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Tonight: Portrait of a Lady - soon I will be reunited with a bottle of you. You have this fertile earth dirtiness of patchouli, enriched by oud, yet you continue to emit, hours after application, this juicy lusciousness of rose and red fruit. Just amazing.
I love this threak.
The Hinoki is very good. A couple that I want are Stephen Jones and Daphne Guinness.
Yesterday was sunny and 75 degrees, so I wore Blue Santal by Comme des Garcons. It lasts pretty much all day, but in the later evening I put on some Black Aoud. Is anyone else here a big fan of Comme des Garcon fragrances? I mean, they have a gazillion to choose from, and the odds are in favor of a person liking at least more than one.
Nice - so you wore it around your house like a comfy sweater.
I bet that projected well on a late August day.
You should investigate Cuir Ottoman by Parfums d'Empire and Cuir Mauresque by Serge Lutens. However, knowing your tastes gathered from your excellent blog, I think you should also find a purveyor of a large selection of Santa Maria Novella and take a sniff at Nostalgia, which is inspired by an old race car with its leather and petrol. And lastly you should know and have worn a few times Knize Ten, the godfather of leathers. I mention these specifically, while leaving...
I started reading this, getting around a hundred pages into it, but I had just bought Foccoult's Pendulum, and thought why should I be reading this book when I could be reading a book (I started it this evening) that is intelligence brought forth in an almost musical way through the beautiful prose.
Tonight I layered Gucci Pour Homme (Tom Ford's) over Kolnisch Juchten - I smell like . . . I don't know what I smell like.
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