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Of course when you're younger everything seems black and white, but it felt great back then to have this clear sense of being on the good side of good and evil. I don't know how kids feel about the global situation right now and whether they feel an existential threat like Americans felt during the Cold War.
Why? Where are you located?Today I am wearing Tam Dao EdT. I now have three vintage bottles of this stuff because I don't ever want to run out.
My ex goes to countries for a day. For example, she spent some quality time in Morocco, but then spent a day in Sicily and then a day in Istanbul and then proceeded to talk about how those countries were awesome.
I love to travel and absolutely hate to fly. I'm 6'3" and really cant afford business class tickets. I love the little things that make a person disconcerted when in a foreign country, from symbols used in road signs to the handles on doors to the small elevators with strange closure to them. The sights, sounds, and smells stick with me forever as well.
Jesus Christ, lefty. What kind of drink did you have once you got there?
I really, really like Cuir Pleine Fleur and think it's a brilliant leather and perfectly unisex. Why is it that a person who likes men and women called bisexual whereas a fragrance that is great for both men and women is unisexual? Oh, and today I'm wearing Voyage d'Hermes parfum since it is our Summer right now.
I will for a little 👅✌🏼️
Took my boy to Golden Gate Park today and wore Comme des Garcons Harissa.
I've been wondering what you think of that one. I happen to like it.
Today I'm wearing Iris Oriental by Parfumerie Generale. It's been a while since I wore this and it's such a treat to revisit something and realize how fantastic it is - like getting stoned and hearing a song again for the first time.
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