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Yes, but only once
Those Italian collars all look alike to me
Borrelli? If so, they have a very well balanced collar shape/style. It works well. This curve is good but you can vary the amount of shape. I change the shape by 8th's of an inch as I go.This picture shows how the top point of the collar meeting at the tie space lifts above the knot. This won't interfere with the knot and the collar won't be effected from different sized knots
If this were the 30's, 40's and maybe the 1950's PB, you could go to a baseball game in a suit and look like everyone else. Standards and perceptions are much different today. Can't explain the sociological differences of today but maybe someone else has explored this.
The drop refers to the difference of the chest to the waist measure of the jacket and the trouser. 39 chest, 34 waist is a 5" drop. 39 jacket with an 8" drop would fit someone with a 31" waist. The most common proportion is a 6" drop. 40 chest, 34 trouser. 39 jacket would have a 33" waist and you would need the waist adjusted which may or may not be possible. do not buy an 8" drop suit if your 39/34 measures are accurate
I pay more attention to the curve of the outer edge that lies over the collar bone. Prefer a shaped edge that contours with your shoulder and chest. Never did like the look of this straight cut edge.Would raise the collar band height in front a bit to better accommodate your tie knot.Advise from a friend
I don't even know what it means, just feeling snarky, killing time waiting for someone. I guess it means something bad
believe inbred pinches to be irrevocable
saw more elegantly dressed men over a few days in Milan than I've seen traveling to NYC for 40 years
Foo,In nearly all of your posts you make similar statements of this nature. Can you expand on what experiences form this opinion of yours? Through out this thread you imply tailors have nothing of value to offer, cannot be trusted, and their sense of style is marginal at best. What makes them different than any other professional providing a service? Why are tailors deficient to make a men's suit and provide any sort of guidance regarding a clients individual style...
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