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They can look the suit over and make the necessary adjustments.  Wouldn't worry about adjusting the front length and they can diagnose the cause of the wrinkles on the  sleeves. Neither issue is an easy fix and the result is dependent on their diagnosis and ability to execute the alteration.
Tall only translates to the length of the jacket and not adjustments for posture 
Open the side seams and sleeves at the bottom of the armhole. Mark the amount you want to shorten the back at the hem and resew the back part. The armhole has to be reshaped and there will be some extra fullness on the undersleeve that needs to be worked in. You get the same effect but don't have to remake the shoulder or reset the collar. You only work on the lower part of the back armhole and sleeve and don't have to deal with the sleeve cap which is much more work It's...
[[SPOILER]] Not much to go by from these pictures. The jacket may be one size too small, can't say for sure. The sleeves do not need to be rotated. The sleeve cap is too high and the sleeve may be too narrow across your bicep
[[SPOILER]] You could use longer fronts to change the jacket balance. The sleeves are either not shaped to match the armhole or not hung correctly.
This is not the hem, this is the out seam. You have to learn how to sew on a sewing machine. How to hold the cloth and feed it thru the machine. You sewed this with the front part on top and the pressure foot pushed the top cloth and the feed dragged the bottom cloth and you have fullness on the back part of the trouser leg. If you taper the trouser, do it on both the inseam and outseam and you have to learn how to shape the hem, the cloth you fold under at the bottom, so...
Same issue as before. The jacket balance is off. You need a longer front and shorter back. Same fix    Don't see flare in the jacket skirt, I see narrow shoulders and chest that makes your hips look wider creating an A line to the silhouette rather than V. When the back balance is shortened it will pull the cloth to the back around your hips
The back is long in relation to the front length not overall length. It's a balance issue. This jacket may be tight on the hip but not enough can be done by letting it out to correct this especially since the cause is jacket balance.  Center vent jackets are harder to fit and this is the reason why. Maybe not harder to fit but more sensitive when the jacket front/back balance are off
The jacket isn't tight at the waist and isn't causing the pulling. Problem is the shoulders and jacket balance. The fronts are long and collapsing causing the pull. It is exaggerated on the right side form a low shoulder. Lift the fronts about 3/4" at the lapels and the fronts will be clean. You need shoulder/ collar adjustments. Your arm positions don't help and are unnecessary
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