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Smaller size would interest me. Will measure some of the scissors I like or send you pictures
Hard to find anything positive to say about these jackets. The make is really sub par, below entry level. The canvass isn't shaped well for your chest but cannot be reworked.   Don't order Italian food in an Asian restaurant
Don't think anyone wants to touch this one with a ten foot pole   Vox is missed
kempandhewitt.com   is the distributor. Look for contact info on their website and ask them
   Where were you guys going?
Do you like pie? I don't remember
Good to know I can find work if I travel west. Not likely though.    Reason I go to Dallas is that is where the business started and when I decided to move to Chicago my tailors didn't want to move. They all said they want to retire with me so we keep working together. Also had 20 years of good clients so I still get to work for them. It is easier to travel when there is an infrastructure to support the work.    I do see clients in New York because I also have a bit of...
Stylists on Vespas getting espresso with Foo   The episode I saw, Foo was explaining sprezzatura at a Starbucks on the UWS.
Have a TV next to my cutting table that stays on all day.  The reruns get tedious due to the frequency of repeating the same shows from the same season. Big Bang is the worst for this. Lately It's  Cash Cab and Top Gear reruns or TCM .    keeping the thread going, waiting for WHNAY to post to see if he has good taste in television entertainment
Not sure you will get the result using Southwick. You have to decide between how uncomfortable it is wearing jackets that are tight on your shoulder and how uncomfortable spending more money would be.
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