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I'd like to see him play one on eleven.
I wanted to like the MPG range so badly, especially the Santal Noble and Route de Vetiver, but there is a quality to them that makes me wince - you say they feel "dense", and I understand exactly what you mean, but to me it is like the line emits a rather loud humming olfactory noise that, rather grating on the ears is grating on the nose. Anyhoo . . .Yesterday: Artemisia Ondine - made by an Oakland, CA perfumer and has this great narcissus and petrol-like smell to...
Fuck, what an opportunity by the Swiss.
And a photo of the German coach dancing a jig if the Germans defeat France.
Today: YSL Jazz in the tall clear zig-zag bottle - as far as fougeres go, this is one of my favorites.
Today was a beautiful day in San Francisco, so I wore my decant of Ocean Rain - it's been a long time (over a year) since I put it on, and my appreciation for this masculine floral has become deeper over this time. This fragrance was bound to never be a commercial success, but I appreciate its audacity to make men smell like they are wearing a plumeria lei necklace.
I'm rooting for my poor swarthy neighbors this morning.
On vacation for a week, finally someplace warm so I'm wearing Terre d'Hermes for a week (along with Lumier Blanche). The Terre is from 2005 and smells so much better than the shrieky current one. It's been well over a year since I have worn it.
My mitochondrial DNA is telling me to root for Nigeria. Very good match so far
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