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 My mindset is the client is always entitled to his opinion. Maybe I need an exit strategy
The point is Rubinacci has plenty of experience with low shoulders, but if you adjust for a low shoulder and still have the negative effect of a low shoulder you have to look elsewhere to the cause.  If the left side of the jacket is hanging up on a high shoulder/prominent blade the right side won't settle to it's proper place.   jefferyd explained divots can be caused by a tight back that pulls on the armhole and distorts the oval shape of the armhole and creates a...
Did the power go out today where you are Mr. C?
No. That's technique for making but not what you want to do as an adjustment. Cloth has memory and returns to it's natural state. I shrink more than stretch when working the back part. Works good!
That Matt has played so much golf confirms my thoughts. Have worked for two PGA Pros with a lifetime of playing golf and the left side of the body grows larger from the way the body pulls thru a golf swing. I have also struggled with fitting for this with similar results until focusing on the other side of the jacket.For nerds only [[SPOILER]] Have three clients with such a severe difference of right and left shoulder that we use a pad on the low side and no pad on the...
You are talking about horizontal shoulder width across the shoulder. I'm saying you need vertical height on the shoulder point
Picture of the back doesn't reveal enough for an accurate diagnosis.  Full length back shot in a relaxed stance and side views would help.   Front shot is not flattering. Makes your chest and shoulders appear more narrow than your hips. Would look better if the reverse proportion were used. Jacket is too short. Button is too high
Style Forum is back! [[SPOILER]]
You are on the right track here but it is difficult to make the shoulders look even when not using shoulder pads.They haven't connected the line between his prominent left shoulder blade and higher left shoulder and how it effects the right side. That's why the right side breaks under the arms and looks like they didn't adjust for the low right. Notice the jackets with more slope on the left shoulder, you see more wrinkles on the right side and pulling on the button. More...
Xancatrius, If you are ready to have a suit made just do it but erase everything form your mind about what you've been told and you will walk away from the experience with something different than you anticipated. It is highly probable you will gain an understanding of what your actual fitting issues are. Things you may not have been aware of. You will learn how clothes can fit and how different clothes fit when they are cut specifically for you. There is a feel to the...
New Posts  All Forums: