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I would so watch that.
That's quite a name. Today I am wearing Diptyche Kimonanthe.
This evening I am wearing Diptyque Benjoin Bohème - a very warm, comforting, subtle/elegant fragrance which has turned me onto styrax.
Parure is an overlooked masterpiece. It's simply amazing what Guerlain has turned out over the decades. Today I am wearin Cartier L'Envol.
Today I am wearing Guerlain Vetiver.
I need to get another sample of Chypre Palatin again. I remember liking it quite a bit. Also, I've always been a fan of the oft-ridiculed bust caps and wished I liked one of the fragrances enough to purchase one of the bottles. Today I am wearing Pascal Morabito Or Black - it's like an olfactory Cormac McCarthy novel.
I'm of the same sentiment as you regarding Philosykos - try as I may I always find it cloying. It's a shame because I love this house and can't get myself to appreciate its most popular product.
I'm traveling for the next week so I will be wearing Lampblack.
It's so strange, I smell NOTHING when I've tested Molecule 01. I'm pretty sure I am not anosmic to it since I'm familiar with the radiance it provides in many of the Comme des Garcons Incense series as well as JC Ellena's creations.
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