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Posts by jboc   Take and extra 15% off Winter Sale items from Eidos, Common Projects, Needles, Robert Geller, and more with the code "EXTRAFIFTEEN" now through Feb 28th.
If anyone's a size 9, there's a nice pair of navy suede plain toes for 180€  here
 There's a Gitman Vintage shirt in s/m fir 30$ someone might want to grab
Notre and Neighbour shops have some SS17 up. Kind of strange that it wasn't communicated by either. . I like the twister trousers - hope someone gets them in a more interesting fabric. 
Their sale persists throughout the year up to 70% I believe (with occasional free shipping coupon sent out). They definitely cap some items at 50% off though, so if it didn't get marked down to 50% in the last set of reductions I'd say there's a good chance it wont go below 50%. 
^Like some of the other guys I just bought it at the higher price and called the support line - they had no problem adjusting the price of my order.   Just a note for anyone else doing this: it seems like whatever view the support agent was using still showed the higher price - had to get them to go in to the product page to confirm the price change. 
^If you don't have any luck selling the jackets you could try chopping them up and making scarves.
If anyone's still looking for a parka all Spiewak's coats are 50% off. Same fill power as the Canada Goose parkas but I think they look nicer; more slim fitting/less poofy. Also the handwarmer pockets on the side are awesome.
Some really great deals on Schneider over at Suspension Point. 25% off already discounted items with code Box2016
30% off sale @ Eastdane with Extra30   Not as much stuff as last time but some Geller CPs in 45 and charcoal bomber for pretty good price
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