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Now I want to go crush some puss.
That's fantastic. I have kept up with Bruno's part of Cadavre Exquis on Facebook and really wish I even partially liked gourmands so I could get a bottle, but I don't at all. The whole process was very artisanal.Tonight I'm wearing Dolce & Gabana By Man.
Today I wore Dior Vetiver. Tonight I wore Tam Dao.
Why do I dislike Westbrook so much?
Amouage is a cultural appropriation of a fragrance heritage that is not yours. Check your privilege, professor.
This evening I applied Guerlain Vetiver.
Today I'm wearing L'Occitane Cade aftershave.
Today I'm wearing Pachouli 24.
Speaking of the ladies:
There's not many people who can be put into a position to dish out the justice that Ramsey deserves. One of the Wildlings, perhaps?
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