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Welcome to this thread. I've smelled Chromexcel leather several times, and I'd say the best metaphors are: tobacco (fine cigars often, conversely, get compared to leather), but specifically for this leather is the smell of wood/bark and the faintness of petrol, from all the oil they shove in there. Chromexcal and shell cordovan both have this meaty, animalic smell underlying all of it as well.
What a shit-show by S. Carolina! That humiliating penalty with A&M scoring the touchdown is just too much.
That was such a good run to get that first down by Malcome Kennedy. I want to see it again.
Foucault's Pendulum - one of the characters is a book editor and a cabalist, and I'd say that Kabbalism is the second or third theme in a beautifully nuanced book.
If I don't know anything about it, how would I know if I'm running into it? No, I like to make sure I'm not missing anything, and if I'm going to read a lauded book and it is tied closely to something that I know nothing about, then I want to explore that subject so I can fully appreciate it to the best of my abilities.
Happy College Footbaw Season, nerdykarim, and all who engage in this holy observation!
I hope South Carolina beats the barnyard shit out of A&M tomorrow. Jesus, it's happening!! Tomorrow!!!!!
The indoles?Oh, for me today: Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree.
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