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Have all the basic shades of horn buttons.   Send me a PM and I will send you a set of buttons. 
How easy or effective removing belt loops depends on a few variables.There are several methods of attaching belt loops to a trouser. If they are just sewn onto the surface of the trouser it s very easy to remove them. Biggest concern would be cutting the trouser material when removing the stitching. Loops sewn on in this manner is rarely done and most likely done this way on very high end  trousers. Most common sewing method has the lower part of the loop sewn into the...
Bonavita immersion dripper   Can also use it for pourover
Good gabardine is a rarity today. Not much available, no strong demand from clients.   The test for quality gabs is both sides of the cloth should show the diagonal/twill weave. Lesser qualities show the diagonal/twill weave on the face but have a 90 degree plain weave on the back.
Best coffee shops in Paris are owned by Australians. Coutume was a favorite. Excellent food too. Telescope was started by an American but could never make it there when they are open so never tried them
Curious where you are going with this. Shawl, shaped wider at the top to turn up?   Is this the 32 ounce double faced cloth?   Jacket looks well cut, nice lines.
Agreed. Good choice
Would have worded my post differently.  Wasn't trying to attribute sourness solely to brewing temp but as a variable when you have a coffee post roast that tastes bitter or sour. Have brewed coffee that tasted bad but improved by adjusting water temperature up or down. My understanding is same as you explained, taste is a balance of sour/bitter. You need both in the cup
Was thinking of this comparison when Agiffy asked the question. The picture on left is conventional 3X2 buttoned to middle button. I prefer the mid button lower than this so the throat/opening would look more like the picture on right even though buttoned to the middle button. This avoids the "choked" look of the picture on left. Picture on right is 3X2 roll 1.    2X1 works on dinner suits but I agree, not the best configuration on a suit.   3X1 for jackets but...
Sour happens when coffee or espresso is made at too low of a water/brewing temperature. Raise the temp and see if the sourness goes away.   Bitterness develops when brewed at too high a temperature.    Easiest fix to adjust taste
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