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LOL Cutler.
You know, I've never ever smelled M7. I have lots of ouds, and this is one was on the forefront of that trend, so I'm kind of disappointed with myself. However, it was discontinued before I got around to smelling it and I never had the motivation to purchase a bottle blind nor get a decant.
I like your new avatar rach, and I wonder what inspired you to chose this one since you had the pink dolphin for so long.I don't sell shit now. I fucked up once and had to undo it.
Tell me what he would say about how he's an exception.
Today was Jubilation XXV for me as well.
Just ordered my first belt: Oxford Tan with the Damascus buckle.
Today: wearing my new purchase of La Fin du Monde - I've been on an Iris kick recently and find this fragrance very alluring now. Tonight: Nicolai's Cuir Cuba Intense - a sample of her new fragrance and the first time I've worn it. It's definitely magnolia-heavy and I'll have to reserve my opinions until the drydown.
Birdman last night. It was pretty good. Not excellent. Not great. Not good. Pretty good. I can see why it got nominated for so many awards because Hollywood loves self-indulging.
He has sealed his professional fate by winning that.
Why do I still find this infuriating?
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