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Novo is great and has several locations.  Commonwealth is a few years old, I order or buy their beans regularly. Mostly buying their Papua New Guinea the past couple months.They have a roasting facility but no cafe as far as I know. They do operate a cart, don't know the particulars of locations and times. May be used more for special events. Their is a list of shops that use their beans on their website.
Agiffy, so for a 9 month weight you are exempting the coldest 3 months in the year?  Looking for a lighter weight version?
If it is the same cloth I am thinking of, the Dormeuil cloth was a good one, made it up a few times but that was over 10 years ago. That cloth was flannel with 10% mohair. Couple pics of Drapers from Lady Sanfelice sample book  
I know Kaladi claims the difference in their products is due to air roasting. Had a full weekend in New York and didn't have time. Went to Little Collins for the first time and can say I have found my go to place for mid town. My wife loved the cold brew. Had a drip and a macchiato. Not mind blowing but good.Happy to have a choice other than Zibeto (always bitter) or blue bottle (mediocre at best) at Rockefeller Center Very impressed with the Little Collins food offerings. 
Am a bit skeptical of the information you have posted.   First thing is not to judge the jacket sleeve length by how much shirt is showing because shirt sleeve length can vary shirt to shirt or even by how snug the cuffs fit your wrists. Judge the jacket sleeve length by where it hits on your wrist. The joint of your thumb and wrist is about normal for the sleeve length.   To hem the sleeve you have to have to have cloth to turn up into the hem of the sleeve. If the...
Hmmm, interesting!
They may have added a pad to the left shoulder to compensate for a low left shoulder and didn't do a good job of it. Client wasn't happy with the result and sold the suit.   The pad could be folded over on itself and is creating a bulky spot. Just needs to be "unfolded".   Take it to a tailor to have a peak under the shoulder lining.    You mentioned hot water steaming of the suit. I can't think of anything worse to do to a suit.    The cloth looks limp and the...
Caccioppoli and Carnet make cotton flannels.  Have made a few trousers and a pair of jeans from them.   Carnet Dandy catalog has a lot of fancy patterns in cotton. Herringbone, nailhead, tattersol checks and houndstooth.   New Ariston cotton book has a range of solid navy seersucker in several patterns. Stripes, checks and a plaid
What does that mean? What do you think you will do about the offer? Where is this? I am in New York frequently lately, looking to try something new.
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