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Today I wore Dior Vetiver and tonight I layered over it's still present smell Terre d'Hermes.
Today is a beautiful example of our San Francisco Indian Summer, so I wore Granville - a lovely eau de cologne with a pine needle skeleton.
Santa Maria Novella Tabacco ToscanoCarolina Herrera Herrera for MenYosh Sombre Negra - not classified as a tobacco scent but it smells just like fine cigarette rolling tobacco.
Today: Fate Man.
I came here to request that my title be changed to "Cat Daddy" and I had to go through SIX motherfucking pages of spam to finally find this thread.
That was one of the most deer-in-headlights move I've seen in a sporting event. I'm more pissed about the safe play after we got the lead late in the 4th, with the attempt to run off as much time off the clock instead of really trying to move the ball down the field. It was a classic example of "playing not to lose".
I've got a bottle of Tabac aftershave and use it on occasion. If anyone is unsure of what aldehydes are all about, the opening three minutes are this crazy overdose of radiating aldehydes. It is a very good barbershop smell, and I wonder how popular it was in the United States back in the 1960s.Tabac is one of the gold standards of shaving soaps, with its price and continued use of tallow. I'm going to get this one next, maybe, but I'm still on a puck of D.R. Harris that...
Last night I wore the beautifully bready Iris Taizo and today Balenciaga Pour Homme. You guys should find a 30 mL bottle of this and buy it for the very cheap price of around $40 because it has been discontinued for a while yet still can be easily found. It's strong, but one of the most beautiful masculine fragrances in history. It is of the same genre as the other patchouli-heavy 80s powerhouses, yet presents it in much the same way as Coromandel. It is also a fragrance...
Yep!As far as the comparison between Memoir and Jubilation XXV, the former has a softness and richness because of the perfectly-blended presence of artemisia, which gives a greenness that is still surrounded by a toned-down incense, making it to me much more interesting of the two.
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