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Every time I see ketchup and mayo mixed, I think of a time when I was 3-4 years old and went camping. I picked up a worm that was segmented/had and exoskeleton and it started to secrete this incompletely-blended pinkesh substance. That was the same trip when two of my girl cousins tried to paint my fingernails and I wouldn't let them.
You know what is an absolutely amazing fragrance? Chanel's Bois des Iles. Just wonderful. A masterpiece. It is heavy on the sandalwood, which is great because I love sandalwood, but it is equally heavy on creamy, high-quality orris. In fact, one could call an iris/orris fragrance before they call it a sandalwood. The reason why I bring this up is that I wore Bois des Iles last night and it never really clicked that orris was such a dominant note until last night - this is...
I will not watch videos or view pictures (willingly) of people killing people, suicides, or accidents; this type of "reality" is just not something I want to have enter into my visual memory. However, I don't have a problem seeing a wild animal kill a human. For some reason, I have an emotional detachment from it and don't even mind clicking a video, as if I turn into Spock when viewing such events. This goes for things such as a bull impaling a matador as well. If it were...
Sorry pB. That was a good run on that old boy. Just think - Kurt Cobain may have still been alive when your kitteh was born.
Well, yeah, they cover their faces and start running into that open courtyard in full daylight as if no one is going to notice them nor be able to identify them. Just fucking lame - like a scene from Powerpuff Girls.
Ugh, I remember middle school, where the powdered eggs were yellow-green and were an orb because they were served with an ice cream scoop.
Yes, I bought the non-Extreme masculine, and it's too sweet and flabby to me.Regarding the Eau de Magnolia, I wish I liked it because magnolia is one of my favorite flowers, but there are very few perfumes out there that capture the fresh crispness that is inherent to magnolia.
Excuses. Excuses.
He looks like that fat German ISIS member who was interviewed about a year ago:
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