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This evening I'm wearing Dior Homme.
They do a fine job at casting these red priestesses.
My two bottles of Sycomore are the new one's color. Maybe your first one was fake! Just kidding. Oh, and regarding Patchouli 24 and Le Labo weird naming with their ingredients involved, apparently Iris 39 has more patchouli in it than Patchouli 24.
I just really enjoy the fanaticism of people breaking down scene by scene, frame by frame, and comment by comment to compile this case that ends up looking like a presentation that the CIA would make for the presence of uranium enrichment in North Korea.
This evening is Dzing!, which has prominent gourmand notes.
I love the theories circulating around each week.
Great resurrection!Do y'all have any recommendations for an alternative for Guerlain Drakkar Dynamik since the European Union has banned the used of apple bear claws?
Today I'm wearing Pascal Morabito Or Black.
Tonight I'm wearing Anat Fritz Classical.
And what does one expect with a TV adaptation of a very long and detailed story. And a fantasy at that.
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