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[[SPOILER]]   They tried too hard but didn't make the correct adjustments and the result is the suit is over fitted and thus poorly fitted. You do have a low right shoulder but the counter part to this is a prominent left shoulder blade. In the first picture of the RTW jacket there isn't any visible breaking wrinkles relating to the low shoulder. The left shoulder needs an adjustment for the larger prominent blade and the right side adjusted for the low shoulder The  chest...
[[SPOILER]] The jacket has a lot of shape so it looks like a good fit but is a size too big for you and feels loose. The shape is on that fine line where any reduction at the waist will look exaggerated and overdone. The silhouette and styling are of a traditional cut and to shape the jacket more would be incongruent with the nature of the cut.You could have the jacket reduced without adding more shape. The blades can be taken in  but to do so properly the blade needs to...
coffetini      had a coffee flavored mochi last night that was quite good
  He also sings. To large stadium sized audiences. At least he used to
Some days I'm not sure what I'm doing! Do you require a lot of sleep?
He dresses the private jet crowd in the midwest
Are you busy until 11?
In for Sunday night
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