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Too soft to make this up as a trouser.
Hopsacks in a variety of contents. Did you see the 50/wool, 50/mohair hopsack?  Very crisp but has more sheen on the finish. 
Almost all the cloth you guys are asking for is in the current Ariston line
To clarify, if you want to order a bit extra so it is easier to cut, that's fine.   If you are ordering extra cloth as insurance for a future problem that may or may not happen it is better to have 1 yard of extra cloth. The side body and under sleeve can be cut from 3/4 yard most of the time. If your jacket isn't cut with a side body it isn't enough cloth. If you need a new front, back or top sleeve you need 1 yard of cloth. Add more for a large repeat of a horizontal...
Nothing wrong with having extra cloth but I order 2.5 yards if the guy is over a 48 chest size and over 32" length. Over 52 chest, 2 3/4 yards or 3 yards depending on length and if he is more than portly.   I like to keep enough cloth for an extra top collar. Any other piece of the garment would require 3/4 to 1 yard to recut and the need is pretty rare.  I remember needing a yard of cloth twice. Both times the jacket front was dinner for moths. Recut/remade the jacket...
That is what you have to deal with to determine what you want to do. Will it bother you if the distance is 2" on one sleeve and the other sleeve is a different measurement?
Have seen it currently on "fashion" brands   You have to decide. Lengthen sleeves without adding a buttonhole and after wearing it a few times you can decide if you need to add a fifth button.   I think it would be harder to resale if you had five buttons on the sleeves that aren't equal distance form the hem. That's a pretty big sign of what you tried to accomplish
Issue is that a good percentage of cloth sold to the public is available for a reason. Sometimes it is because of flaws in the cloth and the cloth has been returned. The last two cloths clients brought to me both had flaws that they were not aware of. It was a pain to cut around the flaw in one and the other wasn't usable. Some cloth is prone to pilling. Other issues have been in the finishing which is not easy to perceive if you don't work with cloth. These don't tailor...
looks like you need an inch on the right sleeve and about a half inch on the left. 
You can make the sleeves longer but the distance from the bottom buttonhole to the sleeve hem may be different on each sleeve. To add a buttonhole you need the same color and weight of buttonhole twist. The  stitching of the new buttonhole will probably not match the original.  If you cannot get or have extra sleeve buttons you will need to buy a new set of buttons   Adjust the jacket sleeve length to the same point as the break in your wrist.  Don't adjust jacket...
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