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​That's a Style Forum thing not an Italian thing. These are fantastic shoulders. I also prefer the low/long opening of the throat of the jacket.      
How long ago did he say this?  Have heard that but was told they have changed their roasting and it is much better than before, compared to a year ago. Going to try them regardless.
Guatemalan is my go to for brewed coffee but haven't made espresso with it. Haven't had a bad one
http://www.styleforum.net/t/269171/canvas-and-suit-construction Another description/ explanation written by someone who designs, and makes garments in these different modes of construction. Didn't agree with everything written in the previous article referenced here
want to try coffee from Heart, ordering Stereo blend and a Guatemalan this week
Have had "downright awful" at all the places I mentioned but have had really good shots over the last year at all these shops. Anyplace not mentioned is just "downright awful"
No real favorite  as I don't have coffee at shops as much as I stop by to buy beans. Main two roasters I frequent are Gaslight and Ipsento, depending on what varietal of beans they have. Other times I order online.Espresso at Gaslight is generally more acidic than I like. Haven't had a really good shot at Ipsento. They use a Slayer but don't utilize it well if at all.Star Lounge used to be my go to. Have had excellent espresso here but they have slipped a lot over the past...
Sorry to butt in here but I thought this was going to be about me. Since I'm here, any suggestions for a sour beer. One that is available in Chicago.
While I was at Ipsento 606 they told me about Cafe Integral. They have a location in Chicago and NYC, haven't been to either.  Too bad about Voyager, I had high hopes Have been to Box Kite half a dozen times and the espresso was different every time. Last time was the best.  Very balanced and just plain delicious. I like ordering the 1X1, macchiato and  a shot of espresso.
What would you consider casual if not a tweed suit?  I have had blue and dark brown tweed suits but not feeling charcoal tweed. Just doesn't sound right
New Posts  All Forums: