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Good article http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/07/dining/where-to-find-serious-coffee-in-new-york-everywhere.html
When you weigh over 300 lbs or have disproportionate large/wide hips
Of all my clientele only two get center vent and two want no vent. All others wear side vents. Of the four exceptions to side vents, one is purely a stylistic preference and for the other three the choice is best for their body type.
Internet is the go to for finding information about any service or product. Most of the calls come from men researching tailors by the internet. Very very few new internet clients actually participate on the forums or blogs, they use the internet only to glean information. Can only think of 5 or 6 clients that actually post on SF or other forums. Would say the internet has been overall a positive for tailors by providing exposure to a small trade that has been pretty...
Cantabrigian, would be interesting to see a jacket of yours that has, in your opinion, your preferred amount of drape and shoulder line to compare with your Rubi. Comparing the cut of one tailor on different clients is apples and oranges. Body type contributes to the execution of a look. Comparing multiple tailors work on one body is more telling.
Yes and no.This video is basically about putting a fresh crease in your trouser but doesn't go further into shaping the trouser leg or pressing the top part of the trouser. If you just followed this video your trouser would look a little messy.
Have been wanting to make a post about pressing trousers for about 2 years now. keep watching, this may be the year. It's possible to maintain the trousers by pressing them yourself if you understand the concept of where to shrink and where to stretch and develop the techniques to do so. Much easier than pressing a jacket. A $35.00 pressing board from a tailor supply is a better investment than the pressing device.
Blue Sapphire or Vicuna?
Midnight navy, solid, shawl. Very simple and elegant. Suit was a touch lighter shade of navy with a narrow self stripe. This gent is a very elegant dresser and likes rare cloth and is very unpretentious. He put the suit into his every day rotation. Treats it like any other suit. Sorta makes me cringe a little. I would have pampered it and used it sparingly but that's me.
The people I know who make/sell them get much more.I was very cautious working with such expensive cloth. Only had my tailors working on them when I was present and I was much more involved/hands on in the making of these two pieces.It might freak me out working with vicuna in regards to the cost of the cloth alone.You really have to go slow and be very conscientious using these luxe cloths.
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