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Thanks man! My opinion is that Guerlains need to be saved up for and the bought in the parfum form if at all possible.This evening: Dior Jules.
Ah, good one. To me, this was a fragrance too far before its time when it first came out.
Today: Vol de Nuit extrait.
Tonight: Knize Ten
Today: Le Labo Iris 39.
What was that door knob made out of? Mithril?
I'm waiting for bigger dragons and a badass Arya.
Today: Amouage Fate for Man.
It's very stemmy - not just a floral but a cut flower floral.Funny, but before I even tried Insense, I made a perfume with Yosh Han and my requirement was a "masculine floral" because I was digging Tubereuse Criminelle so much at that time, and it smells quite similar in many ways to Insense. Another fragrance that has many similar attributes to Insense, to me, is Odeur 71.
What's up with all the commercial breaks on last night's episode?
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