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My mom is staying with me right now, and each night we are going through five or six fragrances I pull out for her to smell and wear. She has loved Vol de Nuit the most so far. I must say that it is definitely in the running as the most beautiful perfume I've ever smelled. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I use the word stunning to help describe it.
The whole story with Lochte and his teammates' "robbery" just baffles me.
This is a very interesting fragrance and smells like the inside of a florist shop, with an emphasis on the stemmy smell of cut flowers.
Today I'm wearing Dior Homme.
It's amazing how you can smell it and it smells melancholy, just like it was intended.Last night I wore Neela Vermier Ashoka.Today I'm wearing Bel Ami Vetiver.
I hate ear hair. It started growing there about two years ago. I've been plucking them out with some small Webster needle drivers instead of trimming them so they don't grow out and feel like that device that you scrub mud off of your shoes before you go inside. It's still a constant process.
Today I'm wearing Silver Mountain Water.
The trickery of these perfumers, who are at the height of their game, is indeed a "superlative experience". I don't think the current perfumer at Guerlain is at the height of his game but the formula books he has access to were written by people who certainly were.
Today I wore Chanel Cuir de Russie parfum.
Last night was La Via del Profumo Hindu Kush.
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