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Nice! I look forward to hearing your opinion on it.
Today, I am wearing Silver Mountain Water. I really couldn't wear this during the summertime - it's just too strong for me.
#2 please.
Awesome - I can't wait to see what options I have.
This evening I am wearing Satori's Sakura, a lovely cherry blossom with an underlying incense that is a dry foil for the unctuous floral component. It's simple yet made with high quality ingredients.
Today I am wearing Fate Man - a "savory gourmand".
Last night I wore a decant of Lord Molyneux and was intensely reminded of one of my grandfathers (father's father) - strangely enough it is a olfactory memory that was very similar, if not identical, to times I smelled Terre d'Hermes deep into its drydown. It's almost like being visited by a ghost.
You will pay both.Why would you need these faster speeds on your phone unless you're frequently getting onto the internet in the car? The driver doesn't really benefit from that.
Yeah, and how is that better than a cell connection to the web with, you know, your cell?
So, why are they creating cars with WiFi? If you have WiFi, you still have to connect to the World Wide Web (www). If it's satellite then that would only be useful in Bum Fuck Egypt (bfe).
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