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So, the HC of Wisconsin is going to Oregon State next year.
This morning I dabbed some La Fin Du Monde on my wrist this morning and, after showering, it's still going strong. Today: stormy, rainy, windy, so vintage Giorgio for Men.
Just a heads-up for those out there who have smelled, worn, or own(ed) the wonderful, classic Bal a Versailles - it is out of business now. Kaput. There are plenty of bottles out there still, but I strongly recommend you guys to get some while the prices are still reasonable.
I'd gobble Erin Andrews up.
And, NEWS FLASH!!, fandom can be highly emotional and illogical to the point of just throwing your hands up and asking yourself, "Does anything go as far as reasoning in these discussions?", but the way he treated Michael Crabtree made him endearing to me. Why? Well, there was a catch that Crabtree made against my beloved Longhorns that will forever make him the polar opposite of "endearing" to me. And that is enough for me. Way more than enough.
Yes. Yes in that we will mock him for that, but no in that we take his schtick seriously.
I think you're leading the witness.There are far greater things to dislike many other players for besides his shit talking. Plus, I hate the 49rs.
Wow, neo being a white knight little bitch.Andrews didn't give crap. Of all sideline reporters I'd not worry about, with the best intentions in mind, it would be her.I LOVED what he did to Skip Bayless.
Am I the only guy that likes Richard Sherman?
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