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Come on Gators!!!!
Tried Pharrell Williams' Girl on a blotter today - nice floral scent with a strong woody structure. Is it a woody fragrance or a floral one? They are pretty equal in relevance, and the blending will make it a popular fragrance even though it's not that original. I put HdP 1725 on my wrists, and while I respect its quality, it's just just too sweet for me.
I thought we were free of homerism in this thread, but Edina disappointingly proves me wrong.
So, I'm getting 3 mL of Iris Silver Mist (only tried it once in Tokyo), Sarrasins (apparently a must for indolic jasmine lovers), and Parfums de Nicolai Cuir Cuba Intense (leather and tobacco? Yes, Please!!). Are there any others, rarities, and/or gems that I should get?
The Perfumed Court you gave doesn't seem to work.Edit: nevermind got it and it's "blackfriday2014"
Today and tonight: Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure - a super-rich extrait that is a nuanced version of Avignon. It's a resinous incense, but it is provided an energy by smells of camphor, eucalyptus, and/or evergreen. These components are very, very faint, so don't let that dissuade you.
This evening: Rien. I'm kind of perturbed because right after I sprayed it, a bottle of Sonoma Scent Studio's Incense Pure came in the mail.
Today: Memoir Man.
I've got OCD so I have somewhere around 144 bottles.
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