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coffetini      had a coffee flavored mochi last night that was quite good
  He also sings. To large stadium sized audiences. At least he used to
Some days I'm not sure what I'm doing! Do you require a lot of sleep?
He dresses the private jet crowd in the midwest
Are you busy until 11?
In for Sunday night
It is common for a wedge cut under the patch pocket. If it is on your jacket that is where the besom pocket will have to be made and the position of the new pockets will be much lower than normal. Nothing you can do about it if the cut is there. If you have a breast patch and want to convert to a breast welt pocket it is a major pain and very difficult to make on a finished garment. If you use an alteration person who isn't practiced in making pockets it could turn out...
you could try posting more often
Don't know why the higher ups haven't dubiously honored you. You're as much a part of the landscape here as anyone else
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