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He enjoys feeling like he's a big fish in a little pond.
Thanks, man - I can't wait to get them all.
So, I'm leaving Budapest tomorrow morning after gone hog-ass Wild at Vass. I ordered: Alt Wien on the 3636 last, with the more traditional punching that covers much of the toe cap Brown Shell Double sole Budapester on the Budapest last Olive green leather Double sole 360 degree natural/light goyser welt 3-eyelet London on the New Peter last Cognac suede leather Single sole with the beveled waist 3-eyelet chukka boot on the New Peter last - they called this particular...
So I'll be traveling for the next two weeks and brought Geranium Pour Monsieur and Lampblack.
Yeah, America is pretty fucking awesome.
One of the best lavenders ever.
Today I'm wearing Onda extrait.
I must have misread the title of this thread.
Today I wore Dior Vetiver layered over diluted, sprayed-on sandalwood oil. It was very nice to add that softness and warmth to this fresh green vetiver fragrance. Tonight I'm wearing Histoires de Parfums 1725.
Today, I wore Monsieur de Givenchy - a lemon verbena chypre. Fantastic elegant, old-school fragrance.
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