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The suggested setting of 30-32 really doesn't mean anything as the grinders are all calibrated differently. You may find the setting that works for you to be much different than their suggestion. New burrs also improve with use as they need a breaking in period. There are plenty of tutorials online about your grinder and brewing methods It is helpful to start by measuring bean and water volume to be consistent.  You just need an scale. A ratio of 15:1 works well for me....
I have only done business with them over 30 years and was at the mill last year so I am probably wrong     Saw several different, well known names woven onto the selvedge at the mill. Mills weave for several brand names
Vitale Barberis Canonico is the family name of the mill owner and the name of the mill. Drapers is another family that owns a part of VBC. They make and distribute their own cloth under the Drapers name made in the VBC mill.   When you see Vitale Barberis Canonico on the selvedge of Draper's cloth it is disclosing the mill name and not the VBC brand name.   VBC is the oldest mill in that area but also using the most updated weaving technology. Zegna and Loro Piana are...
I don't know.  Received the email this morning and posted the link since it was being discussed here.    Started buying beans from Populace from a reference you made AY. Think you had their products at a shop you went to.    Have never had cold brew, will try sometime   Just ordered beans from Highwire in Emmeryville CA. Heard good things about them
Cold brew roast    http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=10f13b07c8ead86698fa64eff&id=b54bc33cae&e=61e3c3ee06
My experience is better steam with an HX than a prosumer/home DB.  Has to do with how power cycles between the two boilers on a DB
patrickBOOTH, what do you think of Gimme? They don''t follow the light roast profile of most third wave shops.
Do you feel pressure on your shoulder points? At the end of the shoulder just before the sleeve   Just a front view doesn't provide much info for diagnosis
Because you like the styling of these or plain front with 1/4 top pockets don't lay flat on the hip?
That was my favorite color in the fresco's. I happen to have ordered the last 8 yards that existed and made up suits for two clients. Don't understand why they didn't remake that color
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