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I really like this fragrance - it's strange and is definitely not for everyone, therefore a try-before-you-buy. Another name for it could be Gazpacho.
That's a hell of a lineup, L'Inc. I'm sure you have residual Fate on you even after the shower. That stuff is potent.
Today I'm wearing Comme des Garcons Harissa.
I put on Bruno Fazzolari Five on for this evening.
Starting four years ago, my ex wife and I attempted to increased our chances of having a child through in vitro fertilization. Over the course of a year and a half we did it four times, costing us $33,000 each time with the end result being four pregnancies that terminated at 13 weeks at the longest (once at twelve weeks, then at eight weeks, then at twelve and she was in an auto accident and the baby died, and then at thirteen weeks) and a total of 99 embryos produced....
Today I'm wearing Voyage d'Hermes EdT.
Hmm, I thought Secretions Magnifiques was created by Antoine Lie.
Today I'm wearing Jasmin et Cigarette.
I've never tried the Turtle Vetiver Back and Front fragrances, though I have really wanted to because of the the reputation they have.
Tonight I'm wearing Onda extrait.
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