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Speaking of Rochas, have y'all smelled or worn the discontinued Rochas Lui? I have a bottle of it, which I blind bought from a Basenotes member and I think it's one of the best masculines I own. And regarding the pickle smell in Santal 33, I never have noticed that but figured I would have considering how evident it is to you guys. I hope it doesn't pop out now! Tonight I'm wearing vintage Giorgio for Men because I'm just relaxing at home and it's cold as hell outside...
Yesterday I wore Jules. I think it's "semi vintage", which is a term I just pulled out of my ass. The bottle looks like this: I got it from a shop in St. Helena that had a stockpile of really nice old stuff. Last night I wore a lovely extremely soft patchouli fragrance, even though the patchouli is quite powerful in it: Histoires de Parfums 1826. It's not that dissimilar to George Sand. Today I'm wearing Satori Iris Homme, which is an extremely elegant natural iris (I...
Besides the leather and violet, I get a LOT of cumin, which isn't discussed much. It's s beautiful scent and one of my top-five leathers with there not being anything out there similar to it. There's nothing sweet about it, which I love, and is unisex in the same way Bandit is.
Can someone copy and paste that WSJ article? Oh, and tonight I'm wearing Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur.
Today I'm wearing Habit Rouge.
Thanks for this, Lefty. I suppose the most intolerable thing about the show is the reassignment of dialogue to other characters and just changing the dialogue. That is sloppy and insulting to the readers. From the chatter that I've read, they've had access to GRRM this whole time, so I don't see why they would take note of and maintain those critical components that make the story great in the first place. There's a time restraint, of course, but also do some things, if...
Apparently there will be fifteen episodes left in the series, maximum. That's unfortunately a small amount of time to properly tie up all the characters' stories. Lefty, I'd be sincerely interested in your thoughts on how the writers and directors could have done things differently to maintain the books' message.
This evening I am wearing some vintage Vol de Nuit extrait. It's a little stronger with oakmoss but overall the newer bottle I have is just as good. The vintage also is more powdery with what I assume is more orris.
Leenksadessant, what is your opinion on Tauer's Incense Rose?
I've had pot pies before, yes, but never a meat pie that is more dense and substantial.
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