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Beige is quite a dull fragrance. Today, this afternoon I wore Iris Silver Mist, which I like but there's a spicy harshness to it that makes it unsettling to me. If that clove-like edge wasn't there, I suppose it would be just all iris and would therefore be too soft, powdery, and monochrome. This evening: Portrait of a Lady. This is a fragrance everyone should try.
That's pathetic, Neo.
That's one hell of a lineup.
Ylang 49 is a beast of a fragrance to me - very well done with a powerful projection and life on my skin. Today I wore Dzing! - I love that ungulate manure, caramel corn, and leather/petrol smell.
Thanks for all the recommendations, guys. I really need to find some shops now that carry what you have recommended.
Yesterday was Incense Pure by Sonoma Scent Studios, which is a resiny, unburnt incense. I then layered CdG 2 Man over it last night and it worked well. Today I wore Tubereuse Criminelle because this warm weather made me want to smell white flowers.
Yesterday for the opening gala to the ballet: Derby. Today: Coeur de Vetiver Sacre.
inorite? I guess a little speaker like this is too smalltimer for a well-populated discussion on StyFo.
Do any of you other fuckfaces have an opinion on this?
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