both had flaws that they were not aware of. It was a pain to cut around the flaw in one and the other wasn't usable. Some cloth is prone to pilling. Other issues have been in the finishing which is not easy to perceive if you don't work with cloth. These don't tailor...
looks like you need an inch on the right sleeve and about a half inch on the left. 
You can make the sleeves longer but the distance from the bottom buttonhole to the sleeve hem may be different on each sleeve. To add a buttonhole you need the same color and weight of buttonhole twist. The  stitching of the new buttonhole will probably not match the original.  If you cannot get or have extra sleeve buttons you will need to buy a new set of buttons   Adjust the jacket sleeve length to the same point as the break in your wrist.  Don't adjust jacket...
Good to know you have one honest tailor. Would use 3 3/4 yards for a two piece and that is a bit generous If you want a coat with the length above your knee 2 1/2 yards could be enough. Length up to about 48",  3 yards could work. If you want a polo style you may need 4 1/2 yards If you want to be safe, buy 4 yards of 60" wide cloth but I doubt you need more than 3 yards for a basic topcoat Do you know how to recognize quality cloth? In the tailors mark up they are...
Best to ask the person making the coat how much cloth you need to be sure and not end up short and have to buy more cloth or waste money buying too much cloth.   A few bits of basic information are helpful like what is the  the length of the coat?    If it is cashmere or has  a nap, all the pattern pieces have to be cut in the same direction. this could require more cloth. Raglan sleeves, kick vent , pleated back, belt, patch pockets all require extra cloth.
Coutume Cafe is in the 7th. Great coffee shop with an excellent kitchen for breakfast or lunch.   Garance is worth a visit, best meal of the last trip to Paris
They can look the suit over and make the necessary adjustments.  Wouldn't worry about adjusting the front length and they can diagnose the cause of the wrinkles on the  sleeves. Neither issue is an easy fix and the result is dependent on their diagnosis and ability to execute the alteration.
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