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To clarify, I fit in all of the above. Having mentioned what I do, will attempt to explain how I do it. Main workroom  is in Dallas and store/workroom is in Chicago and 3 tailors work off site. Ten people in total, including me.  Some tailors do try-ons, some make the jacket after the try-on. Some only work on trousers. Some are finishers. Nothing gets handed off to anyone that I wasn't the last one to prep the work. I do all the iron work myself because it is more precise...
I had others in mind.  He has a lot of travel overhead as do I
Simple Definition of custom made to fit the needs or requirements of a particular person doing work that fits the needs or requirements of a particular person Full Definition of custom   made or performed according to personal order    specializing in custom work or operation 
Can't argue against that. That's infallible  it's officially "lowly custom tailor"
Received new books but didn't pay attention to what books arrived.  Talking with Jodek on Tuesday and will ask
True, that's why  I don't want to reduce things down to say there is only one way. Have been working together with the staff I use since 1981, newest additions since 1990, and Eric who is apprenticing has been around a year. Anytime I make even the smallest change, they notice and inquire if it's a permanent change or a one time thing.  That's very satisfying to know everyone knows the way I work and are paying attention. 
I appreciate your kind thoughts, sir, but it's hard to accept from someone with fewer than 1000 posts
Varies. New client, 3 is sufficient but more may be required.  The answer is very much about the client. Have clients with proportions that require two fittings, always.  Have another client who hasn't had a fitting for about 20-25 suits and have only needed to adjust one sleeve longer and one sleeve shorter on all those suits. He and my system work well together. He is an exception. Not many clients I would work that way.Must add this. I would delay finishing a suit if I...
Have experienced the opposite.  Having opened up jackets from houses fronted by cutters you wouldn't believe some of the omissions  and shortcuts. So much that I have contacted associates and asked if what I saw was ever permissible. Answer was no!I don't hold the cutter responsible because I don't think they ever see the inside of their jackets 
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