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lift the back collar and measure from the bottom edge of the under collar melton fabric, where it is sewn to the cloth, along the center back seam to the hem
sweet fooyer FTFY
Here's a link to another Chemex technique   http://www.georgehowellcoffee.com/brew-guide/chemex-6-cup-for-two/
Here's the deal. Four most common causes are:   Sleeve cap too high for armhole depth, causes this divot. Picture a 10 1/2 inch diameter circle put into a 10 inch diameter circle. The extra 1/2inch folds in and you have a divot. Trim the 1/2" and they fit together cleanly. This isn't an accurate description for this but it's an easy to grasp explanation   Sleeve width too narrow for armhole width, causes a divot. Sleeve cannot be made wider without an outlet, almost no...
Read up in the tailor's tutorials about this issue. There are multiple reasons that would cause this. You need a good fitter/technician to diagnose the cause and then prescribe the remedy. The pictures reveal the divot but don't show enough regarding  what the cause or the remedy might be. Nothing said in this thread is relevant to this.
There is a sweet Maria's YouTube video comparing the bonavita, hario and clever, I think. They preferred the bonavita
Bonavita is ceramic but you probably new that
The Bonavita is a no brainer. Not very fussy about grind size. Not demanding of your pouring technique.consistent brew
Some info says only 14g. You could compare with a Hausgrind grinders too. Grand daddy of them all is the Rosco but it's about twice the price of the Lido
I appreciate your point of view
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