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Today was Diptyque L'Eau de L'Eau. Spicy potpourri.
It's a travesty of the thumbs up system that vaclava is not an "onsite legend".
Ataturk is just another javyn.
Today I'm wearing Hermes Santal Massoia.
I'd just like to say that, rnoldh, I'm happy that you're alive and safe and hope that you got to keep that toy truck.
My oldest brother has this on a shelf in his home - in pretty near perfect condition.
Who? Ataturk? No - either he's a troll or a world-class piece of shit.
He's a very involved father (I had to say that because Thomas is TOTALLY someone who would be a deadbeat dad) and I believe made a career change over the past year, so I think those are the reasons. Today I'm wearing Portrait of a Lady.
This is like Yahweh coming down and setting the record straight.
Big fan of Dzing! My first bottle of it was a decant given to me by @Thomas as a trade for a decant of Sycomore sold to me by Master-Classter.
New Posts  All Forums: