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Charlie, I'm really wanting to order one of the Baker's Russet belts in an approximately 1.5 inch width, but I was wondering if you were anticipating any new buckles in the near future that could fit that width?
He probably has the soul of an elephant caught in a jar.
A mea culpa goes a long way.
Wow, Socrates should have come up with that method.
Those who aren't always try to sound like it.
I love the yellow/ochre color of the buildings in Aix en Provence.
Today I am wearing Lampblack. You know what it reminds me of? Taking the Durango-Silverton narrow gauge railroad to go hiking and fishing back when I was in high school. The smell of the burnt coal and the grease around all the moving parts. I love smells like this.
Today, I wore Tom Ford's Italian Cypress, which is like the original Polo but with a very nice saline component to it. Tonight I just applied Dior Pour Homme, which I've tried multiple times in the store and ended up buying a 50 mL bottle for cheap just because and never really liked it. I'm appreciating it right now and think it's a very good iris for the price it's available for.
Or Notre Dame.
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