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The back issues are related to your posture and the balance of the jacket. The back is too long in relation to the front and that is why the jacket is catching on your hips and is the cause of the horizontal wrinkles. Your right shoulder is lower than the left shoulder both at the shoulder point and the neck and causes the diagonal wrinkles on the right side. Your left shoulder blade is bigger and more prominent and causes the pulling on the back blade  on the left...
No point but you made the point I almost made. There is a preference for one over the other
Much of that theory derived from helping women with their makeup colors. It transgressed to menswear but doesn't apply to men in the same way, IMO.   There are certain colors that don't look good on any skin tone. From my experience there are shades of colors that come alive against certain skin tones better than other lighter or darker shades.   One thing I hear over and over is in shirtings.  I see a preference for pink over lavender or vice versa. Have heard this...
Black and white houndstooth is hard to wear and works with a limited range of trousers. If you are a peacock you wear it with winter white flannel. The high contrast of dark and light are visually taxing on the eye and are more memorable when worn frequently.   There are plenty of houndstooth patterns in tonal colors. Black/brown and green or navy tone on tone that are easier to wear and accessorize.    I think barleycorn is a more interesting pattern and a better...
Smaller size would interest me. Will measure some of the scissors I like or send you pictures
Hard to find anything positive to say about these jackets. The make is really sub par, below entry level. The canvass isn't shaped well for your chest but cannot be reworked.   Don't order Italian food in an Asian restaurant
Don't think anyone wants to touch this one with a ten foot pole   Vox is missed
kempandhewitt.com   is the distributor. Look for contact info on their website and ask them
   Where were you guys going?
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