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Wow, neo being a white knight little bitch.Andrews didn't give crap. Of all sideline reporters I'd not worry about, with the best intentions in mind, it would be her.I LOVED what he did to Skip Bayless.
Am I the only guy that likes Richard Sherman?
Today: Sycomore. I'm so glad I have a backup bottle of this.
The chili I make is, of course, Texan, but instead of using just water I use dashi. This, I'm sure, puts a disturbance in the force down there in Terlingua.
Tonight, the lovely, elegant Sycomore.
Very funny, motherfucker. Now I get it.
Today: Nirmal.
That graphic doesn't make any sense to me.
It's so lovely, warm, and soft.Tonight: Fille en Aiguilles - the official fragrance of Christmas.
I think TCU could win at least one game. They're a really good team.
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