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Started this yesterday.
People often sell it on Basenotes at a reasonable price.
Demeter Earl Grey Tea - discontinued but easy and cheap to find.L'Artisan Tea for Two - this one would be considered "cozy" to me.
Yesterday and today: Patchouli 24 - smells like the inside of Louie Mueller Barbeque in Taylor, Texas.
Nice show by the Hokies.
Come on Texas!! Fuck!
Some good ones. I think, for the sake of study, that you try them all and make your mental and emotional associations. Cuir Beluga is a suede scent and will not similar to the vegetable tanned leathers. It is heavy with vanilla, but that should lead you on some research on the relationship between vanilla, and its synthetic vanillan derived from the tannins in woods, along with the complex molecules that occur with the classic reduction of birch sap into birch tar - the...
They wouldn't give you a sample? What the fuck? Rambo's spinning in his figurative grave.
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