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This evening I'm wearing Tubereuse Criminelle.
Today I learned that I am gay.
Today I am wearing Diptyque Oud Palao.
Oops, meant Dia. L'Inc, have you ever tried Paestum Rose?
Today I'm wearing Amouage Epic Man - this is a fantastic fougere but really doesn't hold a candle to Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui.
This is one that used to get a lot of love online and then *poof* no more.
This evening I'm wearing a heavy dose of Knize Ten. One could classify this as a orange blossom fragrance as easily as they could a leather one.
Get out of here. Really? What else did I miss?
NorCal, I brought up two specific episodes in New York and Baton Rouge and what happened in LA is not part of the observation I'm making.
Also the war on selling shit out on the sidewalk. Seriously, the fact that two people that I know of (the guy who got choked to death in New York and the recent event in Baton Rouge) started out by just trying to sell stuff on a sidewalk and ended up being killed by police is absolutely tragic.
New Posts  All Forums: