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Why you no share with me?
I tried it on a blotter and was impressed. Classic Comme des Garcons but unlike any of the others.Today: Parfumerie Generale Iris Taizo - lots of high-quality orris with an enveloping warmth about it.
This sounds really good. I've wanted to try this one for a while.This evening, on my left wrist: Je Suis un Homme - the lemon and bergamont oil, combined with the leather note, makes this smell like Ronsonol lighter fluid. Which I like.
Today, I needed something predictable and comforting: YSL Jazz.
Well, I watched the entire game and, as an immediate example, I saw the Dutch coach sitting every time.
Let me just say that the Argentina coach is awesome - standing there, not leaving the sideline, in his suit and tie, and getting as rain-soaked as the players on the field.
Today: Cuir Garamante - many times I wear this I just smell the vetiver a la Le Labo's Cuir 28 but today I got reminded of a patchouli-stripped Patchouli 24.
Fuck, man, this was Brazil's 9/11.
I swear to God that a woman driving a Mercedes sedan made this exact face and gesture towards me when I went before her at a four-way stop.
Today: Chanel Pour Monsieur.
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