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Today I am wearing Gomma, by Etro. This is a scent I like, and its comparisons to Knize Ten are apt, but Gomma is heavier on the aldehydes and less heavy on the flowers compared to Knize Ten.
Very interesting. It appears on casual glance that the upper thread would be weaker because of its thin appearance, but I'm sure the opposite is true due to the greater density of the upper thread/cable.
I really need to try Opium Pour Homme - I have a bottle of the vintage Opium but honestly only knew that there was a men's version a little over a year ago.
Charlie, can you show us the difference between the standard linen versus linen cable?
Today is cool and raining, so I am wearing Jubilation XXV.
I like having Bhowie troll me now in the thumbs section. It makes me feel dirty, like he's giving me a hand-job on a train and nobody is none the wiser.
Damn! What a game!
It's "National Give a Retard a Medal Day", and I'm the lucky recipient. Just go with it, man.
I hope the Badgers will. It should be a really good game.
I spent yesterday Easter Egg Hunting, but it was at a veterinarian's office and the eggs were from a tapeworm around one of my cat's asshole.
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