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[[SPOILER]] Have had a jacket in this color tone in my wardrobe since the 70's.  I'm ready to add another. Have settled on wearing this with mid brown or a rich caramel brown trouser. Try it with a pink shirt.Have also settled on making them with triple patch pockets. Yours is too fancy for me Never made up lamlana cloth. It's very very soft cloth and book has a lot of pastel shades, IIRC.
Mr. Superb, Topcoats are made double breasted too!   Sartoria Cresent       Ethan from Brycelands.  Like the clothing choices he makes   
[[SPOILER]]    Nick Wooster Peacoat, well I assumed the dark green is a peacoat, can't' see the full length
Agree it's hard to see in the sample. Did not take pictures of the few we made up. PatrickR ordered one tonight so maybe he will post the finished jacket. It looks much better made up then what the sample in the book renders
Pressed a suit today from the same cloth as yours. There is an elegance in that cloth I don't get tired of, really like it. Loro Piana has a jacketing book that is very similar to Moonbeam type of cloth but much better, in my opinion.Beautiful patterns and very rich colors. Has a range of solids that are the same ground colors of the patterned cloths.  Won't see the book again until Saturday and I don't recall the name and book number. Think it's called "Jackets and...
ThunderMarch said that, not me if you look at the original post. Don't know how that happened. ThunderMarch, check out W.Bill Phoenix Bunch 147, cloth WB14821.  Have made several these as SB,  but you could do it as a DB. This is a cloth that looks better made up than the sample would show. Really spectacular as a jacket. If you want something more plain, WB14823 in the same book. The mini barleycorn is sold out from Ariston but is in the Scabal Finest Jacketing book 2256,...
That style of hopsack works as both, suit and jacket.  I can't see using summery hopsacks from jacketing sample books as a DB.    How do you want to wear this jacket? For business with a tie or for more social occasions? That would narrow down the choices.   Personal favorite at the moment is a mini barleycorn pattern from Ariston and Scabal. Holland & Sherry has one in taupe that is gorgeous. Has right about of texture to pass for business or social wearing. Adapts to...
What type of hopsack are you guys recommending? Having trouble visualizing a DB made up in a hopsack.
IIRC; Whippet said his best results were achieved with the tailor present. He may have specific fitting issues that were better understood by the tailor. Who knows? A lot depends on the clients fitting needs to obtain the best fit. Some clients are easier than others. From all the rhetoric I spewed on about, I tried to shed light on the different process options to get to the result. Working with a pattern maker, cutter, tailor has benefits only if this fellow is competent...
Feeling pressure at the nape of your neck is something else. You would feel pressure against the tip of your shoulder against the jacket shoulder if forward shoulders were your issue. If your tailor is able to correct the issue he is competent to diagnose the problem. If he can't diagnose the problem, unlikely he grasps how to fix it.
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