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Unique to linen and Harris Tweed the cloth width, 145cms, is posted with the style number. Usually/sometimes the 6 ounce cloth is a single width cloth of 75CMS width. Cloth is 6 ounce for single width or 12 ounce when doubled. Some cloths are 60" wide and 6 to 7 ounces but you have to know the cloth width to be certain. If single width, you have to double the yardage.
Cooked a pork roast last week and removed it from the oven when it reached an internal temperature of 140 degrees.
ermazine is similar, asahi is softer
No, there are other quality linings to use. This is the one I like. Express your concern about the lining shrinking to the maker and see what they say
Not since we started using Bemberg Asahi linings in the trousers over 30 years ago. Put a tiny pleat on the fork, along the out seam and at the waist to create ease in the lining. Steaming the lining before using helps too.   That's a problem I want to avoid
He probably didn't want to cut the excess cloth created from shortening the sleeve but he could have finished in a way to not bunch up.   If he trims the sleeve at the top the wrong way and doesn't have sufficient fullness when sewing in the sleeve it or if he changes the hang of the sleeve it could cause the issue you are having
Every trouser is overcast with a serging machine regardless if it is lined or not. It is the stitch on the edges of the trouser seams to stop the cloth from raveling. There is a thinner, lighter thread used for serging as the stitch is made up of three threads so it won't make an impression on the outside of the cloth. An impression can be made from the thickness of the outlet but not because of the serging stitch.   The bottom of the lining has to be loose to allow...
Shortening sleeves at the hem is relatively simple and straight forward. If they did this poorly would have wanted to correct this before attempting to shorten form the top. To shorten sleeves at the top requires experience to know how to trim the sleeves and shape them to the armhole as well as experience to attach them well. If they don't know how to set sleeves you have all sorts of issues. If the sleeve has been cut from the top you can't go back to the way it was, you...
The lining is a plus but the benefits aren't always obviously discernable. It contributes to long term wear as a layer between the cloth and your body. The lining is sewn into the inseam, outseam and the top waist and held to the cloth when overcast with a serger. The lining is open at the knee. I
New Posts  All Forums: