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A light cream color, like the color of the door in the picture.   Grey may make the overall look , look muddy 
None of the pictures are helpful. You don't have many options except to find the right tailor that will alter the suit properly.   The jacket can be reduced at the side seams and the proper way to do this is to open the side seams and reduce the front parts more than the back. You don't want to fool around with the chest and shoulders and as you have said the chest and shoulders fit properly. You will reach a limit point of taking in the side seams when you see diagonal...
Will pass the info on before his review although the review would only address the make/construction of whoever made the trouser.    Sure there exists an interesting back story to this suit and I wouldn't think it is a "best example " to qualify a tailor by. 
That's what I've been told by trouser makers.  The unsettling and separation of the layers are very difficult to press and make it look right after a washing. If the interlinings shrink, it won't ever be the same.   I know several will want to respond. " I do it all the time and never had a problem" There will be an illuminating review of Ambrosi trousers on Made by Hand when Jeffery gets around to it
The  notch, distance along the gorge from the tip of the lapel to the point the collar starts,  is too deep and the gorge is too high, makes it look off. 
Submitting a few photos that show what I was trying to describe in previous posts.   Back view of how the vents look when the back is cut wide enough at the hem to wrap around the seat    This client has very prominent blades     Look at the break line of the lapel and how it runs straight from the collar to the button. helps to keep the jacket close on the neck and hug the chest. Emphasizes  the upper chest and shoulder and doesn't exaggerate the chest. This...
As you mentioned, riding jackets and also traditional ivy league styling. The very conservative ivy league cut had a hook center vent. Same as done on a set of tails. 
Client preference first, congruent with preferred style of jacket. Body type. Have only 2 or 3 clients that ask for center vent or no vent. Sometimes they ask for no vent on a tuxedo. Still it's the clients personal preference
Nice, he wears this well. Looks relaxed but  elegant
Would be harder to fit a center vent for your build. The short front balance would make the center vent spread open. Center vents will show up whats off with the jacket balance more than side vents. Even harder if you have, as you have said, wide hips
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