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Caused by the collar being too short and makes the lapel roll past the button. Collar needs to be longer. May not be possible to do, or there may be another solution if you find a creative tailor 
Can't be specific from a picture, guessing you may need up to 3/4".   You can pin the excess cloth in a < shape. 0 at the point of the shoulder and pin across to the neck in graduated increments. This will give you a visual confirmation of the change. You can also press in the change with an iron and then cover the wedge shape with a piece of tape to hold it. Put the tape on the underside of the cloth.
you need a square shoulder adjustment to clean up the wrinkle
[[SPOILER]] Chest is to small. I explained this and added a photo of a proper sized chest a page or two back from here.Trouser has the wrong balance and creates all the wrinkles on the back part and you have a high right hip which is larger than the left hip causing a distortion in how the trouser leg hangs
This is caused by steaming before you wear the trouser.   Wool fiber is hollow and absorbs moisture from the steam. The fibers relax and expand releasing the wrinkles. The wool fibers are the most unstable at this point. If you steam and then wear the trouser it will cause more wrinkles than normal and as the fibers release the moisture and dry, the wrinkles are set in. The result is the trouser looks worse than before. You want a minimum of overnight to one day to let...
Those are darts. They are used to create shape in the chest and to reduce the fronts at the waist. The canvass also has these shapes to follow the shape of your chest and waist.   At the top end of the dart fullness is created by the dart. To make it look smoother it only needs to be pressed but do not try to press it flat. If you press it flat you are working against the purpose it is meant for. The chest area should be pressed in a curved shape to follow the rounded...
It needs to be pressed properly. A tailor will be your best option over a dry cleaner. The problem is caused by using steam alone without applying pressure and heat to dry the cloth. Can't emphasize it enough, not to steam jackets
A light cream color, like the color of the door in the picture.   Grey may make the overall look , look muddy 
None of the pictures are helpful. You don't have many options except to find the right tailor that will alter the suit properly.   The jacket can be reduced at the side seams and the proper way to do this is to open the side seams and reduce the front parts more than the back. You don't want to fool around with the chest and shoulders and as you have said the chest and shoulders fit properly. You will reach a limit point of taking in the side seams when you see diagonal...
Will pass the info on before his review although the review would only address the make/construction of whoever made the trouser.    Sure there exists an interesting back story to this suit and I wouldn't think it is a "best example " to qualify a tailor by. 
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