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Japanese like menthols also.
I smoke American Spirit Yellows.
Ahh, good ol' polls: Spartans are ranked well above the Ducks.
This afternoon/evening: Voyage d'Hermes EdT.
Today: Comme des Garcons 3 - interesting fragrance that I really like. It's synthetic smelling, for sure, but it comes closest to the brightness that a magnolia blossom has. Many others have magnolia in them, and even call themselves magnolia, but they end up missing that freshness that I experience while standing under a magnolia tree in full bloom.
Today: CdG Sugi.
Today: Geranium Pour Monsieur with the hot weather and everything.
Bhowie had a great threak that petered-out way too soon - it was the member valuation and trading threak.
You'll be like Peter North by the end of the week!
First, we'll start with English.
New Posts  All Forums: