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Yeah, I think you created a good list there. And who knows (including yourself, really) what you're going to end up liking.
It's a well-known fact that the Gay Gene can be traced back to Italy. The genus and species name is called Pitti uomo.
Yes! I've now let my beard grow out, got myself a big beer gut now, and only wear plaid shirts. That'll show 'em!
The Barneys here in San Francisco can order for you one of the Lutens non-export bell jars - they have it shipped from New York. Today, I'm wearing Yohji Homme.
Bergdorf carries the JAR line, which is quite an experience to smell. There's a lot of pomp and circumstance in the presentation, but it all seems to fit in its over-the-top way. Today, I'm wearing Papillon's Angelique - a lovely, rooty iris fragrance.
Because of this post I'm going to run a cyclist off the road this weekend.
Harold, I love your avatar.
Poor folk also want to fuck women who look like their moms - it's because it's a known fact that they are all incestuous.
Today I'm wearing Yohji Homme.
MiN and Osswald are good ones.
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