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Slope shoulder line, adjust for low left shoulder, reduce/shape the back at the waist.
Other makers may size their jackets differently. You might find a 38 or 36 in a trimmer cut that will work for you. Ralph Lauren did one a few years ago that was very trim. You have to keep looking, it's a great coat to have. I have had 3 peacoats,very versatile garment.
Besides the length it's one or two sizes too big. Try another size or brand
Looks like it is piob'ed very well. I don't recall ever posting a picture like that. Where did you find that?
Sounds like you are unaware of the "prosumer", for lack of a better term, machines and grinders available today. I get pretty good results with half the $ investment you suggest. I'm no pro but I get better shots at home than I can get elsewhere.
What type of equipment are you referring to by "home espresso machines"?Surprised by this,. Have sampled a bunch, probably not all of the nespresso capsules and my personal conclusion is it tastes like instant coffee. I think, don't know for a fact, that they roast the same way as instant coffee is made. Use high pressure and extreme heat to bring the coffee back to life. This is just my perception from what I taste, no facts to back it up.You might like Dark Matter...
Crossland Coffee CC1 Espresso Machine and the Breville Dual Boiler get good reviews and priced better. Get a separate, decent grinder that will produce a proper grind for your needs/likes. The grind quality has the most direct influence on the taste/quality of the coffee your machine will make.
Tried Bow Truss once and the shot was soooo bright and acidic, could barely drink it. Didn't go back
Having tried both the washed and the natural process, my preference is the natural for this one.
They have three versions of this bean, washed, natural,(this bag is natural) and I think she said honey(?) Will ask them to explain it next visit
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