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This is a good evaluation. Interesting to me at least is that I don't get immortelle with the Anubis, and I'm usually pretty sensitive to this component; I like this smell a lot.
Aren't you glad you're lumped with me, Haward, and Fang66.
One of my all time faves. The vintage juice is very accessible on ebay and worth your $30.Tonight: Gucci Pour Homme, Tom Ford era. I don't like to say Gucci Pour Homme I because it is inaccurate - the first Pour Homme was created in 1976 by Guy Robert.Oh, and I bought a bottle of Hermes Bel Ami Vetiver today.
This is awesome - I can turn around and serve my cats without stooping down.
Wow, I didn't know No 22 (vintage, or any of them) had an incense quality.
Today: Tam Dao.
I'm pretty sure he's a Morehouse alumnus.
French Connection hasn't aged well. Maybe one of the old folks who saw it in the theater (I'm looking at you, Lefty) can tell us if it was a landmark film.
Two different animals to me. Both are of the same genus in that they are "leather" and I say that in quotation marks because the leathers are totally different as well. Furthermore, Lonestar Memories is dark and tar-like whereas Anubis is more really a Levantine in style. The component that makes Lonestar Memories a leather is most certainly rectified birch tar, but I don't know what makes Anubis a leather, but it doesn't seem like the same stuff.
Today I bought a bottle of Papillon Anubis, an incense leather, and Tauer Lonestar Memories, an incense leather as well but with beautiful dryness of vetiver and geranium.
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