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Today I am wearing Memoir Man.
Today I wore Cadavre Exquis, a bitter, dark, and dry gourmand. I remember when bumble bees were ubiquitous, and now they are endangered. I don't know why but it makes me very sad, but I suppose I am also lumping them together with what's going on with honey bees, who I am also looking at as the "mine canary" of our planet.
Anyone tried Cartier L'Envol? It was described as a "modern Giorgio for Men" and that plus the cool-ass bottle was enough for a blind buy. Today I am wearing on my wrists some swipes of La Via del Profumo's ambergris in sandalwood oil.
Wow, it's great to hear that this one is being worn and hopefully appreciated.
This evening I am wearing Auphorie Zen. I usually am not a big fan of the musk notes found in fragrances. - they are ubiquitous and primarily a supporting role - but I can really appreciate how they're used here. This is a very good green fragrance, with a hellacious amount of depth for such greenness.
I wish I could downvote this comment.
Today I am wearing Interlude Man, perfect for a cold rainy day.
Fantastic game with some big-boy passes and catches by Clemson.
Anyone here? Good game.
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