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So appropriate.
Thank you!
I really wish I could have gotten a bottle of Bois Marocain - it was superb.
The Russian Tea can fool you with the perception of leather because they use a lapsang souchong tea.
I do not like it either. At all.Today: Derby - it is more herbaceous than leather to me. It's hard not to like this.
I haven't tried either of those Bentley fragrances. I should, though, because it gets a lot of praise. Today: Knize Ten.
Today: Les Nuits d'Hadrien.
It was a very good book. Now my understanding that Mornings on Horseback was about the early years of Roosevelt and I have seen Bully Pulpit on the shelves and assumed it was about his presidential years. Morris' trilogy on him is an easily readable, coherent story that is both admiring and critical of Roosevelt. The criticisms, interestingly enough, makes him more admirable.
I took a flight from San Francisco to Boston today, so my airplane fragrance, as always, is Geranium Pour Monsieur. Anyone ever been to Colonial Pharmacy in Boston?
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