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Not even remotely.
Holland & Sherry, Blue Sapphire Collection, Super 220's with Sapphires in the cloth. Delivered a three piece suit and a dinner suit a couple months ago, 16,000.00 each.
Short front balance creates scissoring. Scissoring is how the front edges cross over each other from the buttoning point to the hem. The back has horizontal folds of cloth along the mid section because the back is long in relation to the front. Long back/short front. The wrinkles along the back part of the sleeves is from the sleeve not fitting into the armhole properly. Biggest concern is the shoulder line and skimpy chest. These cannot be altered properly and are key...
I doubt you can save this jacket with alterations. The chest is way too small as you can see the oval shaped opening of the lapels across your chest. You have a low right shoulder that is not adjusted for. The front balance is short and the fronts are scissoring. Sleeves need to be recut and hung properly.Unless the maker says they know how to adjust this for you, look elsewhere.
To get the pressing done well requires a little extra time, a tailor is more apt to understand how the garment should be cared for. Because it's a ladies garment it will fit better on the pressing bucks that tailors use and better done by hand with an iron than put on a form and steamed again. If the shoulder area, sleeve head or collar needs attention the tailor will do better. Those areas aren't usually pressed by cleaners and if they do they tend to flatten things...
Best result will be from a legitimate tailor. Preferably one who is capable and knows the making/shaping aspects of a garment over an alteration only type person.
Known as drop loops in tailor speak. Have always been around though not commonly seen these days . Have no idea about the purpose or origin of this.
There isn't an easy answer to resolve your fitting issues. What is good about this jacket is the way the front hangs. It has enough front length that the fronts are not hiking up. This may not be the case with other RTW jackets. T. Ford has a nice balance to their jackets.The bad part is the back balance is too long and rests on your hips creating the folds of cloth on your hips. Your posture is very erect and you have a sway back.Would advise you to pursue fixing this...
Easy fix Mr.Kittens
Scabal festival book has cloth like this in two or three colors. Very difficult to tailor.
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