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My experience is better steam with an HX than a prosumer/home DB.  Has to do with how power cycles between the two boilers on a DB
patrickBOOTH, what do you think of Gimme? They don''t follow the light roast profile of most third wave shops.
Do you feel pressure on your shoulder points? At the end of the shoulder just before the sleeve   Just a front view doesn't provide much info for diagnosis
Because you like the styling of these or plain front with 1/4 top pockets don't lay flat on the hip?
That was my favorite color in the fresco's. I happen to have ordered the last 8 yards that existed and made up suits for two clients. Don't understand why they didn't remake that color
Take a closer look at the hair Doc, that's patrickBOOTH!
Too soft to make this up as a trouser.
Hopsacks in a variety of contents. Did you see the 50/wool, 50/mohair hopsack?  Very crisp but has more sheen on the finish. 
Almost all the cloth you guys are asking for is in the current Ariston line
To clarify, if you want to order a bit extra so it is easier to cut, that's fine.   If you are ordering extra cloth as insurance for a future problem that may or may not happen it is better to have 1 yard of extra cloth. The side body and under sleeve can be cut from 3/4 yard most of the time. If your jacket isn't cut with a side body it isn't enough cloth. If you need a new front, back or top sleeve you need 1 yard of cloth. Add more for a large repeat of a horizontal...
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