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We could be like Bert and Ernie!
I am in Vegas right now and bought a bottle of Chanel No. 19 parfum and a bottle of Derby yesterday.
Nyet. If I make some money in Vegas this weekend on some football games, I will buy it with a quickness. This is all silly because over the past two weeks I've bought two Cire Trudon candles, a bottle or Rien and a bottle of Sugi.
Both are in the top all time 15 for me.
Bought a bottle of CdG Sugi yesterday - very clean and uplifting evergreen, like the skin of an unripe mango.
I've really appreciated the iris component in Rien now. I should have worn Tom of Finland today since the Folsom Street Fair was a big deal in my 'hood today.
"Cat Daddy"
Speaking of leathers, I just bought a bottle of Rien, which I've wanted for a while. This is one you should investigate, dieworkwear. The ones rach has recommended are very good (I've got a bottle of Chanel Cuir de Russie, but I will hold back any comments for purity of your perspective) but I'd also add again Kolnisch Juchten, which is the grandaddy of them all.
Roll Tahd!!!!
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