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I think your tailor has pulled the wool over your eyes!We can use you over on the tailor/fit/feedback thread
Loro Piana
I think it was 16g or 18g, don't remember, on an HX, not sure of temp. Will try on a DB with PID at different tempsAny other ideas? I think it's just a tough bean to use for espresso
Tried pulling shots with Ethiopean Yirgacheffe and didn't like it at all. Will venture into french press with it. It's also from a different roaster who I haven't tried before.
Make a lot of suits for weddings. Better to get something that can be practical to your lifestyle afterwards.
Is that why you are frowning in your avatar picture? You just tried on your suit!So your tailor tried to dissuade you from ordering a black suit?There is an intangible aspect when ordering custom clothing. You don't know how the silhouette of the maker will render on your frame. That's what happened to yuppie. You don't know how the jacket will feel or move on you or with you until it is finished. I don't rush first fittings with a client. I tend to have them linger and...
Have never understood this occurrence.
It is hard to pair a lighter colored trouser with that jacket. It looks like a light shade of blue/grey on the screen to me. If you wear darker grey or navy, you may not be used to a light color jacket and darker trouser combo, but what do I know! Say this because have had clients that didn't wear/like things for that reason but couldn't pinpoint the reasoning.If the collar isn't staying on your neck, what is causing the issue would make the jacket uncomfortable and...
better to have the mid-thigh measurement too large
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