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Sorry to butt in here but I thought this was going to be about me. Since I'm here, any suggestions for a sour beer. One that is available in Chicago.
While I was at Ipsento 606 they told me about Cafe Integral. They have a location in Chicago and NYC, haven't been to either.  Too bad about Voyager, I had high hopes Have been to Box Kite half a dozen times and the espresso was different every time. Last time was the best.  Very balanced and just plain delicious. I like ordering the 1X1, macchiato and  a shot of espresso.
What would you consider casual if not a tweed suit?  I have had blue and dark brown tweed suits but not feeling charcoal tweed. Just doesn't sound right
Don't know what's in Chelsea area but Coffeeintouch app for New York is an excellent resource for locating shops.   Best espresso for me in NYC over  the last year has been at Box Kite. After that, Everyman on W Broadway, Abraco and Little Collins in mid town.   Hi Collar for aeropress or pourover but results vary by how old the beans are and barista    Places will try on next trip, Voyager and Cafe Integral 
Common for linen to have a sheen but it isn't the same on both sides of the cloth. I reverse the cloth and use the matte side as the face. Do the same with silk shirtings
Get a great grinder first or you won't realize the potential of the Linea. Also get ready for a long learning curve if you are new to pulling shots.
Think pink jackets can look good. Shade/tone is everything. Saw a really nice soft basketweave in the right shade of pink. sweater like feel to the cloth    "A study in pink"?  That was the best one of the BBC Sherlock series
Did you try navy?  Would render less edgy than black IMO.  Could see the right shade of a dark purple working there too
Pink and off white, not a bright white.   Best seersucker looking cloth I used was 100% wool from Zegna. Three color ways, light blue, bordeaux /red, and a green. All on an off white/cream ground. 6/7 ounce with amazing body from the weaving. The green was a perfect soft shade of green and my favorite of the three. Cloth sold out before I could reorder but I would have bought a bunch of it after learning how well it made top and looked.   IIRC, Loro Piana has a silk...
It's a confession not a boast
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