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Fleurs d'Oranger is a very good fragrance and I have to agree with you that it is one of the best of its genre out there. The last time I smelled it, it was noticeably indolic, which I like in any fragrance that focuses on white flowers to make them more realistic.
I haven't watched Glengarry Glen Ross since it first came out. I really need to revisit it.
Shit, that's good enough reason for me.
I watched it a few nights ago. Excellent.
Would you like to buy a Sheffield Kitchen?
Today, I'm wearing Memoir Man. This could definitely be a signature scent for me.
We got the motherfucking Heisenberg of sales right here, folks!And it's "bumfuck".
All this jibber-jabber about 1725 and what-not led to me wearing it today. I wore another great fougere yesterday - Yohji Homme.
Booooo!!! What a lame edit!
I hope you got a blowjob in return for sitting through that.
New Posts  All Forums: