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I just really enjoy the fanaticism of people breaking down scene by scene, frame by frame, and comment by comment to compile this case that ends up looking like a presentation that the CIA would make for the presence of uranium enrichment in North Korea.
This evening is Dzing!, which has prominent gourmand notes.
I love the theories circulating around each week.
Great resurrection!Do y'all have any recommendations for an alternative for Guerlain Drakkar Dynamik since the European Union has banned the used of apple bear claws?
Today I'm wearing Pascal Morabito Or Black.
Tonight I'm wearing Anat Fritz Classical.
And what does one expect with a TV adaptation of a very long and detailed story. And a fantasy at that.
This is a line that I'm a big fan of all around.People in general love Rose 31 and Santal 33 which I don't own. I have Patchouli 24, Oud 27, and Iris 39. Sometime soon I want to get The Noir 29. None of them, with one or two exceptions, smell like what the name implies.
OK, I just read the theory and it's kind of out there. I don't see how the show could proper convey that if it were the case.
Can you rephrase this question?
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