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Do you know how much drugs are consumed every day so people can have the consciousness that you have naturally? I'm sincerely envious.
You got her the Jour d'Hermes? There's something to be said about that - satisfying an Asian woman's love for luxury and it's just a straight-up excellent fragrance.
I really want to completely forget that those three movies ever existed. I've never watched them again since seeing them in the theater.
I started watching this a few nights ago and am on episode 2 of season 2. It's a very well done series and is a shame, but also understandable, that it was cancelled. It looks expensive! To me, the sets and the costumes are better than Game of Thrones. And finished the last episode with this:
Purple Patchouli is some strong stuff.Today I'm wearing vintage Carolina Herrera for Men.
It was a dream, so the stick shift was attached to pB.
A buddy of mine helped me out last year in a great time of need for me, and I gave him my Star Wars land cruiser from 1978 as a token of my appreciation. It was as if I gave him the Hope Diamond.
LOL, that is SUCH an Jesse thing to say!!!
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