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Don't do anything until you have laundered the shirt and worn it a few times. A bit of billowing is needed but will settle down after you launder the shirt.
The billowing increases if you make the hips too small. You need room over the hips and that increases the hourglass shape. I like to cut the back shirt girth smaller than the front girth to keep the shirt trim at the waist. Your back at the waist is relatively flat in comparison to your front/stomach area and it is effective. Not sure if your maker can accommodate this but it helps. The darts help this too by keeping the hips full and the back waist shaped to your body....
Can't help you find a tailor but is your username derived from Reginald Perrin's business endeavor?
Can you draw out your question and provide more information behind the reason you are asking?What style of dressing are you drawn to?
Is that you in the suit? Did you have an alteration done to trim the jacket to fit closer?
If fit is paramount then the issue/question is how to get a better/best fitting suit. If you have posture issues, barrel chest, sloping shoulder or high/square shoulders the fit will not improve with the cost of the suit. Better to know what physical attributes you have and how they effect the fit of your clothes. Know what can be adjusted, what cannot. Experiment with what gets you the optimum result for dollars spent. It is a good idea to try on as many different cuts of...
$75.00 to shorten both sleeves from the top is incredibly reasonable. Maybe the 35 - 45 quote was per sleeve? I am a bit perplexed why it was necessary to shorten the sleeves from the top for only 1/4"? Was there no space between the bottom sleeve button and the sleeve hem? The visible difference in the sleeves from the before and after picture shows the original shoulder has a small bit of roll on the sleeve and the after shot is flat. If that is your concern, you can...
You are asking the wrong question. There is no correlation between cost and quality and assuming that if you pay "X" you are getting a "Y" quality suit is misguided and erroneous. Suits sold for $300.00 (Mens Wearhouse, Etc) have little to no value because the cloth and construction are sub par entry level. Between $300 and $1000 there is little difference in construction and you will be drawn to styling and fabrication. A better quality suit will have a full canvass...
Grey doeskin gabs from Scabal Royal Gabardine Book 1942 100% silk samples from Drapers Estate in Seta & Lino book 45 Five colors. White, cream, navy, midnight navy and black
Don't know but it is in this summers book that was just released I have a navy Dupioni from Isles Textiles and I'm not sure of the provenance of the cloth. Maybe Smith's. It's from several years ago.
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