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It goes back as far as the eyes can see.
Today I'm wearing Comme des Garcons Blue Santal. This is a very good sandalwood and hard for me to define. The sandalwood is definitely there and at the forefront, but it has a metallic quality to it that makes it very modern. It's clean and lean but very powerful in projection.
Eau Noir was quite a fragrance. Too much for me because I need only a few fragrances of that style in my wardrobe, but still something to respect. It's funny because I really liked Like This enough to buy a bottle but that niche was filled by Fate. I purchase a lot of fragrances that may be considered by others as creating a redundancy in a wardrobe, like leather, chypres, and incense, but it all depends on where priorities lie.
Yeah, quite a strong immortelle note. It's all very dry, though, and not a maple syrup type of immortelle that I notice in Like This. The cumin is prominent and is a very dry one as well, much like a hot cumin rising from a pan while toasting it before grinding. This is a very exotic fragrance in the truest sense of the definition for the word "exotic", therefore not being that comfortable for people who are of a Western aesthetic, like me. But I really like it.
Today I am wearing Amouage Fate for men.
I need to try Memo's stuff. Tonight I'm wearing Le Labo Iris 39. This is a strong, STRONG fragrance.
Today I'm wearing Dior Vetiver.
Poop? Dung?
Just started watching Marco Polo on Netflix.
Today I'm wearing Geranium Pour Monsieur.
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