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You'll be like Peter North by the end of the week!
First, we'll start with English.
Today: Derby. There will probably be no evening scent for me cuz this shit is strong. I bet Magnum P.I. wore this.
Preshower (): Bruno Fazzolari Monserrat - a very sharp citrus floral with a distinctive apricot midnote. I don't really like it because it's too "screechy" and something more for a young woman. I do, however, strongly recommend Au Della, which is more of a classic masculine chypre, but Bruno is coming out this month with Au Della Narcisse, which sounds freaking awesome.
Seriously. What ever happened to good ol' "merchandising?"
LOL Weis got booted from Kansas.
Today: Chanel No 19 parfum.
So, I never gamble on sports, but I was in Vegas so I put $100 on a four parlay and won. 12 to 1 returns! I picked Arkansas to beat the spread Texas to beat the spread NC State to beat the spread Notre Dame to beat the spread I was going to put down six, with the addition of Missouri beating the spread along with Cincinnati beating the spread, but I was talked out of doing six because it was "near impossible" according to my friend. I'm so glad I didn't because Cinci was...
I had to wash it off after about 2 hours - it radiated this intense powderiness.
Nice six year old necropost, buttmunch.
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