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Richt's been on the hot seat every damn year - I've seen it discussed on fora every year. It's hard as hell in the SEC, so if you want to not just have a competitive team but have a National Championship team you will have to find "that guy", and I don't think injuries are an excuse enough for Richt.
You're so histrionic.
What is the pitch of the upper deck of Neyland Stadium?
Ugh, I just saw the injury.
Man, those Tennessee uniforms are U.G.L.Y.
At all.
What a great performance by the Longhorns.
Today I wore CdG Harissa - such an interesting fragrance. Modern and juicy. A more accurate name would be Gazpacho. It always brings back good memories when I wear it because I bought it at the Comme des Garcons store in Tokyo and wore it during a trip there; it fit perfectly with the hyper-modernity of Tokyo.
This is one of my favorite photos:
Today, I am wearing Dia Man.
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