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Check out Adventures in Online Dating in Dumb Threads - I believe a girl's perspective is long overdue.
I often get called out for my comparisons, but the same noodly thinking that makes me a Pictionary Master doesn't mean I make perfume comparisons that are widely acknowledged.
We're talking about Tinder, right? I've never joined it, despite being single. Do a lot of dudes give a serious and intense stare in their photo? And that's supposed to make the chick say "Damn - he looks like a lot of fun!"
Yup, pretty damn stormy. Today I'm wearing sandalwood oil covered with Tam Dao.
L'Inc inspired me to wear Jasmin et Cigarette this evening. Yeah, it's fantastic.
Today I'm wearing Coeur de Vetiver Sacre.
I'm going to have to smell this - it was co-created by Oliver Pescheaux, who's done a lot for Diptyque, and that plus what is voted as strong nutmeg and geranium notes has me optimistic. Thanks for posting it.This evening, I stayed at home on a windy and rainy day, so I shit you not - I put on about twenty sprays over the course of this evening of Interlude Man.
I would so watch that.
That's quite a name. Today I am wearing Diptyche Kimonanthe.
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