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Kunk where are you drinking in Glasgow where any 18 yo malt costs £4?
Tom Miler, very interesting pairing of a pike to go with those excellent whiskies. When I was a kid I used to go fishing for perch and caught hundreds over the years but we never found them to be very good eating. Should have tried them with a malt and some sauerkraut
Thanks for the input guys - New Otani is now booked. If anyone's around to meet up for a beer or yakitori in Tokyo, I'm there the week starting the 20th. Not WhiskyLive this time, but there will be plenty of whisky bars visited
Keeping this thread going...I'm heading to Tokyo for my 2nd visit at the end of the month. Last time I stayed in the Park hotel Shidome (I think that was the one mentioned at the start of the thread). Very happy with it, good value 4-star rooms and service. However the location is not so convenient for the people I'm seeing. They've recommended the more expensive New Otani (incidentally my dad's regular choice for years) as being more "central". Anyone got any comments on...
I'm not sure of a word to describe this direct, connected feeling. Car mags sometimes refer to older models as feeling "analogue", in a good way. Usually it's put down to less weight in older cars due to fewer safety aids, less sound deadening etc, which makes even slower cars feel more responsive than faster modern ones. Older cars tend to have less power assistance in the steering than bang up to do models too, which can make a huge difference. There are some models...
I'd recommend these guys http://www.sipsmith.com/
+1 on Copenhagen. Nice facilities and great design. Dubai's Emirates-only terminal is good, but it's better to be in one of the lounges as getting a seat at the Burger Kings/Starbucks etc can be tough at busy times. Heathrow T5 has some nice shops/restaurants BKK Suvarnubhumi is pretty nice, and I never seem to have to queue at Changi which is cool. Really want to check out Incheon after the recs here. I was a bit disappointed by Narita when I was there a few weeks ago....
Had a couple of Waterloo Tripel 7 blond beers last night; a nice change of pace from the Singha lagers I was having before and after
The CT boots aren't up to much. I ordered two pairs (both size 9) for Christmas presents and ending up returning them. Quality was unimpressive and the sizing was way out; I'm a pretty standard 9 with most brands yet one of these pairs was far too big and the other far too small for me. Ended up spending a bit more and getting my brother-in-law and father each a pair of RMW
They are an established brand recognised for their quality; my brother has some of their stuff and I don't think you'll go wrong with it. That coat looks great - post pics if you get it
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