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I thought I smelled you.
Today, I'm wearing Au Dela Narcisse des Montagnes. This one is made by Bruno Fazzolari, and his whole line is delightful because he doesn't have to skimp on oakmoss.
Yeah, and I am just not that enthusiastic about eau de Colognes to multiple bottles with different interpretations. I will stick with Chanel's.
Fuck you guys.
Today I'm wearing Comme des Garçons Anbar EdC. It's OK, but it is disproportionate with its neroli, even though it is in the classic eau de Cologne style.
Yeah, "taxgenius".
Today I've been wearing Les Nuits d'Hadrien.
For a fresh long-lasting scent I recommend Harrisa by Comme des Garçons. Today I'm wearing Iris Silver Mist.
Video is down.
I just kicked-in for a pair of Marlowe frames. So, can I get them without lenses intact so I can have my prescription lenses inserted?
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