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Today I am wearing La Via del Profumo Tabac.
This evening I am by myself and wearing vintage Coco extrait. Beautiful cloves and rose.
Today I am wearing Profumo's maceration of ambergris in sandalwood oil.
I can appreciate the "tactile defensiveness" you have regarding greasy things like that. I guess I won't be recommending Aquafor to you either! I use heavy ointments like this because I have such dry skin and wash my hands many times a day (I am not OCD). If you can get past the momentary greasiness, you should try Aquafor since it doesn't have a smell and penetrates much more quickly than shea butter you won't feel the greasiness after rubbing it in for thirty seconds...
Eh, then I say you're using too much. I use a bean sized amount for my hands, arms, and torso.
L'Occitane 100% shea butter.Today I'm wearing Tauer Lonestar Memories.
Everything lasts a long time on my skin, and that can either be due to my perception / sensitivity, the grease I slather on after a shower, or the fact that I spray fragrances onto my chest after I put my shirt on.Today I am wearing Diptyque Benjoin Bohéme.
Today I am wearing Lutens Fille en Aiguilles, which should be the official fragrance of Christmas.
Thanks dude!
Now, I don't have a problem wearing feminine scents, but this sounds just a tad too feminine.Today I am wearing Tauer's Au Coeur du Desert.I bought a bottle of Interlude Man for my birthday.
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