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This evening I am wearing some vintage Vol de Nuit extrait. It's a little stronger with oakmoss but overall the newer bottle I have is just as good. The vintage also is more powdery with what I assume is more orris.
Leenksadessant, what is your opinion on Tauer's Incense Rose?
I've had pot pies before, yes, but never a meat pie that is more dense and substantial.
Today I'm wearing Tubereuse Criminelle. For those who love white florals, this is a masterpiece.
Has anyone ever had a meat pie? They look like they'd fill you up for a while.
Wow, Ataturk, up to this point I gave you the benefit of the doubt and just considered you a troll.
This scene reminded me of Brazil.
Yeah, she really doesn't think things through. Is she more chaotic evil than Ramsey or Joffrey?And, Christ, that scene wit Septa Unella and the Mountain. What the hell was he doing with her?
I want to see Tyrion ride a dragon, assuming that they are extremely intelligent beings who were essentially in a "rescue" situation when Tyrion unchained them. I want them at some point to give him a look that says, "I got you, lil' squirt."
That's right, if you like/love it then people are just going to have to deal with it.
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