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Today, I'm wearing Dolce & Gabbana By for Men - it's a quintessential scent of the late 90s, but is an excellent soft sandalwood.
Why do cab drivers constantly tap their brakes while driving down a flat street? It's appearance is as if the break lights are constantly on, but there is a short in the wiring that makes them jiggle on and off.
This weekend I was wearing Dolce & Gabbana By for Men, a lovely, rich sandalwood. Today, I'm wearing Memoir Man. This one powerfully emits this sensation of dark green bitterness to me, which I happen to love.
I have always had a strong respect in birds - they can be extremely intelligent for such small brains.
Forget the boots - who makes those jeans!
Went and saw Romeo and Juliet last night at the ballet, so I wore Herrera for Men. Today I wore Bel Ami Vetiver, and dare I say: I like it better than the vintage Bel Ami I have.
Buccaneers In-House Counsel Already Has 26 Missed Calls From Jameis Winston
You should visit Grasse and St Paul de Vence - there's a fantastic perfume museum in Grasse and then one of the most wonderful museums, Fondation Maeght, near St Paul de Vence. Visit the Bandol wine region near Cassis. So many places!
I bought a nice pair of bicycle-toed shoes the other day at Dat Rack.
Do you know how much drugs are consumed every day so people can have the consciousness that you have naturally? I'm sincerely envious.
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