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Cannot be done. Find a jacket with armholes  cut  how you like them.
Cannot answer you as accurately as if you take this to a tailor and ask. We don't know where the jacket is tight and where you need more cloth. The seams have a minimal amount to work with. On your pictures you can let out about 1/2" on these seams which isn't much but again we don't know where you need the jacket let out.  Unlined jackets will always have less cloth to work with. They have little to no outlets.
No black, you already don't like them and you won't like wearing them. If you want a change get something other than black or the Cocobolo
Me too
Their body type doesn't fit any basic fitting paradigm and you have to think out of the box. The proportions are way different and the paper pattern may look very unconventional. One of the cleanest fitting suits we made last year was on a body builder type. I was happy with the finished product and usually I'm not. Don't misinterpret that point. Some men are very difficult to fit because of asymmetry. Again you have to think out of the box and do unconventional...
It isn't any easily executed adjustment and the result of all the effort may not be significant. It is a time consuming job to do on a finished jacket and the amount of improvement uncertain. 
Schofield & Smith Barathea, 12 ounce, super 120's. It's in their formal wear book, #8903 and two other suiting books.  Also comes in a 150's quality if you want more luxe. 
Not necessarily. 
The result is probably linked to "drapey old man cut" being the DNA of their silhouette so they didn't have to tweak much to get there.
Think the LL linen is 10 ounce.  
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