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Every day is Siblings Day for me and my StyFo Brethren.
I'm going to Tiger Lily Perfumes, here in San Francisco, for a talk by Andy Tauer. Yosh Han and Bruno Fazzolari will be there as well - two VERY talented self-taught perfumers who I've had the great pleasure and honor to know.
Yeah, but what do you think of that chemical spill? That caught fire?Today I wore vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur and tonight vintage Amouage Dia Pour Homme I've been a class-smelling sonofabitch today.
From the intertubes, the series is set along the Interstate 5 corridor.
To require you to go to fucking rehab for smoking marijuana is so backwards I had to remind myself that you are working in New York and not in BFE Texas.
So, what happens when one gets busted at your place of work?
That sounds really good.Today I'm wearing Lavender Palm. Is it simple as hell? Yest, but it's the best lavender fragrance I have ever smelled, and that means a hell of a lot.
pB, why don't you take some sweet, sweet Mary Jane with you to your parents?
Here's Springs1's husband, from the slideshow: And here's a photo from their wedding, with 'tots and a ranch fountain:
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