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saw more elegantly dressed men over a few days in Milan than I've seen traveling to NYC for 40 years
Foo,In nearly all of your posts you make similar statements of this nature. Can you expand on what experiences form this opinion of yours? Through out this thread you imply tailors have nothing of value to offer, cannot be trusted, and their sense of style is marginal at best. What makes them different than any other professional providing a service? Why are tailors deficient to make a men's suit and provide any sort of guidance regarding a clients individual style...
McQueen exhibit was impressive. His Row experience was evident in some of his pieces. Wish I had seen the James exhibit Few decades from now we'll be saying these things about Azzedine Alaia
I think you have a different clientele than me
Word of mouth is still working for me
I know what he will be thankful for, for sure!
Have something new to be thankful/grateful for I am not Gennaro Paone
then I'm a poser
So a client just stopped in for a fitting and asked how I became a stylist
Have not used it. They have three colors, solid navy, blue and off white and grey and off white Few years ago, maybe many years ago, Zegna made an all wool seersucker in great colors. That was a great cloth to use.
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