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Close but no cigar! 3 on 2 roll 1 or 6 X 2 roll 1 The button configuration and where the belly begins on the lapel defines this. Same for the A. Caraceni suit on Mr. Boyer
The cloth used for the pleats can be removed at the center front/fly of the front panels and then remake the fly.   Other option is cut the fronts on the side, cutting the pocket off. This isn't a good idea because you need more cloth to make new pockets
You are smelling the cleaning fluid. Perk is the most offensive smelling. Find a green cleaner who uses another type of cleaning fluid
You very well may be correct. I don't really know what half notch means; first time I have ever seen or heard this term used
LA Guy,   You are very kind sir!
There is nothing special about his styling. Anybody should come close to replicating this. 
Yes, they look like 3.75. Shia's could be less in relation to his chest size but I'm not sure.     MTM uses block patterns and shapers. It is better to stick with their standard way of doing things for the best result rather than start to specify gorge height and angles. Just pick the lapel width you want and let them do the rest.
Prefer higher wool content in the blend than mohair and the more important variable is the quality of the wool used in the cloth.   The 90% was difficult to tailor, it really was like sewing a rubber mat. Don't know how the Tonik wears, only made one and didn't want to use the Tonik cloth again. Actually I don't use or have the Dormeuil line anymore.   Sold two mohair suits this week, one Harrison's Cape Kid and one from Thomas Fisher Cape Breeze books. Will see how...
Looks closer to 3.75, than 3.5, especially the Tom Ford jacket.  The gorge angle will contribute to how wide the lapel will look. Shia's gorge line angles upwards from the notch point towards the neck. More Italian nature. The more horizontal the gorge line is the wider the lapel will look. The distance from the upper corner/edge of the lapel to the point the collar starts can also be adjusted to balance the look of the lapel width. It's simple to control if you comprehend...
Made the 90% cloth up and think it was one of the worst cloths I have ever worked with. It was malleable like a rubber mat.
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