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Yeah, it was a good one and actually the 50 mL bottles are relatively inexpensive on ebay.
L'Inc, do you own a bottle of Bois Morocain?
Rive Gauche is solid. A classic smell that I'm glad I blind-bought myself.
Today: L'Occitane Cade aftershave. Dry as a bone.
A predominant note in my collection is leather, followed by vetiver. These two notes define a lot of the fragrances in my collection (Leather: Kolnisch Juchten, Aoud Cuir d'Arabie, Knize Ten, Cuir de Russie; Vetiver: Dior Vetiver, Guerlain Vetiver, Diptyque Vetyverio, Coeur de Vetiver Sacre) but a note that I really like having as a component of the overall composition is geranium, jasmine, and oud. For geranium and jasmine, geranium especially, it is hard to find a...
Thanks man! My opinion is that Guerlains need to be saved up for and the bought in the parfum form if at all possible.This evening: Dior Jules.
Ah, good one. To me, this was a fragrance too far before its time when it first came out.
Today: Vol de Nuit extrait.
Tonight: Knize Ten
Today: Le Labo Iris 39.
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