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Very nice fragrance, isn't it? $400 for a bottle though.
Are you referring to the Concentree or the classic Pour Monsieur?I have the Concentree, which is about nine years old. I have a bottle of the regular Pour Monsieur, which is a little more recent than the Concentree, and then I have a vintage bottle of the Pour Monsieur from the early 90s. The current bottle of Pour Monsieur, the classic EdT, is worthless in my opinion - without the oak moss it all falls apart. Without proper bergamont it all falls apart!
Today I am wearing Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree. One spray, man, that's all you need. It's so strong.
That's understandable and a lot of people with very good taste feel the same way.
Tam Dao is definitely an austere fragrance, but that is really one of the great virtues it holds in my eyes.I really like 1725. It has this powdery vanilla feel that reminds me of Habit Rouge.M/Mink? It's nauseating to me - much in the same way Secretions Magnifiques is. It literally makes me queasy.If you're on a vanilla discovery, may I recommend to you Shalimar. The bergamont opening is intense in this perfume and then it gets this underglow of smoky vanilla with a...
Today I am wearing Diptyque L'Eau de L'Eau.
pB makes me feel better about my self-perceived lack of carnality.
Cold, rainy, blustery day called for Le Labo's The Noir 29.
I'd love to have sex in a climate where I don't have to keep my socks on to stay warm.
Today I'm again wearing Cartier L'Envol. Nothing groundbreaking, but solid and very high quality.
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