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Today, for me, was Monsieur Balmain, the most tenacious citrus I've ever worn, and it is a beautiful, smooth transition over to an oakmoss base. This evening is Vintage Tabarome - wow, this one is amazing. Does anyone know when this was discontinued?
I had to reload the page - lost my picks and had to redo them but it's saved now.
So, tonight, I'm wearing on my left wrist Vero Profumo Onda Parfum Extrait. I got a sample of this, along with Vintage Tabarome , the other day from Surrender to Chance. This Onda is some weird stuff, and I don't know what to make of it . . . yet. It's very dirty and musty and quite dry. My grandparents had a storage room that was full of 19th century stuff, and there were decades upon decades of old Life magazines stacked up, and I'd spend hours looking through those...
I love this thread.
So frustrating - my bracket is filled and the tie-breaker is set, but it won't let me submit. The button just won't work.
This weekend I bought a bottle of vintage Amouage Dia Man, and it is so much better than the current offering - and it was $140. I also got a bottle of Etro Gomma that was made in the 1990s, as well as vintage bottles of Monsieur Balmain, a fantastic citrus warm-weather fragrance, vintage Habinita, vintage Bel Ami (cocktail shaker bottle), vintage Equipage, vintage Hermes Eau de Cologne, and vintage Byblos Sandalo. Oh, an vintage Samsara EdP. It was a good day yesterday.
It's a very floral fragrance to me, and I think you nailed it with the "waxy" descriptor. I haven't smelled it in a while, but Arabian Wood reminds me of Comme des Garcons 2 for women.Speaking of Tom Ford, I got my Bois Marocain in the mail today.
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