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Today I wore L'Occitane Eau de Vetyver.
The Cuir de Russie extrait is wonderful - perfect for this fragrance with its animalic components and overall richness that subtly radiates.
What's the longest piece of literature you have translated?
Yeah, I don't think that "pastor" thought through his cunning plan.
Many of these people go through two or three bottles of the same fragrance in a year, and many others talk about applying six or eight sprays at a time. Jesus Christ . . .
The vast majority of people on Basenotes are fucking idiots. They have no idea what nuance is and are the fragrance equivalent of wine drinkers who only like over-extracted California reds.
I really like this fragrance - it's strange and is definitely not for everyone, therefore a try-before-you-buy. Another name for it could be Gazpacho.
That's a hell of a lineup, L'Inc. I'm sure you have residual Fate on you even after the shower. That stuff is potent.
Today I'm wearing Comme des Garcons Harissa.
I put on Bruno Fazzolari Five on for this evening.
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