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Yeah, now that you mention it, you're right about there being no discussion of golf on here. That's really strange!Today it was beautiful and hot (mid 80s) so I wore Voyage d'Hermes Parfum. This evening I put on my wrist some La Via del Profumo Tabac.
This is on my list of biographies. A lot of people on this forum have read this, from what I remember. It's, like, 900+ pages isn't it?
Today, I wore some Mysore sandalwood oil. This evening I put on some Diaghilev. It's a beautiful perfume. The drydown has a prominent labdanum note to it, which I really like. Amouage Fate Woman is also heave on the labdanum, and while I find Fate very nice, the labdanum seemed cloying to me, whereas Diaghilev is balanced with oakmoss and dry wood.
It's going to be a long, long season. I've been waiting for months for this moment, and it isn't that we lost, but we showed that we were utterly outclassed after an offseason of overhauls and training.
Man, this is painful to watch.
Damn what a game between BYU and Nebraska!
I love Thursaday games, though - a small bolus to keep me from shaking.
You collect empty bottles, Master-Classter? So I discovered an amazing jasmine - Tawaf by La Via del Profumo. It as intense jasmine made from very high-quality natural ingredients. This guy who makes it doesn't bullshit around with civet and what seems like real musk and Mysore sandalwood. I also just got a bottle of Oakmoss, which also contains Mysore sandalwood as well as the main ingredient of oakmoss. This is a extremely elegant fragrance that is reminiscent of the...
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