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Why were A-frame houses a thing?
Today I am wearing Portrait of a Lady. Magnificent patchouli and juicy rose.
I agree - they treated ylang ylang much the same way they treated the namesake in Iris 39.
Today I wore Etro Gomma - I have a vintage bottle sitting around which I haven't worn for over a year. I'm really digging it now. This evening I am wearing eleven sprays of Chergui because it's so stormy and I don't have shit to do.
My sinuses are clearing and my sense of smell is coming back but there's a persistent old urine smell that's following me around.
Never even seen that one on the shelves.
Why aren't cashmere pillowcases a thing?
I kind of lost interest in the Etat Libre d'Orange line over the past year or two, but I need to revisit it.
Let the allergy season begin.
As in "the sock I keep under the driver's seat for solo road trips" sock?
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