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This is the main issue An armhole that is too deep feels like it cuts into your arm. Try the experiment 
35 is very reasonable if the job was done properly. 17 is expensive if the job was done poorly and you have to have it redone.    Tapering a shirt to the original standard takes time. Most low price work is taking short cuts. When we taper a shirt as much as you needed we have to redo the the hem to recreate the scallop hem line. This adds to the time it takes  to make the alteration
Vertical depth, top to bottom of armhole. You can experiment by raising the armhole vertically by pinching the shoulder and raising the jacket. Move your arms forward and you will feel a difference. Might help to have someone raise the jacket up on your shoulders and then move your arms forward. 
Armholes are too deep and the chest is a bit big, this makes the jacket feel tight. Jacket is fighting against you instead of moving with you.   You can get more opinions if you post in the Tailor's Fit Thread
Unbutton the coat and let it hang freely. The buttons on the right side will be lower than the buttonhole on the left side because the shoulders aren't cut for your  low shoulder.  If the wrinkles go away when  unbuttoned then you only have to adjust the buttons. If the wrinkle persist, it is the cut of the shoulders or a balance issue. Not possible to confirm from such limiting pictures.   This is the oddest styling of a top coat. DB, notch lapels and slash...
lift the back collar and measure from the bottom edge of the under collar melton fabric, where it is sewn to the cloth, along the center back seam to the hem
sweet fooyer FTFY
Here's a link to another Chemex technique   http://www.georgehowellcoffee.com/brew-guide/chemex-6-cup-for-two/
Here's the deal. Four most common causes are:   Sleeve cap too high for armhole depth, causes this divot. Picture a 10 1/2 inch diameter circle put into a 10 inch diameter circle. The extra 1/2inch folds in and you have a divot. Trim the 1/2" and they fit together cleanly. This isn't an accurate description for this but it's an easy to grasp explanation   Sleeve width too narrow for armhole width, causes a divot. Sleeve cannot be made wider without an outlet, almost no...
Read up in the tailor's tutorials about this issue. There are multiple reasons that would cause this. You need a good fitter/technician to diagnose the cause and then prescribe the remedy. The pictures reveal the divot but don't show enough regarding  what the cause or the remedy might be. Nothing said in this thread is relevant to this.
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