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Today I am wearing La Via del Profumo Tawaf, a gorgeous heady jasmine. This leads to a challenge to you guys to wear a white floral. My favorites are this, Jasmin et Cigarette, and Tubereuse Criminelle. Oh, and Diptyque Olene. I think they all work very well for men.
Where the hell has Florida Mountain Man been?
That's a gorgeous bottle!
I just watched the game again. Instant classic.
Oh my goodness. What a game.
It's such a good fragrance. I was late on the bandwagon but have a vintage and reformulated bottle. They're both excellent. The vintage has a definite patchouli note not unlike Le Labo's Iris 39.
Are you fucking kidding me.
Tonight I am wearing Dior Homme EdT.
I was erect. Not any more.
I'm divorced.
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