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Ariston B105/2, labeled as Summer Tweed, 80% silk 20% linen from the Summer 2015 Giacche book    
Coffee and Doughnuts. Went to Doughnut Vault for the first time this morning. As good as everyone says.  
Wore a knit tie made by Gallo the other day and have to say it makes the best knot of the few knits I have from other brands, being Paul Stuart and Venanzi. The Venanzi is a lighter weight and lacks  body compared to the Paul Stuart tie   The Gallo fabric has a unique hand, different than the others. I like Gallo best.
Two more bags from Oslo ≈
Hard to tell from your pictures. Wouldn't shorten the jacket. The left sleeve is a bit longer than the right so have them evened up. A slight amount of shaping at the waist would be ok but make sure he takes it up thru the blades into the armhole. The blades are a bit roomy and will look sloppy after shaping the waist if not reduced.
Would not go with zegna. Many of the MTM I've seen is rather boxy and won't work well with your body type. You want a different silhouette. More compatible with your body type.    You have it reversed, going MTM is more risky. If you work with a competent tailor you will have a better experience. It's more about the tailor's experience and not your experience. If you work with a tailor in another city you  have to be available for fittings. In MIlan go with Musella...
Lots of issues with the cut of this suit.  Look at the vertical line of the pattern in the cloth on the jacket fronts. The lines in the fronts make a V line rather than being parallel like this II. This is called scissoring and is a flaw in the cut. The strap is too short, the fronts need to be cut longer and maybe adjust the shoulder slope. Right strap needs more length than the left to match your shoulder at the neck   The back at the blades is huge and not easy to...
Adding a top button on this jacket won't work due to the high buttoning point and spacing between the buttons.   The four lower buttons are fixed and immovable because of the buttonholes. You want the vertical distance between the three buttons to be equal or ideally the top button is place around 1" more than the space between the middle and lower button. The middle button is placed too high to get either of the two scenarios to work.   Plastic buttons will cost a...
Unique to linen and Harris Tweed the cloth width, 145cms, is posted with the style number. Usually/sometimes the 6 ounce cloth is a single width cloth of 75CMS width. Cloth is 6 ounce for single width or 12 ounce when doubled. Some cloths are 60" wide and 6 to 7 ounces but you have to know the cloth width to be certain. If single width, you have to double the yardage.
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