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Tonight I'm wearing vintage Chanel Coco parfum. Edit: this stuff is nuclear.
Today I'm wearing Voyage d'Hermes parfum.
Ambulance Chaser: Creed Pure White Cologne? Never heard of it. You might want to try Bruno Fazzolari's Au Dela Narcisse des Montagnes - this one has a beautiful and tenacious narcissus component lopped on top of a classic chypre base. The base is a modern take on a classic chypre like Mitsouko, but please don't let that scare you away from trying it.
He didn't make the high school to pro jump, but the title of the book reminds me of Shaquille Oneal, who I saw play at San Antonio Cole High School, a relatively small high school and therefore less competition. He was never scrawny like many seven foot tall teenagers are. I attended every basketball game in the Texas State High School Tournament from 1981 to 1998 and never saw someone like him play.
Today I am wearing Silver Mountain Water.
Today I'm wearing Tawaf by La Via del Profumo, one of the most intense jasmines I've ever tried. It sits alongside Diptyque's Olene and Tom Ford's Jasmine Rouge as equals among the best jasmine fragrances.
Goddamn, Spurs, 43 points in the first quarter. O_o
You keep comparing fragrances to clothing and all I can say is that you're over thinking all this, to say the least. I appreciate the thought that went into it, for sure, but you may as well be discussing what kind of underwear one should wear on the London stock exchange floor if you're going to be using that context in any conversation about fragrances.
You make some very good points, and I admire your "scholarship" into the great minds of past and present perfumery. Context is extremely important, but one context you find important and which I do not is the work environment. You've brought up before how someone should let the industry in which they work influence what one wears as a fragrance, and while certain industries carry an expectation on what clothing to wear it's my belief that for it to include what kind of...
New Posts  All Forums: