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Not sure you will get the result using Southwick. You have to decide between how uncomfortable it is wearing jackets that are tight on your shoulder and how uncomfortable spending more money would be.
Solito looked good on Manton, seems like a good match
A new tailor to try?
 The shoulder needs to be straightened not crooked
 Somehow this rings true to me. What I learned from this thread is to make the 11th suit the first suit for a new client and work backwards
What I saw on the person I know looked well done. The guy has a stocky build and the jacket was flattering. I didn't handle the jacket or inspect it but it had a nice style. This guy works with the father, I know nothing about the son or how the clothes are made.
I don't think you will get a similar garment from Gennaro as you will at LH. The pics of Gennaros work have their own look, fit is a bit easy, styling looks vintage 1950's from the way the fronts and lapels are shaped. The jackets look clean.They appear to have a more Neapolitan look. Don't know how to describe Rubinacci's look. A bit generic with flourishes of variations of sleeve treatments and moderate shaping. You have to like who you work with and be able to...
The issue I find with this approach is the client needs a personality and presence that equals the Iconic, cinematic looking suit. If not, the suit wears him.
Working directly with the Tailor/cutter who may, when working on his own, may execute clothing in his own way and present something that represents his own work rather than try to make something with the point of view LH may have stood for. This may be what some prefer, you may not. Notice I did not say make something better. The availability of have something made in Naples, with Neapolitan styling and construction without traveling there. Supporting a man who is starting...
New Posts  All Forums: