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On the first picture run your eye down on the vertical pattern of the plaid. The edges of the design are contrasted, dark on the viewer's right and cream on the viewer's left. The vertical line along the pocket welt is reversed, Dark,left. Cream, right. the second picture is not shot into a mirror so things change. Breast pocket on other side of picture From the second picture the horizontal line. If you follow the larger dark brown horizontal pattern, it appears to make...
Do not open the breast pocket under any circumstance, even at the threat of bodily harm. When sewn shut it renders the jacket a slightly better/cleaner look. This is key!
You know you have visited too many English tailors when you start to think like one
The pattern of the breast pocket is cut in a different direction than the jacket front
yes.These jackets don't fit you well. The chest is too small and creates the bowing of the lapels over your chest. jacket is too short and emphasis your hips. makes them look wide in relation to your chest. Button placement is too high and unflattering.The SB suit gives you an A line/sihouette rather than a V line/silhouette. if you have a 10 or 11" difference between your chest and waist, the cut of the jacket does not reflect this. It makes you look the opposite of what...
Will stop by and say hello Saturday afternoon.
Up for that. Tired of going to all these places that are the "best".
Thought you said it might happen. In NY but working, should finish around 3 or 4 on Saturday and head over
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