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Jefferyd is the author/owner of Made by Hand website and is a designer/tailor at Hickey Freeman.    Taking a suit out of the box, it's better to do nothing. Wrinkles will settle out overnight, especially if the jacket is well made from forgiving cloth. Consistently hear this from clients who pack suits and travel  frequently.     Dry cleaners won't press a jacket in the same way a tailor would.
Here is the gist of itHere is the link for more info http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2008/11/vital-importance-of-pressing.html
Have to admit I did as well! Had to to hold back on saying anything and just let it be
Same response from clients that had this one made up. The contrasting line is sort of an aqua tone. It's nice cloth but makes up bold. Lighter ground color adds contrast. Cloth is from the London Lounge
Prefer the way I cut/style them!  
Getting the right length of cloth for a topcoat is tricky unless you know all the variables. It's different than ordering suit or jacket lengths. Total length of the coat, girth measurements and styling details all contribute.  Sometimes need to order different lengths of cloth for the same client to accommodate styling details.   Heavy napped cloth or large pattern repeats require more cloth to cut all the pieces in one direction. Patch pockets, belts, cuffs, inverted...
This is taken from the Tailor's Tutorial thread.  If this isn't a solution for you, use the search function for "removing a grease stain"  There are a dozens of threads and answers   http://www.styleforum.net/t/317657/removing-a-grease-spot
Yup, ​3 minutes. Have you experimented using longer or shorter times?
I think i grasp what you are asking but hard to tell the way you asked. Do you mean pleats or creases?   If you want the pleats removed it would be less complicated, less expensive and more practical to buy a new pair. Not an easy job that most tailors don't execute well.
I know you guys are "all knowing" so you are probably aware that the chef/owner duo of Uncle Boon's are alumni of Per Se.   Just want a thumbs up from anyone who knows and likes the food
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