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Of course that wasn't part of your Georgia public school curriculum.
Today I'm wearing Mysore sandalwood oil. I picked up two brown eye-dropper bottles of pure oil and put some drops on my chest and then rub it around with my forearms. When worn in hot weather, this stuff really glows at a perfect intensity for ten hours.
Never heard of it. I just looked it up on Fragrantica and it doesn't have many reviews either.
2/3 of the way through The Secret History, by Donna Tartt. She's an incredibly engaging writer, whom I would like to bang in real life.
Today I'm wearing Bruno Fazzolari's Five - a classic eau de Cologne that has his signature chalky, mineral structure to it.
Today I am wearing Comme des Garcons 3.
Have you worn this many times? Curious to what you think of it.Today I'm wearing Iris Silver Mist. This is really a beautiful fragrance, and I would say that my first impressions, of the top and mid notes, are always summed up with "metallic spice".
I was reading up on the Winston allegations and civil suit last night and have concluded that it is all bullshit on the accuser's part. The lawyer for the accuser seems like a piece of shit as well.
Today, I am wearing Kolnisch Juchten. This fragrance is over 200 years old and still is better than any leather that exists today, including ones that are four times the price of this. In fact, it's the least expensive leather I own.
Wow, that was good.
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