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  He doesn't want cloth that looks like flannel, he wants the equivalent of a summer cloth that can be worn as odd trousers with the versatility of a flannel trouser but doesn't look like a suiting cloth. A trouser you can wear with a shirt, a sweater or a jacket. You ruled out plain/panama weave but this might be the best choice. It has a bit more texture than tropical worsteds. Take a look at Harrison's Frontier Book You could also consider high twist cloth if you can...
My experience working with clients is the opposite. the only clients I have worked for who order fresco get informed on the internet.  Been in business since 1981, majority of my clientele precede the internet. Will show fresco to anyone who is interested but not one client has ordered it unless they have read about it on the internet. No exaggeration. It doesn't have broad appeal. When I do make it for a client it is mostly as a trouser and second as a suit. The suits are...
AY Hambela from Barrington is delicious!  Agree with your assessment and would add it makes a juicy cup, very lively.   Hambela makes  a tasty espresso too   Ordering more today, will probably finish this bag by Wednesday. Haven't opened the 412 Espresso Blend.
PCK1 Welcome to team Despos.    Another misnomer from the internet is about wearing certain shades of grey with a blue jacket to avoid looking like a security guard.    You might get that from a poor quality/finish of the cloth but the right cloth can look great in medium shades of grey. Classic and timeless. Just have to get the color tone correct
unless the cut is high enough or the flap/pocket is placed low enough to cover the cut. Regardless, the cut will always be there.   Another option is to replace the side panel if you have the cloth. That would be the equivalent of starting anew. All options are ambitious and labor intensive but if it's a new jacket with low mileage, it would keep you from wasting the jacket from not wearing it
cream, buff or dove grey are best choices for a vest and probably the easiest colors to find ready made.   The jacket is too small in the upper chest and causes the lapels to bow like that. Shoulder slope may be contributing but not sure.
If there is a wedge cut under the patch pocket, you cannot transition to flap pockets. Look inside the patch; if you see a horizontal strip of lining, that is the wedge cut. Lining is used to cover the cut. If no cut was done it is possible to covert but a pain to do.
The cloth has such a harsh/coarse worsted finish that doesn't say "sport coat" to me. It lacks the character of a cloth that  is worn as a sport coat/odd jacket and  would render first as an orphaned suit jacket. The only one that comes close is the old 520 color due to the mottled coloring.   Hopsack and basket weaves from sport coat books with a softer hand say/read sport coat in a better way.   Fresco is sort of an internet phenomena. 
Have done the water drops (RDT) when using hand grinders but not with a powered grinder. Makes a noticeable improvement of reducing static.   Tried it this morning with the smart grinder and there was less stray grinds floating around. A few but not nearly as much without the water drops.
Don't think it would be any different than your Encore. Stray coffee grinds just happen.    You can try using dosing funnels or different types/sizes of containers that fit snug to the chute but you still get some amount of stray grounds   Haven't used any grinder that doesn't leave a trail of grounds somewhere.
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