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That would be enough, but to add on that he's one of the most entertaining, witty, and colorful people in sports places him solidly in College Football Greatness. The shit he's said over the years, especially about Georgia and Tennessee, have been hilarious.
Today, I'm wearing Rochas Lui.
I'm so excited about this weekend's Michigan St. - Michigan game. Get Hyped!
+1GF made a stew, but it certainly is not chili.
Alrighty then, I will.
Seriously, who the hell knows? Is there someone who reasonably predicted the last bubble burst and who is now, with a track record of having such clairvoyance, predicting the next?
I didn't go and I just bought some pants and a shirt from you. I'm such a dumbass.
You know, those L'Occitane fragrances are very good - no, they're excellent for their price. I always loved using Cade aftershave. This was pretty much a perfect aftershave for my taste. And their Eau de Vetyver is one of the best vetiver fragrances ever. There are ones that are far better in terms of being just a straight-up vetiver, but Vetyver isn't playing that game. Instead, it is one of those extremely rare ones where the vetiver is first among equal components, and...
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