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lower your expectations! Try the one & one. Macchiato and an espresso with a cookie. If it's pure crap, in your opinion, I'll take you there for dinner. They have a night time menu I want to try.
All three of those were on the blackboard and all were sold out. The "meh" cups I tried were S. Americans
Don't have a problem with their $10 latte. I wouldn't try it because of the licorice. Not a profile I want with coffee. Me thinks the success of the clover depends on the bean you try. They usually offer 3 or 4 varieties at the bucks on Rush St here but the ones I wanted to try have been sold out. Have had one good brew on the clover and two that resulted with, why bother. Have an espresso machine at work now, good times!
Think I would remember if it was SO, so will guess it was the espresso beans. Have you been to Budin in Greenpoint? They source from various Scandinavian roasters. Probably all light roasts you dislike. How went the interview?
Madcap is from Michigan. have ordered and used beans from them, not my favorite. Have a friend who loves them.Last trip to Box Kite I purchased a bag of the Ritual beans and they were great making espresso at home. Some of the best I've tried in the last few months.Everyman Espresso, 301 W Broadway. Small place with limited seating but decent coffee and pastries
Watching the video, I would agree, didn't see anything legit. There are so many reviews that made it sound better than it looks. have you gone further east on 8th to Box Kite?
Mr. Booth I Am Coffee, 9 St Marks Place Please report back your findings found this video
trouser needs the same adjustment that was done to the jacket. The jacket was pinned up across the back to erect the jacket, make the back shorter in relation to the front. If you pin the trouser in the same way across the back of the trouser just below the pockets, it will clean up the wrinkles under the seat and not effect the comfort. Don't know why the seat was let out, it looks way too big and sloppy. Looks like the waist seat and crotch need to be reduced
This is normal. Most of this will disappear when the jacket is worn. pressing would help but it shouldn't be pressed flat in that area, you want to press and shape the chest area. This is caused by the convex shaping in the chest collapsing on the hanger and the extra cloth is loose over the canvass. If you push the chest out with your hand from the inside of the jacket, it will go away Fusing in cheaper garments prevents this sort of thing but doesn't create the same...
Some chinos have a machine stitched hem as you describe and some are done with more of a turn up hem and finished by hand or with a blind stitch machine. If they were previously hemmed as opposed to unfinished bottoms when you brought them to the tailor, they would most likely have hemmed them in the same way as the original hem. If unfinished, they decided how to finish the hem. Now you know to specify the method of hemming you prefer.
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