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Today I'm wearing Comme des Garcons Blue Santal.
This evening I am wearing Imaginary Authors' The Cobra and The Canary - lots of leather and lots of hay, and it's all quite dry. The thing that turns me off is an iodine quality to it all.
I love the bone-dry quality of CdG 2 Man, but I've always found 2 to be very interesting.Edit: Today I'm wearing Russian Tea by Masque Milano.
The reason I ask is because there's 2 and then there's 2 Man. I guess I should have just asked you that.
I cleaned off the Beaufort 1805 with rubbing alcohol and gauze pads and put on another sample: Vero's Kiki EdP. I don't think I have ever tried this sample. It's nice - a white floral done in Vero Kern's typical fashion.
Silver or brown bottle?
So, I dabbed some Beaufort London 1805 Tonnerre, and man is this stuff disconcerting. I love smoky scents, but this smells like a smoldering fire at the beach, with its powerful saline component. And I emphasize the "smoldering" descriptor because it smells like a bunch of half-burnt logs from evergreen trees. It's really a nasty fucking fragrance.
A knowledgeable fragrance sales associate is as rare as hen's teeth.
I tried on Eight & Bob yesterday. The fragrance is OK but I can't get past that rediculous story behind it since the juice itself is so modern for what the story claims.
I received my bottle of Russian Tea by Masque Milano (I was using a sample up to this point) in the mail from Twisted Lily today. I am very impressed with their prices and customer service. One, they are $30 cheaper than Luckyscent ($185 versus $215) and they have free shipping, whereas Luckyscent was charging almost $10 for shipping. Oh, and they don't charge a sales tax! So that's almost a $50 difference! Two, they sent me some awesome samples unsolicited. For samples I...
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