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London Lounge Linen is just the right weight/body for linen. Good colors. Have made up quite a few. Don't remember how the price compares to others.    Be aware not all linens are 60" wide, some are 30" wide and require double yardage   Now back to intestinal issues
Thanks for the tip about Ninety Plus.   Have the Breville Smart Grinder Pro and it seems to do a good job. Don't use it for espresso. Dialed in to use with Bonavita Immersion Dripper. Both are easy to use with consistent results. Bonavita is good for single cup brewing. Have a 6 cup Chemex for brewing larger batches but don't use it often
I don't know, Maybe. Any 3 on 2 DB can be buttoned to the bottom button. Have two clients who intentionally always wear a 3 on 2 buttoned on the bottom button and want the lapel rolled past the middle button. The lapel would break between the middle and lowest button same as a 3 roll 2 SB would roll between the top and middle button. So the answer is, "depends on how the client wears it."
Ordered a bag of hambela. Getting 412, espresso blend to try also.   been looking for something new to try   AY, what grinder are you using?
Close but no cigar! 3 on 2 roll 1 or 6 X 2 roll 1 The button configuration and where the belly begins on the lapel defines this. Same for the A. Caraceni suit on Mr. Boyer
The cloth used for the pleats can be removed at the center front/fly of the front panels and then remake the fly.   Other option is cut the fronts on the side, cutting the pocket off. This isn't a good idea because you need more cloth to make new pockets
You are smelling the cleaning fluid. Perk is the most offensive smelling. Find a green cleaner who uses another type of cleaning fluid
You very well may be correct. I don't really know what half notch means; first time I have ever seen or heard this term used
LA Guy,   You are very kind sir!
There is nothing special about his styling. Anybody should come close to replicating this. 
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