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That smell is pervasive from start to finish. I can only assume it's a high quality musk or something with a nitrogen that results in that, but only an ameture guess.Today I'm wearing Bruno Fazzolari Au Dela.
I'm disappointed in humanity that the first five episodes haven't been leaked like last year. 😭
I don't know what it is that many of the vintage leather fragrances had, and I'm thinking of Cabochard and Cuir de Russie in particular, that made them smell more animalic and most accurately to me as "pissy", but I don't detect much in the newer stuff. My experience with civet is more poopy than pissy.
I appreciate your thoughts on all this, crbd. I don't agree with everything, but we're talking about fragrances and taste, so what do you expect. Today I'm wearing Cuir de Russie extrait. This is a new bottle and doesn't have the animalic kick that my older bottle of the eau de cologne has but it's still a fantastic fragrance.
What the hell? The flu?!
Today I wore L'Occitane Eau de Vetyver.
The Cuir de Russie extrait is wonderful - perfect for this fragrance with its animalic components and overall richness that subtly radiates.
What's the longest piece of literature you have translated?
Yeah, I don't think that "pastor" thought through his cunning plan.
Many of these people go through two or three bottles of the same fragrance in a year, and many others talk about applying six or eight sprays at a time. Jesus Christ . . .
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