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Awww, man, if I'm receiving credit then I need to handle blame. Or something like that.
A lot of people feel this way, and I do as well the vast majority of the time.Tam Dao is pretty personal to me, and I know exactly why - when I was in 7th grade, I had a sample of a fragrance that I got at a Macy's in Dallas. It was called Kanvas or Canvas, but I have no idea because I've come up empty on my research of the names. Tam Dao rushes me back to that time when I used to dab that fragrance on the band of my Swatch and it would smell for days.
Use this for inspiration.
Fucking bullshit.
Today, I'm wearing Tam Dao EdT - this is one of those fragrances that, after wearing so many complex scents that are beautiful in the perfumer's art of combining a lot of ingredients, it is so satisfying to wear something so simple and beautiful. It's like the fragrance equivalent of shaved truffles on top of a plate of pasta with an egg sauce.
Charlie, do you have any photos of the guys in Japan working on the buckles? I think I remember a few being posted, but not for sure.
Diptyque has a few, namely Philosykos, but there's not many solid perfumes in general. There are, of course, lotions that are quite strong, but I'm sure you're looking for something in a wax base.
Today it is already warm outside, so I'm wearing Dior Granville. It has a powerfully sharp citrus beginning and then a clinical/medicinal evergreen and "thymol" heart. I didn't like this at first but it certainly has a place in my rotation for a light fragrance for warm weather.
Soon she'll be able to have whatever face she wants to have.
Yes, this woman that redcaiman refers to likes to have dialogues with herself in a vaping thread that she started; she's mistaking this forum as a blog, I suppose. Just to keep yourself from being nauseated upon first contact in whatever forum you have with her, it probably is best to figure out the ignore function and be proactive with this member.
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