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Made the 90% cloth up and think it was one of the worst cloths I have ever worked with. It was malleable like a rubber mat.
Google "safari jacket"  use images to see all the variations.  First two jackets that came up on my search were almost identical to the images you posted. One from Orvis and the other from Cabela's
Drapers 5-Star book is now withdrawn and discontinued. Draper's rep was in cleaning up the sample books and discarded this book yesterday.  Hobart sample book preceded 5-Star ands was every bit as good or better.
Suit is finished  
Didn't want to comment in this thread because it is about Newcomer but since you are discussing Moose, will add some details.   First I would ask Moose if the left shirt sleeve is caught up on his watch as most men wear a watch on the left wrist.   Back story is Moose had a shirt made from another shirtmaker. The sleeves were very long and the cuffs were 10 3/4". When I measured his wrists I wouldn't have made the cuffs any bigger than 9 1/2". The shirt cuffs were...
What does that mean? Cuffs are not appropriate on any type of semi formal or formal wear. It is historically incorrect.
See how low on the back the horizontal wrinkle is. It is caused by tension between the shoulder blades. The left blade is bigger than the right blade that's why you see the slight diagonal pulling from the waist to the more  prominent left blade. The left side pulls in a different way than the right. Your right shoulder is almost 3/4" lower than the left but you are also low at the neck point on the right side about 1/4". That's why the horizontal roll between the blades...
[[SPOILER]] First jacket,  the roll on the back is from prominent shoulder blades. Lowering the collar or raising the back, whatever you want to call it, will be a mistake and make other issues that may not be reverseable. The shoulder and back need to be "worked" for prominent blades. You don't want to remove length over your blades you want to work in fullness. The second jacket is too big in every way including too long. If you can't return it, try to sell it before you...
Get the opinion of whoever will fix the jacket. if you don't have someone skilled enough to fix it, don't buy it. If you have to tell the tailor what is wrong and what needs to be done, they probably aren't the one that will make the alteration properly
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