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I'm wearing the old and wizened Kolnisch Juchten today, which is quite similar to this one.
Gold Man is naaaaasssty.
Edit: Halfway through this book right now and it is EXCELLENT. For those interested in art, antiquities, and/or history I'd say this is a must-read.
Man, I just can't get into Timbuktu - it has this strong celery smell to me.Today: Knize Ten.
Damn, that's a great deal on Jubilation XXV.
Yeah, I am not a fan of Musc Ravageur either. Today: Caron Third Man, which is primarily a masculine floral to me. Jasmine and ylang-ylang. Tonight: Trumper Sandalwood, which is also a floral-heavy fragrance. I really like this one and find both of the ones I wore today to be soft and almost buttery.
I'm waiting for internet vigilantism to make him wish he never even had a nephew.
Today: Jubilation XXV. Such an elegant fragrance.
What happened?
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