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From the waist up is an inverted pleat. From the waist down is known as a kick pleat. Sewn down belt. The belt could also be loose and not sewn down. The back can be cut full and by tightening the overlap of the belt, create some pleated drape. There have been several images of this on SF that have been made up. This isn't so esoteric that a tailor wouldn't know how to make this.
Looks to be a combination of too tight on the hips and a long back due to your posture. First let out the hip area and see the effect of how the back falls. That will clarify the balance issue. If the balance is off the back can be shortened by opening the side seams up thru the armholes and dropping the back about 1 1/2". You can determine how much to shorten the back by pinning the back horizontally across the blades, lifting the back enough to clean up the wrinkles....
Sizing is one element but knowing what silhouette regarding shoulder style is necessary as well. Silhouettes will have different proportions of shoulder to chest. Find what looks and fits you best by trying on as many jackets from as many makers as you can find. Stick to that brand or brands. If the shoulders are right you are on the right track. Shoulder alterations require skilled, experienced tailors to execute well.
The voice of reason. Welcome to this thread Ttailor
2.2 is more than enough even with this windowpane pattern. 2 yards would work for you with three patch pockets and the windowpane pattern. If you like the cloth, buy it, you won't have a problem.
Received the Bonavita kettle a few weeks ago from Amazon along with the ceramic Bonavita immersion dripper. It's like a clever with a valve for dispensing coffee. The valve gives you some control over the dispersion time. Demonstration video on Sweet Maria's persuaded me to try it out. Haven't spent any time with it yet. Actually got the dripper at BB&Beyond. Interesting situation. Their computer said they had 6 in stock but they couldn't find one so they said they would...
lower your expectations! Try the one & one. Macchiato and an espresso with a cookie. If it's pure crap, in your opinion, I'll take you there for dinner. They have a night time menu I want to try.
All three of those were on the blackboard and all were sold out. The "meh" cups I tried were S. Americans
Don't have a problem with their $10 latte. I wouldn't try it because of the licorice. Not a profile I want with coffee. Me thinks the success of the clover depends on the bean you try. They usually offer 3 or 4 varieties at the bucks on Rush St here but the ones I wanted to try have been sold out. Have had one good brew on the clover and two that resulted with, why bother. Have an espresso machine at work now, good times!
Think I would remember if it was SO, so will guess it was the espresso beans. Have you been to Budin in Greenpoint? They source from various Scandinavian roasters. Probably all light roasts you dislike. How went the interview?
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