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Those marks are intentional. When you tried on the jacket did it stand away from your chest? It looked like the lapels were bowing out and not laying flat?
If you have a full chest, u shape is more difficult to fit, would discuss with the maker. You did say you have an athletic build. Can't think of anything less elegant with a dinner suit than low rise flat front trouser. Suggest a higher rise single pleat. The rise will effect the length of the vest and the overall proportions. Vest with peaks, cummerbund with shawl. No lapels on either. They don't show and add bulk where you want the jacket to lay flat against your...
thisbolded for emphasis
I'm out if you go 18 ounce. What cloth is the brown herringbone/windowpane jacket that the sample is resting on?
When shortening a jacket at the bottom the most difficult and time consuming part is remaking the front edge into the curve and into the hem followed by remaking the vent or vents, The rest is a straight hem. Shortening a jacket from the top involves removing the sleeves, opening the shoulders and removing the collar. Shorten the jacket along the shoulder line then re shape the armhole,. Make the shoulder and replace the pad if there is one. Either the collar is too...
This is all wrong
No can do, unless it is a patch pocket with no vertical match in cloth
I don't look at that thread either and don't know the inference but the definition here may resonate in a different way to whoever reads this. The look I am thinking of is dressing becoming a cliche.
When Doc gets here, he will explain things in a more tangible way.
You could choose from several metaphors to elaborate the point, will try this one. When you enter a room you get an immediate sense of the atmosphere of the environment, be it an office, home, restaurant, etc. You immediately get a sense of formality, casualness, exaggeration, subtlety, etc. and you may feel energized, relaxed, comfortable, at ease, uptight or uncomfortable. Then you analyze the room. The colors, textures, lighting, proportions and the room feels just...
New Posts  All Forums: