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There was a short lived popularity with my clientele for seersucker a few  years ago.   Pink was the most popular and a few made them up DB.    There are perfect solid navy colored seersuckers in a variety of woven patterns (stripe, checks, plaid) from Caccioppoli this year and I couldn't get any takers
He had to fend off a mugger while wearing it Spending too much time on style forum if you get that one!
Made a darker fuchsia color gabardine trouser for a guy who paired it with a navy blazer, white shirt. It was from Dormeuil gabardine book from the 90's. He loved it.
You've been on styleforum long enough to know, It's all about the fit!  All this packaging stuff is from things I ordered on Etsy  last week. A box or two that didn't fit in the picture. Waiting for one more item to arrive
Mary Kay Corporation maybe Goes with the pink Cadilac's 
It's like looking directly at a solar eclipse. Do you have a welder's helmut?   They come in a variety of shapes and colors
The fact that you are not wearing brown shoes with this obviously spared you bodily harm. Good call!   Would like to be there when you wear this and meet Unbel, wearing his linen dinner suit, at a pub in mid town    I'l be at another table, nothing personal
Well, leaving the farm for your mom's basement was a bold move. Hope it's been a rewarding one for you   Can only assume "lights of the big city" and your mom's basement are one in the same
Guess you followed other pursuits. Couldn't keep you down on the farm, huh?    Personally, have always considered sprout farming a noble trade!
So how do people respond/react to you when you wear this?  If you remember anything when you wore this. How did you pick that tie for this rig?
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