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Today: Memoir Man.
I've got OCD so I have somewhere around 144 bottles.
Today: Vetiver Tonka.
Today: Yohji Homme - my anise representative in my collection.
This Sunday evening: Avignon layered with Gucci Pour Homme (Tom Ford era) - rich frankincense incense combined with bone-dry incense.
The materials on those gloves must use technology derived from gecko lizards.
"fuzzy nuts"
It was a shitty day for football for me, as far as matchups I was interested in.
I spray onto my chest with my shirt on so the shirt can capture any of the mist and therefore maximizing the longevity, and I just use a maximum of two sprays. My nose is pretty sensitive, I believe. It's a good time of the year to be wearing Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui, which I'm wearing today. For those who appreciate '80s masculines, then you really should find a vintage bottle of this because it's very inexpensive and objectively a masterpiece. It can be so many things...
New Posts  All Forums: