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With this episode, they better be setting us up for some epic shit.
I bought a bottle of L'Instant de Guerlain and I don't really like it, but maybe someday I will. Last night, I wore the original, 1970s version of Gucci Pour Homme. Old fashioned herbaceous fougere. Today, I'm wearing Kolnisch Juchten. This is a comforting scent to me.
Worst. Episode. Ever.
This is a pretty fragrance, but I don't enjoy wearing it at all.Today, I'm wearing some vintage Kouros. The weather is cold, overcast/foggy, so I'm quite enjoying it today. It also helps that I don't have to be around anyone that has to smell me. It's funny, I'm getting a very tenacious citrus from today's wearing (three hours so far) - it's a dried orange peel and not exactly fresh feeling, but still.
Today, I'm wearing Satori Iris Homme. I also bought a bottle of Anat Fritz Classical. I think it's the lavender fragrance I've been looking for.
How much of The Borgias have you watched, Pio?How much of The Borgias have you watched, Pio?
I'm under the impression that Indian vetiver is quite smokey whereas Haitian vetiver is more green and "fresh", so I don't know the proportions and makeup, but my memories of smelling it years ago at MiN is the same as yours.
The immortelle is not strong in Anubis.
Has anyone tried the offerings of Papillon Perfumes? I have a bottle of Anubis and love it, but am thinking about getting a bottle of Angelique.
Not without the Staff of Harold.
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