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Understand where you are coming from. Have been interviewed and written about and the overwhelming majority write from their own understanding of what I say and miss the point or embellish things in an off putting way. What they write misrepresents or is just plain wrong of what I had said. If I was a writer I would have the interviewee read the article before it goes to press.It hasn't all been that bad and have been interviewed by a couple of intelligent writers but...
Has more to do with how it effects your skin tone. What are the gold tones in the cloth? Does your skin look healthy or pale against the cloth?   If you wear the suit with a white shirt as pictured it could be problematic. The lightest shirt should be cream or ecru. Shirt color will help or distract from the effect of the cloth color.
Article posted on Sprudge  a few days ago     http://sprudge.com/new-orleans-revelator-coffees-hopeful-southern-takeover-82799.html
Could not disagree with this more! Most of the expression of a jacket or trouser is the craftsmanship and technique. This is what brings the cutting to life. If you cut two suits  and ran them thru two different production processes you would see two different garments. Not only would they look different but they would feel different to the person wearing the garment. Many of the shoulder or back fitting issues in the tailor's thread could be remedied by better sewing and...
Doesn't look like bubbling in this picture. Looks like the inside pocket was folded in weird way or something wasn't flat in the lining and made an impression in the cloth when pressed. What has been tried to rectify the impression?
OTC, where do you find this brand in Chicago?  Have seen them at Quality Meats but only individual sized packages, not larger bags. Can get them in Dallas but don't where to get them in Chicago
Caused by the collar being too short and makes the lapel roll past the button. Collar needs to be longer. May not be possible to do, or there may be another solution if you find a creative tailor 
Can't be specific from a picture, guessing you may need up to 3/4".   You can pin the excess cloth in a < shape. 0 at the point of the shoulder and pin across to the neck in graduated increments. This will give you a visual confirmation of the change. You can also press in the change with an iron and then cover the wedge shape with a piece of tape to hold it. Put the tape on the underside of the cloth.
you need a square shoulder adjustment to clean up the wrinkle
[[SPOILER]] Chest is to small. I explained this and added a photo of a proper sized chest a page or two back from here.Trouser has the wrong balance and creates all the wrinkles on the back part and you have a high right hip which is larger than the left hip causing a distortion in how the trouser leg hangs
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