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That's beyond a senior citizen - that's like that dude who killed the world's oldest bristlecone pine.
Today and this evening I'm wearing Sycomore.
Don't know what you mean by "typed". I really like all of the fragrances I own from this house, which total six or more. Mecca Balsam is a softer fragrance compared to others and is a very good at-home evening scent because I feel like it has a good percentage of sandalwood in it.
Thank you. I thought I'd never find something for my headstone.
Today I'm wearing Tuscan Leather.
This evening I am wearing La Via del Profumo Mecca Balsam.
Today I wore Tauer Lonesome Rider. Tonight I'm wearing La Via del Profumo Oud Carvan 3.
I see Tim as straight-up not giving a shit. Like Jim Harbaugh.
Jesus, guys . . .
Today I'm wearing Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur.
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