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This is caused by the collar being too short. The point where the lapel rolls is controlled by the collar. If there are outlets at both ends of the collar you can have the top collar removed and have a new under collar made.  Will be more difficult if you don't have outlets on the top collar but still possible to fix.   Hard to find someone who can do this but it can be corrected
This will happen if you are having high humidity. Goes away as humidity goes away. Dry pressing may resolve it. It's normal for cloth to pucker from humidity/steam.   Could be from tight edge stitching requiring a more involved process to fix.
Loro Piana Jackets and Denim Collezione 641   Loro Piana Jackets and Trousers Collezione 627   These are beautiful cloths, rich, deep colors and all have a soft hand.      If you want rustic or tweedy, look elsewhere   The Loro Piana brown hopsack I am currently making up is sold out.
The Loro Piana is reasonably priced and worth it.  There is also a nice mid brown mini barleycorn in the W Bill Phoenix book. Have made up several of them. Easy to wear and accessorize. mid weight cloth.   The trouser has to be lined with white lining that is also transparent, it is very very hard to avoid the see thru element of cream trousers.  Where the lining stops you will see a variation of color thru the cloth. Full lining defeats the purpose of a light weight...
Loro Piana has my favorite brown jacketing at present. Really beautiful shades, textures and patterns. Don't know names of the books but they are in sample books, not on the cards.
The see thru factor is inevitable with this color cloth. Before anyone orders cream trousers I ask how they feel about the see thru issue because there is no way around it. Lining doesn't help that much.
6921, double breasted   1320, definitely not for a jacket    Would look for hopsack/basket weave before using flannel Especially for SB with patch pockets.     Get a suit if you want flannel
Not enough information to inform you of a good color choice.   Since you say you have a pale complexion, camel is the worst choice. You will wash out the most wearing camel. Camel is ok if you have several topcoats and want one for daytime. Camel isn't dressy enough for other occasions.   If you are having one made you have to determine how/when it will be worn and what style you want. These answers will determine what color and cloth will work.   Start with if you...
What is visible here is both the underside, (saddle stitch above the buttonhole)  and on the face of the cloth, ( pic stitch, below the buttonhole) view of the hand stitch.To pic stitch a visible small dot you create a long stitch on the under side of the cloth. the top stitch on the lapel has the long stitch under the lapel but at the button you switch to the top/face side of the jacket. Easier way to grasp this is if the lapel is lifted and laid flat you will see the...
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