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Today I'm wearing Bel Ami Vetiver.
Those are so badass.
Today, I'm wearing Pascal Morabito Or Black. I love bitter fragrances, while mostly shying away from anything with sweetness, and man this stuff is bitter. I love it.
Even more strange about this whole masculine equivalent to Portrait of a Lady is that the perfumer of the former, Ropion, is not the creator in the Monsieur. This is also the issue with me - Portrait of a Lady is one of the top five fragrances of all time for me, so it's doubtful that I will see any kind of improvement.
I'm amazed by the strength of the linen cable you use on the belts - in particular, the two strands of linen you use where they wrap around each edge of the belt where it is folded around the buckle attachment: On my belts, the cable is under an obvious amount of high tension, indicated by the indentation it makes into the thick bridle leather.
To me, this is the best Creed fragrance available and the one that deserved my monies. My bottle lasts a good twelve hours on me though.Today, I'm wearing Diptyque L'eau de L'eau - this bottle is a decant that I got from my Dad who bought it back in 2009 and I haven't worn it for about three years. It's as good as I remember. It has an eau de cologne structure but with more citrus peel than neroli, and it has a prominent rose geranium note which, combined with the...
When is the Clemson-FSU game?
Fleurs d'Oranger is a very good fragrance and I have to agree with you that it is one of the best of its genre out there. The last time I smelled it, it was noticeably indolic, which I like in any fragrance that focuses on white flowers to make them more realistic.
I haven't watched Glengarry Glen Ross since it first came out. I really need to revisit it.
Shit, that's good enough reason for me.
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