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Today: La Fin du Monde - this one has just a fantastic dry iris radiance.
Today was Memoir Man, which has such a good dry-down of incense and wormwood. Last night was Habit Rouge there's really nothing out there like it after all these years of being a classic.
Yeah, that's hard. If you live in Houston, then I think the path of discovering Creeds is reasonable because they are pretty light. I'd also investigate Diptyque for a fragrance. Why do I say Diptyque? I don't know - I have worn Tam Dao over the past few days and would probably say that it would be my signature scent if I had to purge my 150+ bottles.
Me too!
"You calm the fuck down, or you're going to the bench."
I think Conne meant Ohio State College Football Playoff history.
I was about to post that, if Bama wins, he should be the MVP.
Uh oh, if this game continue this way and with Mario Cuomo dying, this may be the worst day in Conne's life.
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