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May do the above but do you think it would help posting in the Tailor's fit thread? Then I can advise him how to fix the thing. Do you have to sign up to post on Yelp?
The last jacket I got was a lemon! Will probably not ever wear it. Same tailor but he must have had a bad day.
All depends on who you now that is capable and willing to alter it. hard to tell if it's worth it only seeing one picture of the back.
No right or wrong regarding cuffs. Go with your own preference to cuff or not and how wide of cuffs you like. Consider how you like the trouser opening to fall on your shoe. It is easier to slant plain bottom hems to lay over the shoe in a nicer way than most tailors can when making cuffs.
your tailor can buy the cloth and make the garment for you. pretty simple
It's not cut well or made well. Nor sure what the value is here.
No easy way to clean up the back properly short of taking the back out and recutting it. There is a lot going on there and it's sort of complex. The cut of the jacket is wrong for you. The back is short and long at the same time. It's short over your blades and shoulders. Your left blade is more pronounced than the right blade.The shoulder line is causing the collar to sit so low and that is contributing to the diagonal pulls from the scye upward.The back is long and...
I would have you unbutton the cuffs and let the sleeves hang down naturally. That's the only way to tell how long the sleeves are.
I don't see anything to distinguish which shirt is # 1 and which is #2. They all look too long but one shirt less than the other.
Your fit is a bit tricky as you have a fuller chest and need the cloth across your chest but don't need as much cloth across your back. The entire back could be reduced from the blades down to the hem. Maybe narrow the yoke. Sleeves are too long. The cuff stays where it is because of the cuff circumference but there is too much extra length in the sleeve
New Posts  All Forums: