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I'm posting this because of the fine journalism and scholarship: game-of-thrones-creepy-cult
Today, I'm wearing Dolce & Gabbana By Men. Tam Dao is still my favorite sandalwood scent, but this one is definitely in the top five (don't ask me what the others are cuz I don't know).
Ahh, thanks.
What is this "SJW" you guys are talking about?
Tonight, I'm wearing Portrait of a Lady. I would love to smell a beautiful woman with this on her chest.
Today I'm wearing Le Labo's Iris 39, which probably should be better named Violet 22.
I loved the scene when Tormund got fed up with the bullshit and bludgeoned Lord of Bones.
I thought Arya was a little cutie-patootie with her hair done up while pushing the oyster cart.
Ouarzazate?Today, I'm wearing Silver Mountain Water.
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