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So, did you get to lay your "stove pipe"" into her "barbeque pit"?
Today: Sycomore.
Seriously. Just tell her your a bit boss at a barbeque joint and she'll believe you. I love Patchouli 24.
That was an oddly satisfying with Colt McCoy playing against the Cowboys.
Tonight: Mitsouko parfum.
Today: Nirmal.
I have a feeling that Louisville is going to take the game from the Seminoles.
Someone in the stands had a sign that said "Kale Power".
Today: Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree - I went skeet shooting today and wanted to wear my old high school fragrance because I used to shoot skeet competitively in high school. I wanted the smell of gunpowder and this fragrance again. This evening: Bruno Fazzolari Au Dela Narcisse des Montagnes - a fantastic chypre with the narcissus not unlike Vol de Nuit, but greener and fresher. That's about the extent of the comparison between the two.
New Posts  All Forums: