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Today I am wearing Amouage Jubilation XXV.
Today I wore Coeur du Desert by Tauer. It's very similar to L'Air du Desert Marocain but without all the ambrox. This evening I am wearing Anat Fritz Classical. Great lavender fragrance for a rainy evening. And Parker, Chanel Pour Monsieur EdP or Concentree is quite different that the classic EdT, and I now prefer the Concentree over the current EdT because of the neutering done to the original with the current situation on the use of oak moss. The current EdT is simply...
I make some s range blind buys - I just received in the mail a 30mL bottle of Masque L'Attesa, which fortunately is a fragrance I found to be stunning with the first spray today. It has Florentine as well as French iris and Mysore sandalwood. It also contains ylang ylang, which is hard to screw up. But it's a beautiful orris root fragrance.
No wonder I had an unexplained erection yesterday.
You bet, mister. Today I am wearing Granville by Christian Dior.
I'll suck your cock for a thousand dollars!
Have you guys tried many of Bruno Fazzolari's works? He's just fantastic; a real student of perfumery with an excellent nose. I'm wearing Au Dela tonight, which is a classic chypre like Mitsouko but through a modern lense. There's a leanness to it, almost, if you can imagine, as if Jean Claude Elena made a chypre without IFRA restrictions and that fragrance was in parfum extrait strength.
What the fuck happened to Lasbar?
Today I am wearing L'Air du Desert Marocain. I find it interesting how I've acquired all these fragrances and then reLize that so many of them are heavy on either the cardamom or coriander.
Santal 33 is an excellent scent. I'd have just about every Le Labo if they were cheaper. Tonight I am wearing Iris Silver Mist.
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