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^ Well said   That's the way it should be!  For shirts or working with a tailor for clothing.    I don't have an answer for "what's your house style?" when you are creating something so individual as a custom suit
Sprout2,  excellent observations! Well put!   Who is  or what happened to sprout1?
Another way to approach this. What does durable mean to you? How often would the flannel be worn?  You would probably only wear the flannel during cooler weather so it gets a rest for half of the year. Even though I have clients who wear flannel all year round, even in Texas. Would you wear this once a twice a week or once or twice per month?   How many suits in your rotation? If you don't have many suits and will wear this frequently/weekly you should consider getting...
This is a great visual of the impact of light and  dark ties.  The dark tie Ethan wears draws the eye to the center and then his face. The other two, less so. My eye focuses more on the area of the shoulder/chest, away form the face looking at the two gentlemen in light colored ties. The eye is always drawn to the highest point of contrast. When it is the contrast of a dark tie against a light colored shirt, people will look you in the eye. Especially good if you are...
Some cloths have more "give" than others and create the feeling they are looser than a tight weave that doesn't give. Like mohair versus flannel
Can't say that a specific weave like hopsack would all react in the same way. That's why I worded the comments about bamboo the way I did. "my experience...with the cloth I used"     It could be that cloth makes up small, could be cutting or sewing related. Have to be general about answering a question like that
I would have changed the collar and restyled it instead of rebuilding the entire front, remove the flapped pockets and put on patch pockets.  Make the top button a working button so it would be 3X3 and you could call it an Ulster. Would not have cost as much or been as much work. Me thinks I would prefer that styling for this coat. Would read eclectic casual topcoat and not risk being an eccentric dress coat. I have a bias, strong dislike of purple.
barong or bong? congrats either way
The cloth grows or expands as you work with it and makes up big and loose.   Every cloth responds to tailoring in it's own unique way and reveals the nature of the cloth. Some cloths are very stable, some make up small, they actually reduce as you make them. Others grow and expand and that's the experience I had using bamboo.
Not everyone values durability when selecting cloth. Have more than a few who could care less how long the suit will last. They value the hand/feel of the cloth when wearing the garments. They would never buy fresco or minis flannel or anything that wasn't refined and luxe. They get tired of clothes before they wear out and refresh their wardrobes continually.
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