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I appreciate your kind thoughts, sir, but it's hard to accept from someone with fewer than 1000 posts
Varies. New client, 3 is sufficient but more may be required.  The answer is very much about the client. Have clients with proportions that require two fittings, always.  Have another client who hasn't had a fitting for about 20-25 suits and have only needed to adjust one sleeve longer and one sleeve shorter on all those suits. He and my system work well together. He is an exception. Not many clients I would work that way.Must add this. I would delay finishing a suit if I...
Have experienced the opposite.  Having opened up jackets from houses fronted by cutters you wouldn't believe some of the omissions  and shortcuts. So much that I have contacted associates and asked if what I saw was ever permissible. Answer was no!I don't hold the cutter responsible because I don't think they ever see the inside of their jackets 
I operate in a weird way and it's not so much intentional as of necessity.  Have a long wait time but short execution time. Order a suit and it may not get cut for 6 months but you will have it in your closet 2 or 3 weeks after your fitting.  OK, if you are a client reading this, there are exceptions!    Out of necessity have moved to a subscription/reservation system. Have clients who want X amount of suits delivered in X amount of time on a consistent, regular basis....
It's one thing to keep the work moving, it's another thing to not have the work come back for adjustments. The point is to grasp the effect one has on the other and to communicate it between the two parties to execute the work properly. I eliminate this step  by doing both as one entity.
you misspelled my name
Whippet is okay because his subjective and objective thought process is drawing him to a particular methodology of getting clothes made that he prefers and I attempted to validate. I adhere to his point of view but I am not a reductionist that tries to simplify things to a pat answer. All systems have the chance of succeeding or failing. 
Yes you are correct and you have to question my credibility as I do not have a website either.   Have to correct one thing.  Custom tailor not bespoke tailor
Whippet, don't be discouraged. You are on to something that I believe is significant. Tailor shops operate in different ways in different countries and according to how big (workers and output) the shop is . The cutter/tailor set up is one way of handling a volume of production.   As far as I know, and I don't really know,  the way the English handle the process is unique to the UK. If the cutter does not understand the effect of how sewing changes the cutting or the...
Coat has a fly front. Buttons are covered when coat is buttoned. Constructed the Same as button fly on jeans.. That's what you are seeing
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