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PB, check out Hi Collar on 10th St. between 2nd and 1st Ave. they only do pour over, aero press and siphon brew. No espresso. At night it's a sake bar.
VRaivio, in the 70's there was a belt maker in NYC, Payson-Grisanti. They would make cloth belts from the suit fabric. You could have a cloth covered belt that matched your trouser or suit. Pretty advanced, next level stuff!
But there was a Cifionelli shop in Rome in the 50's and 60's. May still be there run by cousins or some distant relative this from an online source Cifonelli is a luxury, family owned fashion house now in its fourth generation, founded by the legendary tailor Giuseppe Cifonelli in Rome in 1880. Cifonelli's son Arturo was the true stylist of the business. Arturo was sent to school in London, and hence these suits are a mixture of beautiful Italian lines and classic...
Then I don't like them either! Solidarity!The only time I have done this on a non tuxedo jacket was for someone in the entertainment industry and they wanted the caddish, effected look. Also did this on a ladies jacket to make the jacket less masculine. Horn buttons made the jacket look like it was from mens wear.Curious why you ask about this
The adjustment shown here creates a wider back and throws cloth over the shoulder point to create a bit more ease over the end of your shoulder. If you adjust a finished garment it may create enough change to fix the issue or may not be effective due to limitations of outlets and shoulder construction. Before you try this adjustment you need to be certain of what issue you have, You may have square shoulders that would create the same pressure on the shoulder point.
I think Cifonelli was first in Rome and later Paris. True?
Please send me the email regarding the deposit
what does the IT mean before the numbers?
I've heard that story too!Have one client who is more of an addict than a client and his wife and sons refer to me as a crack dealer.
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