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There is a sweet Maria's YouTube video comparing the bonavita, hario and clever, I think. They preferred the bonavita
Bonavita is ceramic but you probably new that
The Bonavita is a no brainer. Not very fussy about grind size. Not demanding of your pouring technique.consistent brew
Some info says only 14g. You could compare with a Hausgrind grinders too. Grand daddy of them all is the Rosco but it's about twice the price of the Lido
I appreciate your point of view
Tips from the Champ!    
Which is the bigger surprise?           " It's 6:50 AM"    or    "and I'm craving potato chips."
You can order online from their website if you didn't make the trip.    www.deepriversnacks.com
I twist new clients arms to get pleated trouser and this is the response I usually hear. Even clients who say they would "NEVER" wear pleats have said the same as you after wearing them.
From the era discussed I think those that could had more diversity in their own wardrobes and were more selective to wear garments appropriate and proprietary to the event or occasion they dressed for. Suits were for business and certain patterns were worn for social occasions that would't be worn for business or vice versa. When you weren't in work mode the clothing reflected this. More patterns, sport coats and bolder patterns that communicated you were away from the...
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