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Speaking of indolic white florals, I am wearing Passage d'Enfer today - it is quite an unsettling scent. Lovely lily and incense, reminding you that you must pay your respects to the corpse before you have to go back out into the foul weather.
I don't think I could ever own a bottle of Ylang 49, but then I do because of its objective beauty and the fact that those intense notes will soon no longer exist with the inevitable reformulations.
Shoot dope rhymes first and ask questions later!
About to start reading.
Tonight: Yohji Homme - the initial fragrance and not the re-release. It's anise done perfectly. Unless you're an anise freak, like I am with vetiver and leather, I think you only need one and this is a perfect one to have. Hermes Brin de Reglisse would be another one to consider, though I'm not a big fan.
Today: Comme des Garcons Blue Santal - I really like this fragrance, but can definitely see why someone would not like it at all. First, it stays on me, with me still getting whiffs seven hours after applying it. It's woody alright, but also has that signature CdG synthetic feel.
Put some Knize Ten on this evening because I wanted the lingering Ylang 49 to flower-up the floral components in Knize Ten.
Today: Ylang 49 - what a good perfume this is. Powerful as well. It's like Jour d'Hermes' sexy older sister.
All I could think about (I'm exaggerating on the consumption of thought here) is how the German goal tender looks like Jeffrey Dahmer.
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